Laurie Meadoff

“People say that a true mark of a brilliant person is her ability to make connections. If that’s true then Laurie is a modern-day Einstein.”
-Geraldine Laybourne, Oxygen Media President

Laurie Meadoff is president and partner in NextNext Entertainment and executive producer of Chat the Planet. Passionately envisioning a world without barriers and prejudice, Ms. Meadoff strives to build bridges through tolerance and understanding, and her tool of choice is television. She has executive produced programming for Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, ABC, HBO Family, MTV and VH1.

As executive producer of Chat the Planet, Ms. Meadoff leads a young team of producers, activists and techies behind the multi-platform media project that is on the frontlines of global youth dialogue.

Chat the Planet has aired on MTV as well as in 18 countries worldwide. Building on her 20 years of experience in youth work, Laurie continues to focus on today’s young people and their concerns enabling Chat the Planet to deliver entertaining television that results in positive social change.

Prior to founding NextNext Entertainment, Ms. Meadoff founded The CityKids Foundation, one of the nation’s leading non-profit multi-cultural youth communication and leadership organizations. Since 1985, CityKids has succeeded in forming a safe environment for young people in an extended-family atmosphere. CityKids became a production powerhouse, spawning a nationally touring repertory company and the Emmy-nominated “CityKids” series on ABC, not to mention a long list of celebrity alumni whose talent Laurie encouraged and nurtured.

As a result of Ms. Meadoff’s community and youth outreach through media and performance, she developed a unique connection with kids that she continues to strive to empower.

Before her work with The CityKids Foundation, Ms. Meadoff was a pioneer in the field of conflict resolution by directing experimental theater programs in schools and correctional institutions across the country.

She also served for ten years as artistic director of the Creative Arts Team, a multi-racial, bilingual, youth-oriented theater company in residence at New York University.

Ms. Meadoff holds an undergraduate degree in education with a focus in art and a Masters degree in educational theater from
New York University.