Kate Hillis

Kate Hillis, co-founder of and partner in NextNext Entertainment, has produced diverse programming ranging from one camera field documentary specials to large scale international studio productions. Using both creative and bottom-line approaches, she has produced many programs including VH1’s I Married… series, Chat the Planet, and The Presidents’ Summit for America’s Future to launch General Colin Powell’s youth mentoring initiative, America’s Promise. Coupling her extensive knowledge of the youth market with her production experience, Ms. Hillis tackles complex international projects creating engaging, entertaining, marketable programming that targets the teen and young adult audience.

Ms. Hillis began her production career at the famed Radio City Music Hall, where she criss-crossed the country working tirelessly. She thrived on the challenges and the constant creative demands of production life. Hillis ran the production company for The CityKids Foundation, working closely with its founder, Laurie Meadoff. After seven years of working together, Ms. Hillis and Ms. Meadoff brought their collaboration to a new level, forming a partnership in their company NextNext Entertainment- an international multi-platform media organization.

Groundbreaking programs such as Chat the Planet, which connects diverse groups of young people from around the globe using cutting edge technologies, always manage to present producers with unforeseen complications and difficulties. Hillis’ creative approach and experience has given her unparalleled problem-solving skills.

Ms. Hillis oversees all production at NextNext, including the intensive casting process, project budgeting, and the extensive logistics surrounding safety and choice of locations. Kate has produced programming for ABC, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, HBO Family, C-SPAN, FOX, Spike TV, Current TV, Link TV, The N, Noggin, Middle East Broadcast, CNN, Australian Broadcast’s Fly TV, South African Broadcast, mtvU and Oxygen.

Ms. Hillis is the oldest of seven children. She credits growing up in that environment with teaching her the value of organization skills. Ms. Hillis holds a degree in business from LeMoyne College.

Ms. Hillis continues to manage the production of a wide range of programming, satisfying the needs of viewers everywhere.