Episode 10 - "Mentally F'ed Up"

The war takes its toll on Adel's younger brother.

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Hi, Thanks for your great program, that's the idea I have about professional internet tv for coming years. Could you check the video? It's displaying a "This video is no longer available" error message. Thanks, Alex
Posted on: April 04, 2007

This episode breaks my heart.
Posted on: April 04, 2007

omg! THIS IS MY FAVED ONE!!! EVER!!! omg omg omg
Posted on: April 04, 2007

This is truly heartbreaking. These children are seeing things that most adults here in the US have never and will never see. The boys do not even have access to professional psychiatric help as the soldiers do. I pray that by some miracle the memory can be repressed or erased from their minds. This is too sad. I have 2 young sons who sometimes play shooting games. They look so much like these 2 boys in the video with the sounds and motions they make as they play - but I am sure that what they are thinking as they play is worlds apart.
Posted on: April 04, 2007

Though I listen to NPR on a regular basis, I found out about this series from Youtube... It is incredible. I feel like every everyone should see these, whether they are for or against the war. This has made the war in Iraq seem much more real to me; to see real people just trying to go about their lives. Before I realise that it all seemed so remote, so far away... Now it is real. Speaking as a 17 year old american girl, thank you for opening my eyes.
Posted on: April 04, 2007

Thank you for your work - i have been watching as many of the videos as I can. I wish nothing but peace and freedom for the Iraqi people and hope that no ill will be borne against those of us who hate our own government for thier selfish and myopically concieved plans. Persian culture is a long lived and beautiful one, and it's something that should be shared, not destroyed.
Posted on: April 04, 2007

I just wanted to say I think the videos are incredible. I had the misfortune of spending a year in Iraq with the military, but that time did give me a chance to get to know a few of the people there and gave me deeper understanding of what life over there (and in much of the world) is like. My heart goes out to those for whom changing the channel is not an option, and for whom there is no date to countdown to to fly "home." I will, of course, point people to this site so that others may get some idea of the human side of this war, and of what average folks like themselves have to go through. Also, I have to say I hope someday that I might have the chance to visit Iraq again, under better circumstances. I'm no fool thinking peace on Earth will ever come, but I can pray that peace finds Iraq sometime least for a good long while.
Posted on: April 05, 2007

Heartbreaking and disturbing. These videos are amazing. You guys are doing the world a great service by making them. It looks like these are directed at young people, but I'm a 48 year old American male and I find them informative, and thought provoking. This whole thing is such a mess. I can't begin to imagine what life must be like laying awake at night listening to bullets go by. Keep up the excellent work and stay safe.
Posted on: April 05, 2007

Marhaba My name is Amal and I send greetings to all of you working on Hometown Baghdad. I live in Washington DC and I am a research assistant working on Iraq. I think those videos are amazing and I hope to see more of them. I wish you could turn this website into a big communication network for all Arab youth and youth all over the world to connect with you, support you and hopefully urge all Arab leaders to act quickly to end this terrible violence in Iraq. Keep up the good job. I wish to contact some media and ask them to write about you. Is it safe for you to get publicity? Best regards A
Posted on: April 05, 2007

Hi Usama , Hi Saif , Hi Adel ....I couldn't stop my tears as i was watching these videos .....I have left Baghdad few months ago ...I can feel what you guys are going through ..... Take care of yourselves please to you all ...may God protect you from any harm ...
Posted on: April 05, 2007

Hello Adel, Ausama, and Saif, I just watched many episodes of your videos and wanted to commend you on brining the suffering of Iraqis to the rest of the world through the internet. You have probably already realized that most people do not have any idea what is going on to ordinary people. In the US in particular, people are ignorant about what Iraq was like before the US occupation. I am an Iraqi-American and am amazed at how well you speak English, as well as how modern your group of friends seems. I would love to email with you to learn more about your lives and tell you about mine too. If you are interested, please email me at Thanks!
Posted on: April 05, 2007

I am a US marine....and I will be coming back to Iraq in a couple of weeks. I wanted you to know that I am fighting for you and your country. I want you and your families to have the freedoms that we do in america. I do what I am told and hope that you don't harbor any bad feelings towards me. I have so much respect for the Iraq people and how they face each day. Sanding up for what they believe in and know what might happend to them. All my love and keep the faith! Maybe I will be able to meet you when I am over there.
Posted on: April 05, 2007

Hey Adel Im so sorry for what your brother had to see. I hope you don't find this misplaced but I have a suggestion for you to consider which is the following: I think you should try to get your brother to talk about the situation as much as possible for a while.... The reason I say this is as follows. I was standing right next to the WTC (50 yards away) when the 2nd plane hit in 2001...Although this is not really comparable (as I determined not to watch the jumpers from the tower and so didnt actually see anyone die)..I and my friends were all in shock for a while...for a couple of days no one could really speak a coherent sentence...My solution, and that of another of my friends, was to tell the story to all friends and to members of my family in England ..over the next week I must have repeated the story 50 times..and at that point it really started losing its impact l worked through it and frankly I became bored of hearing myself speak about it....I would say that within a week and since I havent lost sleep and only think about it rarely... The day after the strike I drove with 2 friends to the countryside. 1 Friend like me talked and relived the exprerience for the next two days. the other remained silent. The guy that didnt speak was still changed and depressed 2 years later.. ..What this taught me is that, at least for some, reliving and talking about a shocking experience is the best way to work through it. Sorry if this is misplaced ...after all I know stuff like this is happening every day...and apologies on behalf of my country, England, for the ignorance that made this situation happen. Phil
Posted on: April 06, 2007

Hey Guys, Excellent job and i hope things get better for u all. I am moved by your effort and ur guts to face live the way it comes. Wishing u luck, Take Care
Posted on: April 07, 2007

i saw your flick (songs of pain) on you tube for the first time. what you guys do, is very important and brings understanding to people. thank you for taking us people who are not there to see the real life in iraq, and truly understand how people feel there. i feel great hope. i wish the situation gets better and all your efforts for the future bear fruit. most intresting i found adel's flicks. best regards and take care!
Posted on: April 09, 2007

Take heart-- children are strong. I am not meaning that this is all fine, or that what your brother is seeing is ok... But I remember being about his age in Beirut during the bad years of our civil war. And it was very hard, and I have nightmares sometimes still, many years and miles away.. But you get through, somehow, as I am sure he will. But still, I am crying for him. I laughed when I hear you talking about knowing sounds from different types of bullets in one video. I lived only in Beirut until I was 14, and i was only 2 when the war started there, so I had always always heard these noises, and it is so true, that you know one from another. Oh, this one is sniper, this one is IDF, this is SLA. Inshallah, there are better days to come. Samira
Posted on: April 09, 2007

I'm so sorry. I have met two Iraqis through my political board and they are the most incredible people I've 'met' for their strength of character and forgiveness of those of us who have opposed the 'war' from Day One. We can't seem to help you in any way and seeing what this is doing to people like yourself and your family is incredibly heartbreaking. I never thought my country was capable of making life a living hell for others, such as we saw Hitler do...but here it is. I was obviously incredibly naive. Thank goodness the Internet is here to show us the other side of the story we get from the 'owned' mainline media, who many of us do not trust at all anymore. If it helps, my tear ducts were drained long ago crying for Iraqis and now I find myself fighting bitterness and anger every single day because it appears to be nonending. I don't know how you do it, but I suppose you have no choice but to get up and keep going. Know that many Americans and British are feeling such crushing guilt and anger and shame. ...An American
Posted on: April 11, 2007

hi nice site.
Posted on: April 11, 2007

Hi ! I'm a French journalist ; my name is Ahmed Meguini, and I think your work is amazing. I would really like to interview you... The best way to do so would be over the telephone or by visio-chat ; otherwise, by e-mail. I would also like to set up a chat with French people. You can contact me directly via email (my address : or via my blog ( Again, congratulations on your site. Bravo ! Ahmed
Posted on: April 13, 2007

I found this episode to be the saddest of all; those two little boys should not have been witness to such a horrible reality. Just hearing them describe the man who was shot scared me so much and made me cry, I can't imagine what it must have been like to actually wintess that with their own eyes. Take care Adel and his brother and cousin!
Posted on: April 17, 2007

this makes me angry and sad at the same time. What can you say to them? I would nt know where to begin. Id just listne, I guess. *sigh*
Posted on: April 17, 2007

Wonderful idea. I don't know the politics very well, but I hope all the gunmen from all sides leave soon and give you back your city.
Posted on: April 18, 2007

I just wanted to let you and the other's doing these vlogs , and of course all Iraqis still in their country ;know that myself and thousands upon thousands of Americans are deeply saddened and feel great compassion for the citizens of Iraq. We sit and wonder to ourselves and talk amongst friends asking the same questions over and over. What can be done ? What is the right thing to do? We are frustrated with our current administration and the mistakes made by previous occupiers of the White House. The congregation in my church prays for the people of Iraq every Sunday morning in The Prayers For The People. Perhaps you can take some heart in knowing that there will definitely be a new President and Administration in 2008 and I prayerfully hope a change for the better is going to come. Please keep the vlogs coming. I have shared with my friends the address of this site , as I'm sure others have. Peace be with you Billie
Posted on: April 28, 2007

Hi My Name Is ivanho.
Posted on: May 13, 2007

[...] “Mentally F’ed Up” is without a doubt one of the saddest episodes of Hometown Baghdad. In that episode, Adel interviews his brother and cousin about a horrible murder they witnessed in the street near their house. His last thought in the video is fear for their mental stability. Turns out, nearly all of Baghdad’s children are suffering from great mental stress. From NPR: A new study in Iraq surveyed 2,500 kids, randomly chosen from a middle-income area of north Baghdad, to see if researchers could determine the effects of the war on their mental health. Dr. Mohammed al-Aboudi, Iraq’s national mental health adviser, speaks with Linda Wertheimer about the findings. [...]
Posted on: May 24, 2007

I think that what u guys are doing is amazing and my dad first showed me this website and im soooo glad that i looked at it. it must take alot of courage to produce these videos and i have never really seen something like this ever before. these few videos that i saw realy opened up my mind to how uneducated i have been. here i am worrying about writing my final history paper and all of this incredible video work is going on. thank u guys so much for opening up my mind and helping me focus on the larger picture in life.....GREAT work.
Posted on: June 02, 2007

As I watch these videos I am often reduced to tears. Not only the sad episodes either. The ones where friends flee may be most wrenching, even as they inspire hope for a better life to come.
Posted on: June 04, 2007

It's a real, real, real real real.. shame.. that kids.. toddlers.. pre-teens.. people who have futures ahead of them.. have to suffer through this. It's just not cool! It's traumatizing them! Well.. if it's not.. either they're brain-washed by the enemy.. or they're too used to it.. neither are good. It's so horrible when you see or hear about Iraqi kids celebrating the fact that some American soldiers were killed in an explosion or something.. It's sooooo not normal.. Companies have GOT to stop making violent toys.. games.. any of that stuff.. it causes people to become indifferent to the realities.. when something happens.. they think.. eh..who cares.. they don't realize that those things happen to real people and that many are affected. It's a dangerous gamble these days..
Posted on: June 21, 2007

First of all alsalam alaykum... i just want to say thank u adel for the great videos. now u r helping us to imagen the life in our dear iraq... its heartbraking i assume!! is there anyway i can contact u i have some questions...! thanx again. allah y7fthkum... take care.
Posted on: July 02, 2007

Hi Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck! Bye
Posted on: July 05, 2007

Thank you for these videos. I pray daily that this will end. Peace Now
Posted on: March 28, 2008

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