Behind the Scenes Photos


Cameraman Nezar, producer Fady and sound recordist Adel (not the Adel from the series) tend to their equipment. Nezar is not only a cameraman; he is also a writer.
The crew shooting footage with Adel and his friends at a club in Baghdad.
Hometown Baghdad director Ziad and soundman Adel capturing action.
Fady, Adel and Ziad pose for the camera during a break from shooting. If you take a close look, you can see Adel from the series sitting off to the left.
Cameraman Nezar filming Ausama's mother. This footage ended up in the episode "Forbidden Salad." Ausama's mother and Nezar
Crew at Ausama's House The crew filming Ausama's family lunch.
Director Ziad explaining to Saif how to use the personal camcorder we gave to him. Saif and Ziad
Adel and Nezar's IM conversation Nezar and Adel's IM conversation about arranging a shoot day reveals a lot about what it was like to produce this documentary in Baghdad. Click the photo to see a bigger version.


Racks of raw footage shipped from our producers in Baghdad.
The episode map that our editors use to plan out the series.
The editing computer where our senior editor cuts the pieces.
Our senior editor, Barrett Hawes, at work.