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Ausama is a 20 year old student at the University of Baghdad Medical School.

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"I went to a Christian primary school even though I'm a Muslim. Now I'm in medical school. I've always wanted to be a doctor because I want to help people and because I want to be like my parents. I have lots of friends but most of them have left Iraq. Most of the traditions I follow are Iraqi and Arabic but I've learned others from TV. As a little kid, I watched a lot of TV like Tom and Jerry and now I like a lot of other American series. I'm not so religious but I do believe in my religion - Islam. And I believe in our traditions though I break them most of the time."

Do you have a girlfriend?
I don't have a girlfriend, though I used to have one a long time ago. I am not really trying to find someone. I guess it's because I'm too shy.

If you could visit any country, which would you choose?
Malaysia because I would love to see eastern Asia and its untouched nature.

Favorite sport?
I like basketball and I play it a lot. I was on my secondary school team for three years and last year I was on the college team. I also like to work out and practice Tae Kwan Do.

What are your friendships like?
In friendships with boys, I feel free to do and say anything I want. That's rare in my relationships with girls because I'm usually trying to be a gentleman. But that's not always the case. I have a lot of friendships with girls who I am comfortable with.

What role do your brothers and sisters play in your life?
I tell my brother everything – all of my secrets and problems. He is a big influence on me. My sister is the one I fight with all the time… J ... Just kidding, LOL! I can always have a big laugh with her.

What is it like to date in Iraq? What do you do on a typical date?
Well dating in Iraq is not common. It's not part of out tradition but there are a lot dates nowadays. On a typical date, I would take my date to a fine Italian restaurant (which we have in Iraq) and then go to a nice quiet place like a park. Then I would give my date a simple gift to express my love and appreciation. And this would be my typical date!

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