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Chat Ventures launches the Qwidget Blog

Monday, June 30th, 2008

While you were momentarily not paying attention to us, we quietly launched a new blog for the Qwidget at The qwidget is a project that we dreamed up to bring more web users into dialogue with each other. When we were releasing hometown baghdad on this blog, we always wanted better ways to bring more people into meaningful conversations and relationships. So we went back to our dialogue building expertise and came up with the tool that we always wished for. If you are a blogger who uses Wordpress on your own hosted domain and want to try it out on your blog, send me an email at my email address. Please check out the qwidget blog as well to see how we’re thinking these days. And no, this does not mean that we are not producing more web and television shows. It’s not a full direction change so much as a spin off that is taking all of my time. And yes, I love it. [qwidget question="4"]