Hometown Baghdad Cinematographer’s Letter to the World

Back in January, HTB producer Fady Hadid sent me a translated letter/poem that Nezar Hussein, one of HTB’s talented cameramen, wrote about living as an artist in Baghdad. Moved, I forwarded it to all of my contacts, including an editor at Good Magazine. The letter got passed around the office there and they printed it in their 2007 media issue. It is powerful and worth reading.

Good, for those of you who don’t know, was started by Ben Goldhirsh with the idea that young people want to do well in the world by doing good for the world. It’s an intriguing concept and a great magazine - well written, artfully designed, etc. They also donate all of their subscription revenue to a great group of charities.

4 Responses to “Hometown Baghdad Cinematographer’s Letter to the World”

  1. michael homsi Says:

    You are proving everyone wrong, you make be proud. Don’t you ever think we forgot about you, we think about you every day, we arre working to make you free, not by our guns, we have non, but by our mind, we are stong Arab from North America and we are changing the system here.
    Be happy and know, we suffer more than you, as we can’t sleep at night rhinking about you.
    Michael The Jordanian suporter from Toronto, Canada

  2. Mehdi Says:

    Id liek 2 kno more about the cast, like where they are and what there up 2. I dliek 2 kno more about Ausama and Adel please.

  3. Toni Says:

    Aloha from Hawaii!
    The power of Spirit is powerful. Please hold-on to your home, family, and culture in your Heart, so it will live for your future generations. Please feel the Aloha or love, compassion, and peace being sent to All of Iraq over the ethers in prayer.

  4. Janice Says:

    Fady, you are playing a role right now. It’s a grand play. Many people in the west have been manipulated through their emotions and fears and they succumbed or felt powerless because of the deceptions of their own government. That tide is turning. I don’t know sir, how long it will take. I have known of the attrocities and the truth for four or five years. I have done my part to warn the american population as to how they have been duped. I have cried many tears knowing that you are all going through a very real hell on earth. And knowing too that it is all for the spoil of your country and it’s resources.
    That said Fady, there is a strength and a knowing that comes from within.
    If an individual had no hope where would he go? Where do those with no hope always turn? Within and with God. The two are inseperable. Let the fear go. It won’t help you and it won’t make you or your family safe. Find the strength you know you have. It’s there. Send out love and peace to the “infiltrators”. They feed off of fear. They have been trained to do that. They are victims too.
    Their families are living with nothing in the west because they depend on their government now they have lost faith. The men that are in your country are angry because they have lost faith and they have no choice now but to be a hero or a victim. They don’t want to be one of the victims they see everyday on your streets. Go back to the source Fady, go to him and let him come to you and believe. God bless you Fady and your family. You are in my prayers. Live in this moment. Just this moment. Don’t worry for tomorrow. Be in this moment with you and with God. Let the fear go. And trust.

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