HTB on ABC’s Nightline Tonight!

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I know, I know. I jumped the gun by announcing our upcoming Nightline spot back in mid June. I believe I said that we’d be on in the “upcoming days.” Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to a month. Anyway, that’s all history and I’d like to announce on good sources that we will be featured on ABC’s Nightline tonight at 11:35pm EST. It should be noted that the piece on HTB will only run in the US version and not the international version that airs on Middle East Broadcast and other non-US distributors.

A few weeks ago, the World News video podcast included some of the footage that will go into the Nightline feature. Check that out here. But tonight’s piece should be a bit longer with more interviews. I’m pretty excited to watch it and immensely thankful that the press continues to give Adel, Saif, Ausama and our incredible crew the attention they deserve. This feature alone will introduce HTB to a few million more viewers.

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  1. Reyes Says:

    Hello, from the U.S. I saw the HTB piece tonight and think this is a great project. Thank you for giving us a view of your world. I hope that you realize that some of us Americans don’t support the war as it is and we hope that your leaders and ours (hopefully the Democrats will succeed in pushing Bush into plan that helps Iraq instead of helping himself and his buddies) will find a solution that will allow you to live a good and free life. I wish we could do more as American citizens to help your country. Be safe.

  2. Mary Kitchen Says:

    God bless you all for the Hometown Baghdad documentary.
    I am so sorry you have to live with bullets firing all around you. May God keep all of you safe.
    I always pray for peace. You will always be in my prayers.

  3. Mary Kitchen Says:

    I forgot to check the “Notify box” below on my original comment.
    Thank you

  4. Nancy Firlik Says:

    I saw the news segment last night on HTB. What brave young men they all are! I was fascinated to see the every day maneuvers they needed to make in their lives and hope to see more. Please know that there are millions of Americans that pray for your peace, prosperity and good future. Is there anything that we can do for you from America?

  5. Zaid U. Says:

    today , i was watching the CBS nightline on and i jumped of my chair when i saw the videos of HTB , I was really thrilled , i decided to “travel” to a net cafe just to congrats u for this , im really happy …

    ps: its a trip to cafe that is still open and working in baghdad , and I might not comeback in one piece …….

  6. Josie Garcia Says:

    What are mailing addresses or email addresses where we can communicate with you all? I think cards and letters of support for you and your friends would be a great ministry for myself and many ladies in my church.

    God bless and I pray for peace and strength for you all. I have many Middle Eastern friends here in Houston and some with family still overseas.

    Take care and hope to hear from someone soon! Keep up the great work with your music Adel! Music is a great way to channel stress and bring out your creativity.

    Josie Garcia

  7. Josie Garcia Says:

    Hope you all got my previous email about where to send you cards & letters of support.

    Take care and good luck Adel with your music!

    Josie in Houston

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