Tribute to fallen Iraqi students

On June 11th of last year, Iraqi blogger Konfused Kid (KK) lost four of his best friends to a roadside bomb. They were one week away from their college graduation. He made this tribute video for them. It is heart-breaking.

You can see a news piece on the Konfused Kid, who coincidentally is Ausama and his brother’s friend, here. He now lives in Amman, Jordan.

5 Responses to “Tribute to fallen Iraqi students”

  1. Carole Line Says:

    Very touching video, we can see how much your friends were important to you…I feel very sorry for them. Just wonder, what is the final dialogue about?
    I don’t know how I would bear if I had one day to compile all the happy videos of my friends for such circonstance. Death is always unfair but even more difficult to stand I guess when it happens because of some bloody geopolitical reasons.
    All my support, wish everything is at best for you right now…even if it’s obviously not.

  2. lelly Says:

    I’m very sorry

  3. Small Blue Thing Says:

    And THIS is war. My condolences to Ausama and his friends and families.

  4. sally Says:

    i seriously cried alotttttttt
    wallah 7aram allah yesa3edkooooooom
    kolish mo2ather el film
    i hope u will always be safeeeee
    wallah hwaya bchayetttttttt
    allah yesa3edkooooooooooooooooooooooom
    byeeee and plz take careeeeeeeeeee
    its all about warrrrr

  5. Adam Says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of the great 4 and the many more that we’re loosing on a daily base in our beloved Iraq , I wish from Allah inshala for Iraq to be stable and steady as possible ASAP , we’re all Iraqies regardless or ethnicity or religion and we’ll always be that way inshala. Peace be upon you . Take Care all and GOD Bless Iraq.

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