Saif’s Instructional Guitar Videos

Hometown Baghdad viewers should know that when Saif isn’t booby-trapping his house with barbwire, smoking shisha, or talking about his beautiful wife Noor, he is playing guitar. And so he has decided to make a series of instructional videos for people wanting to learn how to play in a variety of styles. Here are the first two. If you like them, subscribe to his youtube channel.

Lesson 1: Triple Stroke Rasgueado

Lesson 2: Forward Arpeggio

8 Responses to “Saif’s Instructional Guitar Videos”

  1. Saif Says:

    Hey this is my Swatch watch. looooooooool.
    I’ll am doing more and more.

  2. François Says:

    I Saif,do you have news from your pal Adel?I think he’s the only one of your group to have stay in Baghdad.I hope you are in a safe place and well Saif,are you gonna get married soon?let us know you look like the happiest men in the world with your intended and you have a nice watch too..loll see ya
    realy like your show and the guitar tips too salaam Saif

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    [...] daily life in Iraq one of their member has gone on to use his video skills for greater good. Mike writes: Hometown Baghdad viewers should know that when Saif isn’t booby-trapping his house with [...]

  4. David Watson Says:

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  5. Kathy Knodel Says:

    I’ve dusted off an old guitar, tuned it, and have been practicing the
    triple stroke rasgueado you just taught me on your video clip. Thank you.

  6. abo omen Says:

    hahahaha … im still here live n kickin … dude y dont ya play somthin heavier and use an electric guitar , its better for u , coz when i lestin to u i feel sleepy .
    6 6 6

  7. Tracy Says:

    Very cool but I need basics before I can attempt any of this. LOL. Hope you’re all well!

  8. Saif Says:

    Thanks Tracy. but That’s was some of the flamenco right hand strokes for moderate guitarists. Anyway I am thinking of new way for guitar teaching method.Check them on youtube.

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