New HTB site launched

The new site was redesigned by graphic designer and web developer Marco Castro. Thanks for doing such an awesome job, Marco! My goal with this redesign is threefold: 1) make it easier for HTB new comers to find information about the series and to watch the videos; 2) give new and existing HTB viewers a way to follow news about the cast, crew and Chat the Planet; and 3) give people an easy way to continue conversations that are generated by the videos.

There may be a few kinks left in the site so if something doesn’t work or if links are dead, send me an email or post a message in the forums.

5 Responses to “New HTB site launched”

  1. Monday links | News Videographer Says:

    [...] I’m really digging the Hometown Baghdad redesign. [...]

  2. Ahmed Naji Says:

    Congratulations guys,

    This new design is so welcoming and informative. Great job Mike and others.

  3. ali el showk Says:

    You deserve guys a lot of respect for what you doing.

    And thank you very much for this site (hometown baghdad).

    Best of luck.And may god be with you guys always.

  4. Chris Barron Says:

    Don’t dislike anyone for being a westerner, pity us because our media is not open and free the way that it should be.

    I respect and appreicate the efforts of those concerned who made these films and shared their feelings and their honesty.

    I hope we can elliminate tyranny in all of it’s forms just by showing it a better way.

    Keep it up , and thank you

  5. scott Says:

    hey wat happened to u guyes????? just worried

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