Episode 37 0f 38 - “One of Thousands”

The shocking and severely disturbing finale to Ausama’s videos in Hometown Baghdad.

Ausama asked me to post the following note to the viewers of Hometown Baghdad after his final video was online.

Dear all,

First of all, I want to say that I never thought that we would be able to connect with anyone in the way that we have. I never imagined that we would make any kind of impact. I just wanted to say this before I began.

I carry love and passion for my country of Iraq, for my glorious city of Baghdad, for my house, for my family and for my people. It is what made me able to do this. My love and passion made me continue to tape in some of the hardest, saddest and most dangerous situations. It also gave me the responsibility to show you our lives, the will to keep going no matter what, and definitely the desire to show you our love for peace.

What we really tried to accomplish with this project is to show you our lifestyle; to tell the truth about what happened and what’s happening to us normal Iraqi citizens; and to show you that we’re not so different than others around the globe. We only have different cultures and customs. I humbly hope that we have succeeded in this.

I can’t express enough my thanks to Chat the Planet for giving me/us this magnificent opportunity, Thank you so much, Laurie, Mike, Kate, Barrett and everyone else who contributed to this project.

Of course, I cannot forget and will never forget the outstanding courage of the Iraqi crew members - Mr. Ziad Turkey, Fady, Nezar and Adel (the sound man). They challenged death many times to reach us and shoot with us. May god keep them safe.

This has been an extraordinary experience for me. It gave me new perspectives, the opportunity to meet so many new people, and to reach out and speak to the world.
I’m also thankful to you - the viewers. I’m so thankful to everyone who has watched our videos. I can only hope that you liked what you saw, and that you liked us even if we sometimes had different opinions.

No matter what happens in the future, I can be sure that we all seek the same things - Peace and Happiness.

I’ll end with a quote. It’s one of my favorites.

“To light a candle is much better than cursing the darkness.”

Thank you and Good Bye,
Salam / Peace,
The cradle of Civilizations, Iraq

(spoiler alert - watch the video!) Producing this series involved a lot of breath-holding on the part of us American producers and indubitably a lot more breath-holding on the part of our Iraqi cast and crew. Every shoot day was a risk. Every time Fady reported in that they had safely and successfully captured some as-of-yet-unknown aspect of Iraqi life under war was cause for relief. For one, it was another step closer to our shared goal of showing the human side of the conflict. But way more importantly, we made it one more day without incident. And so when Fady sent me an IM that Ausama’s uncle was killed, we were extremely upset. We had come to know and love Ausama through the little we saw of him in his casting interview and what we heard about him through Fady and the rest of our crew. His loss was felt deeply in our office.

It didn’t occur to me until about five minutes ago that most rational people in Ausama’s situation would have given up on our project. Turned their cameras off. Sent our crews packing. Who wants to work on a project with Americans for a predominantly Western audience when the US army has just killed your uncle? But Ausama did not stop. He did not shut us and the rest of the world out of his life. He allowed himself to be filmed when he was feeling his most vulnerable, and his most angry. He remained committed to continue sharing his life and opening himself up, “even if we sometimes had different opinions,” as he says. It is a testament to him and his family that we are able to tell his story.

105 Responses to “Episode 37 0f 38 - “One of Thousands””

  1. Saif Says:

    OMG dude, I didn’t know that your uncle was killed by the US troops.May GOD help you all.He is really one of thousands. and will be one of millions in the future.

  2. Liz Says:

    I am an american and i know americans are doing terrible things in iraq. i am so sorry that president bush has not been charged with the war crimes he is committing. and i am heartbroken for the loss of ausama’s uncle. i am sure he was a great family man with high morals and great regard for life. i just pray that ausama’s family will grow closer together and turn to god thru this loss. i will continue to fight the anti-war battle here in america. again. i am so so sorry for what my country has done in iraq.

  3. Karenne Says:

    Many candles going forward that I light will be for you and your family Ausama. Imagine the difference you have already made in the world and you are just getting started!

  4. Iza Says:


    I am soooooo sorry to hear the news of your uncle. You’re family has gone through so much particularly from what you have decided to share through HTB, that it’s hard to imagine what your life is like when the cameras are not there. I feel bad that all I can do right now is to offer my prayers and condolences to you and your family. The next candle I light in church will be dedicated to your uncle and for the hope of peace for your country.

  5. ljm Says:

    You and your family are very brave souls to share your lives with us. All of you have become very dear to me. I worry about all of you there in Baghdad. I am so very sorry about what happened to your uncle. Your quote about the candle is also one of my favorites. Angels on your pillow, Ausama, to guard you there in Baghdad with your family.

  6. Ahmed Naji Says:

    Dear Ausama,

    Thank you very much for your bravery and love for our country; Iraq. It has been an honor knowing you and watching your amazing videos. What a better way to commemorate your uncle? what a better way to honor his memory as everyone who saw this video will never forget him?

    Keep on having faith and hope.

    Your brother in peace,

  7. Doug Says:

    I’ve been following your story for some time and I have come to love and respect you guys for bringing a truly human face to this tragedy. You are no longer strangers across the world and a cultural divide - you are just people who are just trying to live a life of decency and dignity with your loved ones… as we all are.

    I’m so very sorry for your loss - and in the larger picture, for the loss of decency and dignity in your world.

  8. Terica Pickrell Says:

    Dear Ausama,

    I am so sorry for your loss. Most Americans want this madness to stop, and most want Bush to do the right thing. I only wish we could make him listen.

  9. Fady Says:

    I will never forget that day when we (the crew) heard the shocking news from Ausama over the phone. We were extremely disturbed and hurt. I still can remember Nezar’s and Adel’s faces when they heard the news from my mouth; pure shock. I also will never forget the responsibility and the bravery from Ausama to carry on and to deliver this message to the outer world. I commend you, Ausama, for all that, and for sticking with us till the very end. Thank you for everything. May your uncle rest in peace.

  10. Alice Says:


    I am so sorry to hear about your uncle.

    Thank you for what you have done, putting your self at further risk to let us viewers see a bit of your life. I know it has changed me to see Hometown Baghdad - before, I was very upset about what was happening in Iraq and to Iraqi citizens, but to see you guys stories’ really makes it much more real to me.


  11. John Says:

    I’m sorry Ausama.

    Good luck. Don’t give up. Your courage and strength are an inspiration.

  12. astrid Says:

    “Hometown Baghdad” brings home to all of us the true reality of the current situation in the proverbial birthplace of civilization.
    We should never forget that the situation has a huge and very fundamental impact on the daily lives of Iraqis who are not “political” in any way.

    Thank you all for your courage, your work, all what you have done! May peace prevail one day.

  13. Rania Says:

    Im sorry to hear about that.Its too much, I lost one of my best friends same way and he used to be the most supporative to the troops if we went through argument???.
    I also want to thank you and all the crew for all what you have done .These episodes were great help for me .

  14. sara Says:

    sorry for you loss, and thank you for sharing your life with us, thank you for showing us the other reality that hides behind the news and events, we got used to you, and will miss you, i hope that you are in a safer place right now, you and your family, and wishing you the best.

  15. Nadia Says:

    Oh my God, I can remember that day too… But I didn’t know it was your uncle, Ausama… I am really sorry, I know that no matter what we say or how bad anyone of us would feel, it won’t make it feel much better for you… Hang in there my friend, and I hope we all find our peace.


  16. Kathy Says:

    Thank you for bringing the other side of the world to me. I hear and read the news of Iraq and all the troops we keep sending over. But, to read and watch your video’s gave me so much more of an insight into the lives of the good citizens in Iraq. Thank you for sharing your story. May your uncle rest in peace.

  17. Eddie Says:

    Allah yer7imu…God rest his soul

  18. Robin Says:

    I can’t believe this turn of events - Ausama’s uncle killed for going out for bread.

    I shudder as I read that Ausama and Marwan are in ‘northern iraq’ where the violence is diminished because, well, Turkey is about to take it’s long awaited turn.

    Message to the American people: the only way this occupation will end is if we show up in Washington, DC and protest and NOT leave until our demands are met. It isn’t rocket science. We protest like Ghandi would have.

  19. Ray (in Chicago) Says:

    I hope that your story, and all the videos on “Hometown Baghdad,” will exist on the internet 50-100 years from now. You and your friends have done a great service in preserving the history of this war. You are a remarkable young man; I would be much more bitter if what happened to your family occurred to me. May the God of all of us protect you and yours.

  20. Taz Says:

    Thank you so much for bravely sharing us your story. I stumbled upon this series and have been following for the past month. This particular video has moved me the most out of all of them. I blogged it and shared it with my friends.

    I am so sorry that this happened to your uncle. Seeing the car riddled with bullets was heart wrenching. If American military had done that on American soil, the news would have been all over it, and they would have been prosecuted. Yet, in Iraq they somehow think it’s justified to murder in a militant fashion. It’s simply unjust.

  21. lelly Says:

    Ausama, you rock.
    Im so sa dabout your Uncles death and all the pain you have suffered.
    Thanks so much for sharing all this with us.
    Best wishes for your future and I hope you stay safe.
    Are you still in Iraq?

  22. Samara Says:

    I watched this episode yesterday, but was too upset to comment about it.
    Ausama, my condolences on the sad loss of somebody who was like a second father to you. I salute your strength and bravery for continuing with the program. Your uncle’s life and tragic death is the story of Iraq itself.
    I have printed what you said in your letter and I carry it with me everywhere. IT IS BETTER TO LIGHT A CANDLE THAN TO CURSE THE DARKNESS.
    Keep that light inside you.

  23. Kadhim Imad Says:

    Dear Ausama,
    You’ve set a wonderful example of strength, bravery, passion and dedication, I salute you.
    I thank you, the cast, the crew, and everyone who was behind this great project, I thank you as a friend and as an Iraqi citizen, you’ve certainly achieved your goal of approximating viewpoints and showing the world what we, Iraqis, really are.
    I’m terribly sorry for your loss, I hope that your uncle’s unfortunate death will not turn you down but rather be a source of willpower to keep you going forward to what I’m sure is going to be a brilliant future, you deserve all the best.

    God bless you & your family.


  24. Sharon Says:

    Dear Ausama,

    Please allow me to offer my condolences on the death of your uncle. It is tragic.

    I’m the mom of an American soldier and experienced a number of emotions in watching your last video. Mostly sadness, though.

    I’m sad that this all did not come out the way we all had hoped, or as quickly. I’m sad that there are some American soldiers who are brutal or, at best, uncareful. Your uncle’s life was precious and now it has been taken from all of you.

    I do want you to know, though, that through this all - this occupation was done in the hopes of giving your country, your children, and my grandchildren a better, safer future. We had hoped that by deposing Saddam Hussein, your future would not include a life under the likes of Uday and Qusay. We had hoped that Islamic terrorists would not gain a foothold in Iraq. We were right on the first count, very wrong on the second.

    But, please tell me, what to do…

    Does hating American soldiers help your situation? Does a pulling out of the coalition forces hold a better promise of peace than the likelihood of increased violence by unrestrained militias?

    Ausama, I am sorry…sorry for your family’s loss, and for your country’s loss. I’ve experienced loss, too…a friend who was a journalist that was killed in Iraq, a co-worker killed in a terrorist attack, soldiers who were known to family members who have been killed in this worldwide war against terrorism.

    We all have a role to play. I’m hoping that love can supercede hate, that hope can overcome terror, that peace can conquer war. What we all do individually can make a difference.

    God bless you and your family, and your country.

  25. Ausama Says:

    Dear All ,

    Thank you All So much for your very true feelings , I thank you because your comments gave me this warm feeling inside of me which I needed in this very special time , after watching this series myself , thank you all .

    I feel sorry for the many many Innocent who lost their lives in this war ,and I give my condolences to their famillies , and I don’t mean just Iraqi people .

    I don’t want this to be the end so I’m here , reading , responding , commenting .. and hopefully posting new things soon …

    Thank you Again

    posting from Iraq

  26. David Says:


    You know more about the situation in Iraq than most Americans - about the Hussein regime, about the Shia militias, and yet you support a continuation of the occupation. I would argue that American and Iraqi lives would be saved by an internationalization of the occupation via the United Nations. The choice of leaving Iraq and Iraqis to suffer from chaos and interfering neighbors versus a long-term American military occupation is a false choice. There is a third way, and it would save lives on all sides. Unless there is something more important than saving lives? Those who continue to argue for the American occupation of Iraq have suspect motives. See here: http://www.prwatch.org/node/5845


    Your uncle’s murder is very upsetting. The best we in America can do in this particular matter, is try to determine who murdered him, and see to it that that person faces criminal charges.

  27. ZAID Says:

    May Allah be with you Ausama and All of us to go all along this road of thorns till we accomplish what we set our minds on ,
    every Iraqi has lost part of his/her soul in these years , but what doesnt kill you makes you stronger ( I believe in that ) , keep up the good work and let the people get to know some of Iraq outside the official media frame and the life underneath ….

    Zaid from Iraq

  28. Doc Says:

    I have watched with my heart, the lives of the Iaqi people, not only through HTB, but here in Baghdad as well. I am an American here. I have lived here in Baghdad for quite some time now, interacting with people from all around the world. I have lost many Iraqi and American friends in this seemingly endless war. Ausama, I am very sorry for your loss, I hope that God truly blesses you and your family. You are a very courageous man, the rest of the crew as well. I hope that Peace will come soon, so that the innocent can live again, and I know that the work done here by you and the rest of the crews, is a very good starting point towards that peace. I am leaving Iraq soon, and I hope that some day I will be able to return to this place, and walk the streets of Baghdad, and share a true life with the beautiful Iraqi people. I pray for all of you every day, for an end to the horrible atrocities that you face. I pray it will be over soon. God bless you all, and God bless Iraq.

  29. marian Says:

    I have been following this video series since it’s beginning in hopes of kindling in myself a sense of true empathy and understanding for what we as americans have allowed to happen to the people of Iraq and in other countrires we have desimated with our “help”. Your efforts have been brave and VERY successful in making real to people left in safety of elsewhere the pain, loss and distruction that have become the everyday lives of so many others.
    I felt the death of Asuama’s Uncle as if I had lost a neighbor. I wish I could reach out to this family in a meaningful way. These young men’s lives have become important to me. Personal. A true piece of communication magic.
    But it does not stop these peoples pain. Empathy may keep this from happening again, but what is the best thing now that it has already been allowed to happen here?
    I am very grateful for all your efforts and hope that I am able to find a way in my small life to support them.

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  32. Martin Johnson Says:


    I watched the whole series and I want you to know you have achieved all your aims. You have helped me understand a little bit of what it feels like to live in Iraq. I can empathise to the point that I am sitting here crying for your uncle. Before I must have seen a thousand bodies on the news and it meant very little. I am sorry for your loss and I wish you all the best in the future.

    All my love to you and your country

    M Johnson

  33. GBraga Says:

    Congratulations on such an interesting project! You have really achieved your aim: to make it more real for us, who are almost blasé at the images we see on TV on a regular basis.

    The traditional media has transformed the war in something far that we cannot understand (despite having a post-grad degree on International Relations!).

    I’ve tried to make a small contribution by linking this to my blog (in Portuguese - Brazil), so that my friends can watch and read too!

    My best wishes to all the families featured and condolences for the ones you’ve lost.

  34. Adel Says:

    Ausama, I’m deeply sorry for your loss, may your uncle rest in peace.

  35. Gary L Varnam Says:

    The reason all this violance is happening in Iraq is do to our retarded president with his thinking that everyone are terrorist. 9/11 is an inside job as a pretext to war in the middle east. The New World Order want to reduce the population by ninty percent. Unfortanily Iraq is being targeted as one of the country for population reduction.
    For more information there is a radio show host Alex Jones on the GCN network is one person who is telling the truth about our retarded milliltary government! Bush is a war crimminal and should be bought to justice along with any war crimminals that did this murder to your uncle. Our country is going into martial law in the future and things will be getting real bad unless the few Americans who isn’t bought the lies by the control American news media start waking up the rest of the country!
    In Islam there is a prophecy that the Dajal with one eye will come to the middle east. If you take a look at the Masons, their symbol is one eye. Most of the US government is control by the masons and even the one dollar bill has a pyrimid with an eye on top and the capstone above that.
    The US is now is the evil empire trying to steal the oil from the middle east. The people of this country who is aganist this war in your country want to remove President Bush and Vice President Chaney from office in a impeachment proccess. Also most Americans want the troops brought back home and end the occupation of your country.
    May God bless your country and may God remove President Bush from office!

  36. Findeton Says:

    My condolences from Spain.

    Here in Spain we knew, BEFORE the war started, that the invasion was regrettable and it would make of Iraq a worse place to live in, that’s why we voted against our former president Aznar and elected Zapatero instead. On the other hand, americans were happy to invade Iraq at first, and only when things have come to the expected disaster they change their mind, and leave Iraq in worse conditions. That’s what they did in Vietnam too. You cannot go invading any country you want and trying to ‘install a democracy’, things don’t work that way. For example, Spain was a dictatorship 30 years ago (btw, EXACTLY 30 years ago, today is our 30th aniversary of our democracy) but we finally got a democracy by our own means.

    PD: Gary L Varnam, god doesn’t exist and god can’t remove President Bush from office, only you can.

  37. Iza Says:


    I completely agree with what you say about obtaining a country’s democracy through their own means, and most importantly desires. But God does exist, even if you don’t think so, because God is faith. And people do need that, particularly in this time. And yes, God can’t remove Bush from office. Because despite all the faith in the world, someone still needs to do something about it. And I can only hope that our young American teenagers, in particular, realize this. Because there is more to life than Paris Hilton and her jail sorrows.

  38. Iza Says:


    I finally got a chance to watch the entire episode. I hope that you and your brother continue to be safe and that you will soon be reunited with your parents.

    I am currently reading something that I thought you might find interesting, particularly in this moment of your life right now. It is called “The Art of Worldly Wisdom” by Balthasar Gracian.

  39. Maria Says:


    Tonight, my husband and I will light seven candles for your family. We are so sorry for your loss. It is ironic that your uncle died simply trying to buy bread, the staph of life, for his family’s dinner table. Its an odd thought because I am going to do the same thing for my family tonight, but I will not be attacked or die or have any fear in doing so. Life can be as cruel as it can be kind, but this war is absolutely unjust. May you find some comfort in knowing that we share your rage, sorrow, frustration and your sense of hopelessness.

    You are not alone…

  40. Findeton Says:

    “But God does exist, even if you don’t think so, because God is faith” Iza

    Then god is just a thought, because faith is just, sole and only, a thought. A thougth just like ‘hey, i have to study’, and by that definition, god is just one kind of neuronal behaviour in our brain (one kind of thought) and that’s very physical. Well, i’m atheist, but if that’s your definition of god then “god” exists.


  41. Billie Says:


    I have been watching these videos almost from the very beginning and so all of you presenting your vlogs seem as though you are friends. And so today I see the sorrow in my friends face and hear it in his voice. Your sadness is now mine. I will pray for you and your family. My father and little brother both died sudden violent deaths , two separate car accidents though, I have never experienced war. But I can sum what understand your shock and pain at hearing the news as I have received a similar phone call…… twice.

    I have said it before, I used to be all for immediate withdrawal of the American troops for their safety. And no, I wasn’t one of the Americans who were supporting Bush’s war at the beginning. Half of the country had not voted for him, I was part of that half. But now I am concerned for the Iraqi citizens and so don’t think withdrawal is a good or right thing to do. Even though hearing the news that American soldier (s) killed your uncle.

    Someone has already posted that what is needed is international involvement and I agree. It isn’t helping anything to bash the Americans but not be willing to be part of the solution. There’s an old saying here, ” If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem”.

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss Ausama and to see and hear your pain. What you said “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness” is beautiful. Thanks for sharing that with me. Thanks for sharing your life.


  42. Troubled Texan Says:


    I mourn your uncle’s death.

    Watching the Hometown Baghdad videos really tore me up.

    Watching your videos I learned that you’re like any college student trying to get an education. Except you live in a war zone.

    I learned that as you’re trying to get a college education members of your family can be killed randomly by American forces.

    I aso learned that you’re an exceptional young man when you stated: “To light a candle is much better than cursing the darkness.”


    May peace be with you wherever you go.


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  45. Zaid Says:

    Ausama …..Am really sorry about that , and sorry for all of us , coz ur uncle is mine as well , we are loosing our people our families our houses our country and loosing the life that we used to live in , looks like a nightmare that we can not wake up and get the hell out of it , wherever we are , Iraqis in Iraq , Jordan , USA and evrywhere in the world feel bad and think that their country has gone for at least 60 years …
    My cousin has gone to no where ….. we are just waiting any one to tell us where is his body might be . Lost Lost Lost Lost …… but the sun must rise at the END , but we just hope that this END would come before OUR END …….
    God bless you ausama with all ur family and for Adel And all Iraqis , Sorry again my brother ….

    By the way I had the same of what happen to ur uncle but thank god I ve just made a crazy turn and their bulets were a little bit away from me . but that really happens evry day till now and will continue …….I d like to say something ..
    Force generates ( Force and hate )

    Zaid Al Bender

  46. Zaid Says:

    Ausama …..Am really sorry about that , and sorry for all of us , coz ur uncle is mine as well , we are loosing our people our families our houses our country and loosing the life that we used to live in , looks like a nightmare that we can not wake up and get the hell out of it , wherever we are , Iraqis in Iraq , Jordan , USA and evrywhere in the world feel bad and think that their country has gone for at least 60 years …
    My cousin has gone to no where ….. we are just waiting any one to tell us where is his body might be . Lost Lost Lost Lost …… but the sun must rise at the END , but we just hope that this END would come before OUR END …….
    God bless you ausama with all ur family and for Adel And all Iraqis , Sorry again my brother ….

    By the way I had the same of what happen to ur uncle but thank god I ve just made a crazy turn and their bulets were a little bit away from me . but that really happens evry day till now and will continue …….I d like to say something ..
    Force generates ( Force and hate )

    Zaid Al Bender

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  48. Tired of it all... Says:

    Ausama. We are sorry for your uncle. It is a terrible fact of life here that young men react with terror when cars come unexpectedly and they shoot for their lives. May he rest and be kept, as I’m sure he will…inshallah.

    To the rest of you…

    The last time I was here in 2004 I watched Americans build a student center. State of the art. I’ll never forget the joy on the faces of the soldiers and the kids when it was opened. Two days after it was completed, it was looted and dynamited…by Iraqis.

    A few days ago, 14 Iraqi policemen and soldiers were shot in the back of the head, one at a time, for the crime of putting on a uniform and trying to bring some stability to this place (their own faults not to be overlooked)…..by Iraqis.

    A translator I knew, mother of 2, was abducted shortly after I left the last time. They found her three days later, murdered, with an electric drill for the crime of working with “foreigners”…by Iraqis.

    The only reason they got to her was because after our crew left, there was no one to stick up for her in the secured area where we had found her a flat and she was expelled back into the street…by Iraqis.

    And it wasn’t like she didn’t have money, or was even from the wrong “Sect”…she was just from the wrong “Caste.” They murdered her just as surely as the Sadrists with their drill. A colleague later reported that they laughed about it when they heard… “cultured” Iraqis, they were.

    In 15 years of wars and disasters, I have rarely witnessed a people who are so cruel to each other when they want to be. The Balkans, Rawanda, Russia, Palestine…they pale in comparisson. The killing I saw there didn’t approach the level of relish that it takes on here. And those places were still very grim.

    There’s plenty of guilt to go around here…

    For all your hand wringing and angst about Bush and why you are in Iraq, you still drove in record numbers on memorial day weekend, despite gas being over $3 a gallon. Your daily consumption is over 20 million gallons A DAY (and don’t tell me it’s Republicans alone…).

    Your power plants are fired by coal and natural gas, which is extracted and sent to them by other pertoleum burning machines. Overall, your energy consumption…that runs everything from your internet connection, to your vegitable market, to your Starbucks milk steamer…exceeds 20 million barrels A DAY.

    But to be fair, You are not alone…Europe, China and India are right behind you. So spare us the copious, self flagellation you seem to revel in so.

    And no amount of “Alternative Energies” now available could even possibly hope to match the sheer enormity of BTUs consumed, or even remotely keep up with rising demand worldwide. And there’s not going to be a magic breakthrough…

    The computers you tap on every day utilize energy intensive processes for which there is no substitute. This video series was undoubtedly produced in a city that would burn in riot if that energy was interrupted with no hope of coming back on.

    This is a grim fact of nature. It’s a catch 22 and we’re all snarled up in it.

    Iraq’s grim fate? The misfortune of sitting on top of billions of gallons of it. But that may also be their salvation…if they can get radicals to stop shooting at anything and everything they take a disliking against, which is pretty much everything.

    It is tragic what happened to his uncle. It is equally tragic what happened for several decades under their previous “leader.” (I suspect that Ausama is currently living in the “north” amongst that leader’s primary victims or in the only other city up there that functions, courtesy the elected councils that were established in 2003 by the 101st Airborne).

    Did the Americans cause this present state of affairs in Iraq?

    From the point of view that they removed a regime that apparently knew how to keep the pressure cooker of Iraqi society from exploding all over itself? Well….yes.

    From the point of view that your leaders fell for the smooth talk of rich, London based Iraqi ex-pats that convinced them that Iraq was host to a cultured, secular society where everyone was in line for their turn at Oxford, but they just happened to have a bad leader? Well….yes.

    From the point of view that if it wasn’t Americans coming here to secure one of the last untapped sources of energy in this region then sooner or later someone else would and they figured that they’d better get here first so it can at least be sold on an open world market? 9cause you won’t get a fair deal out of the other players in this game) Well…yes.

    From the point of view that your soldiers arrived here to cheers and greetings (I was an EYE WITNESS to this) and were happy to help people build things, but an “insurgency” that had been placed underground months before sprang up and began targeting them with everything available and now they’re stuck out here, terrified out of their wits every day they go out. Well…yes.

    From the perspective that their presence immediately acted as a deadly lure for every jew hating, woman degrading, fundamentalist religious fanatic in the entire reason to flock to the place and make it even worse? Well…yes.

    From the perspective that they never expected to be dealing with people who in the wake of this tragedy with the uncle focus their anger on them, but have not one word of condemnation for the slack jawed, sectarian gunmen from their own towns who have turned this place into a charnel house and have everyone terrified out of their wits? Well…yes.

    Iraq is not a black or white issue and the whole world shares in the blame…the Iraqis too. Until they get that through their heads and adjust to a few grim facts of life in a globalized world this stuff will never end, yanks or no yanks…cause there’s still a lot of revenge to be taken and this culture lives for it.

    And david, your comment about “criminal charges” for whoever felt forced to open fire shows that you have no idea about the kind of stresses that happen in places like this. Until you have walked in this place, you can never know what goes on here. None of you can.

    In the end…Don’t cry too hard for Iraq, because your turn is coming. All of ours is…welcome to the history of civilizations.

    Za dom spremni

    PS: Those of you who are working hard to eliminate your energy consumption and are trying desperately to deploy localized, alternative energy in this race against time, as we are, this message was not for you. I fear, however, that we are coming with too little, too late.

  49. Rip Says:


  50. Silenced Says:

    Sorry to hear about your Uncle. I believe the Americans make many mistakes there in your country.. some of them, more worse as each day goes by.

    I dont blame you for wanting revenge on your uncle.. if some oocupiers came to my country, raped, killed my own people, and family - i would want revenge also.

    You and your family are very strong, something i know, i would not have after such an incident. May god bless you and your family at this terrible time.

  51. Billie Says:

    Dear Fed Up,

    I agree with a lot you have said. Someone very close to me did two tours with the Army in Baghdad, so I know what you say is true. I thought about the soldiers who shot his uncle and was reminded that we are sending kids 17, 18, 19 and 20 into that hell. They are scared. I must confess, I’m 59 years old and those are just kids to me. I know they are terrified. When one considers what the Iraqi citizen is going through and the American soldiers are going through. How can the rest of the world just sit in their living room and watch ? It’s become to easy to cast judgement and wash their hands. I believe it’s time for the rest of the world to get over who started this and why , because it’s too big of a tragedy. I am an American who is angry with my current President for this, but ; I can also understand the responsibility we have now for the citizens of Iraq. So I’m a liberal Democrat who has changed my mind about immediate withdrawal. I wanted immediate withdrawal for the sake of those 17, 18 , 19 and 20 year olds , not because I had a different political point of view than the current administration.

    And I too, believe , other countries need to get involved in helping Iraq, instead of just making themselves feel good by “American bashing”. I think when their next elections come, they should vote with Iraq in mind. Not for the person who does the best job at bashing Americans, but for the person who says they are actually going to do something to help.

    There’s one thing I can’t agree with though. With all your reminders that we “need” this oil , I guess you didn’t stop to think that we could “do business” with the countries who possess the oil. I don’t think it’s right for our country or any-other to invade a country in order to take control of their resources. We “do business” with other middle eastern countries. And before you remind me about what a bad guy Saddam was , it’s my personal opinion we should not have invaded unless we were asked to. And remember, we were not told we were going in to save the Iraqi people, we were told we were going in because we were in danger of WMD’s. We were going in to save ourselves ……. was the message given.

    Thank you for serving our country. My friend went in the Army when he was 17 yrs old. He’s 22 now, and suffers from PTSD, I hope you don’t. I’m grateful for those men and women who feel the call to duty and I respect them and care for them. That’s why I don’t won’t them sent into a war without proper planning, enough equipment or allies etc etc etc.

    I hesitate to click submit, but I guess I will. Perhaps this was not the proper place to get on my soap box. My apologies if I have been rude.


  52. Nadia Says:

    Rip, What is “Fake” ??!!!

  53. Silenced Says:

    Rip, your an ignorant fool, take your lame comments else where you war loving communist.

  54. ljm Says:

    Tired of it all,

    You’ve made some very good points. I for one got a Prius in 2001 and put energy star windows in my house as well as being lucky enough to have Hardy Panel put up on most of the house, which also seems to help with extra insualtion. It’s a cement product. I got a Chillow at the Discovery store, which cools with room air like a reverse heating pad and I use it when I go to sleep to try and cool down rather than change the setting on the ac. Ceiling fans help with that bit of extra cooling as well without having to touch the ac. I live in a state that is working to build more and more wind farms. We’re a farm state and producing ethanol. I wish we could switch to producing it from grass rather than corn, but that could come in time. We also have a nuclear power plant in this state. It’s been here a long time. Architects where I live are putting green features in the exciting new buildings that are being built around here. The main thing is for people to make exisiting homes more energy efficient and stop building the McMansions. We have to stop paving over every bit of green space. I also live in an area where I can walk to shops, which is unusual in suburbia. Might I add that people should stop shopping for the sake of shopping or garage sale and buy “recycled.” Promoting slave labor around the world isn’t helping any of us either.

  55. jimmy Says:

    Thank you so much for your work. My sadness
    cannot appreciate the suffering of your country
    and your people. I hope for you and your family
    the future will see more humane conditions and
    that you do not suffer too much more personal loss.

    Sadly, there are still so many powerful and uncontrolled
    racist, religious and imperialist forces aligned against your country and too many good people mislead by the lies and
    fraud committed by the present American administration.


  56. aussiefem Says:

    Shako Mako Ausama, from Australia!

    I have known Iraqis and have always respected and liked them.
    What is happening in Iraq is an abomination and it has diminished the West.

    Iraq lost their security when Paul Bremer de-Baathified Iraq by sacking the entire Iraqi police force, army and public service.
    It left Iraq without any essential services at all.

    The influence of the Baathists could have been curtailed in other ways…perhaps by flattening the hierarchy, removing some of the “layers” the Baathists put in place. Whatever, there would have been more constructive ways of limiting their power over the Iraqi people and creating a more open and democratic public service. Bremer, however did not even bother to look for this revealing an incompetent understanding of organisational structure.

    Iraqis need to consolidate and unify behind a nationalistic leader. But will this happen?

    I don’t know what the future will bring. The forces which are at work in Iraq are dark and murky. Just when we think we understand, something happens which throws our reasoning out the window.

    Insh’allah, may peace come to this country which has never done us in the West any harm, ever.

  57. tbsa Says:

    My heart bleeds for the Iraqi people. As an American I am shocked and disgusted at what is being done to Iraq in our name. I hope and pray that GWB will be investigated, convicted, and incarcerated for his crimes against humanity.

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  59. Tracy Says:

    Ausama, I’m so sorry for all of your family’s loss. What else can I say? I hope that all of you survive to see peace and happiness and I hope that day is coming soon. As an American I will do my part to make peace in Iraq, and around the world, my priority. I will be responsible with my votes for politicians and spread the word.

    Your letter is beautiful and Ausama, you have succeeded. You have touched my heart and my life - and that of many others. You have shown so many the truth that we would not have known otherwise.

    The quote is perfect. Peace to all of you.

  60. Clevergirl Says:


    This video made me :*(

    For real.

    xo CG.

  61. peter erchick Says:

    I am truly sorry for your loss. I am grateful for what you have done to reach out to everyone. I pray for you, your family and your friends. Thank you.

  62. Gabriela Says:

    your lost is a lost for all of us, thank you for your courage and for keep fighting.

    Tu perdida es una perdida para todos nosotros, gracias por tu valentía y por continuar luchando.


  63. Nadia Says:

    Hey, I know this is kind of out of place but I just saw this link on Konfused Kid’s blog, I hope he doesn’t mind but I’ll copy it here

    So it’s not only our elders, it’s also our little ones!

    Long lives humanity!!

  64. Stuff you won’t see on American TV » Ecommerce Blog Says:

    [...] about Paris Hilton or whoever else is the pop culture celebrity of the week there’s some really gripping stuff on YouTube. It’s not pretty. But why do people hate Americans? Watch this video and see. Why are we [...]

  65. Global Voices Online... Says:

    [...] signed off Ausama on his last video for Hometown [...]

  66. Annie Says:

    Not quite the way you’d want to the series.. but it does leave the greatest impact this way..

    If I had the money.. I’d be doing whatever it takes to help out (that’s straight from the heart, and no, I’m not insane :P)

    You rock my socks dude :P

    Interesting name by the way, never heard that one before. Wonder what the meaning is.. :x

    Peace dude (yeah, I’m weird that way :D)!

    P.S- I’d say more buuuuut.. it’d be embaressing. LOL

  67. Annie Says:

    Oh snap! I forgot to say.. I feel your pain.. losing someone so close to you.. D:

    Poor excuses of Americans D:

  68. MediaChannel.org Says:

    [...] signed off Ausama on his last video for Hometown [...]

  69. Ausama Says:

    Annie ,

    thank you dear for your comments , my name means ” Lion ” in arabic ….

    umm , but I guess you’ve heard the name before but probably in different spelling , I’m sure you’ve heard of Osama , so it’s the same … but it should be like the way I write it !

    i’m here


    Take Care now

  70. Annie Says:

    Marhaba Ausama :P Kifak? (I’m hoping that’s the same dialogue as what you guys speak.. if not.. I tried.. lol)

    That’s what I thought! :D -yays-

    I agree.. should be spelt the way yours is spelt. It’s more fascinating that way :P

    You take care too ^_^ Thanks for answering by the way :D

    إلهة يبارك أنت وأسرتك
    إن أنت لا تباليني يسأل. يمكن أنا رجاء يتلقّى [إميل دّرسّ] ك? (I admit it.. I used a translator on this one.. ^^; I’d take Arabic language courses but I can’t find one in Canada.. :( )

    Random Question: Which do you prefer? English or Arabic? (lol)

  71. T Says:

    Please blog on as many sites as you can to get the word out of whats the real reality of whats happening in Iraq.
    Most Americans are blinded by the likes of FOX News with lies and cover ups.
    God bless the human race.

  72. Jasmine Says:

    Ausama you are so brave to have taken part in a documentary like this!!

    I’m very sorry to hear about your Uncle. Sorry that you have to endure life this way.

    I’m angry with the invasion of your country… it is a beautiful country and home to many good people, like yourself. Not enough people realise that.

    Let’s hope your efforts (and the effort of everybody who contributed to the production of Hometown Baghdad) are seen by as many people as possible, to the degree of great influence… because too little people can see right now, and not do anything about it.

    I wish there was much more I could do…

    By the way, in Scotland there are many people refusing to live and houses and things like this until British and American troops to stop this invasion. Huge marches are arranged and I hope they amount to something.

    Thank You Ausama.

  73. Subversive Influence » Blog Archive » Random Acts of Linkage #15 Says:

    [...] Hometown Baghdad: “One of Thousands” [...]

  74. Patrick Says:


    I remember as a young child going to wakes for cousins and uncles, though all I knew at the time was that it was a party. It wasn’t until I was old enough to understand what a wake was that each one of those ‘family parties’ my parents took me too was really marking the death of a family member, the vast majority of which died fighting in our homeland against an occupying army. As you say, we have different customs, and I hope you understand I don’t mean any offense when I raise a glass to your Uncle’s memory and put the same words here that have been said at more wakes than I care to remember.

    “May the road rise to greet you.
    May the wind be at your back.
    May the sun shine gently upon your face,
    and the rain fall softly upon your fields.
    And may you be in Heaven half and hour before the Devil knows you’re dead.”

  75. Nadia Says:

    Actually Annie, it’s “Halao Ausama, shlonak? ” the one you used is in Libanese dialect :P

  76. CapturingLife Says:

    I’m very sad to see the final episode. I’ve sat at this screen so many times over the last months and wept. To see what life is really like each and every minute for the people of Iraq was truly eye-opening and heart breaking. It’s something that we Americans could never even fathom. I admire each of you for telling your story and sharing your lives with us. These are things we never see on our news channels. I have told everyone I know and emailed the link to your page to them, to try to help spread your stories. I am not a religious person but I pray for safety each day. I am truly sad that we won’t be seeing more of your stories. With much respect and love, Capturing Life.

  77. Annie Says:

    Huh.. I knew that -shifty-eyed- lolz

    That sure isn’t gonna get me far in the Middle-East xD

  78. Ausama Says:

    Thank you all ,

    Thank you for everything you wrote for me / us , I’ve been reading everything … but honestly don’t know what to write …I’m always here to answer anything though !

    Annie , it was great … (even though it was in the lebanese accent , but it’s not so much different and sometimes we use it too ) …

    Jasmine , I hope so too , and yes I know that many many people are against the war , in england , scotland , america and many other countries .. I thank all those people for that !

    Dear Patrick , Thank you so very much for those words .
    I know about the wakes … I know that those words are of the best said in such events , so thank you again !

    capturing life ,thank you …

    hope I can say more, but it will just look like I’m saying the same things.

    I’m here

    Thank you

  79. M7md Ayad Says:

    alba8ba2 fi 7atak ausama 7ubii ..

    inaa lilah wa inna ilaihee raji3oon..

    M7md Ayad

  80. Alexa Says:


    I just saw this video now. I wish I had something adequate to say to you, but there is nothing to say to such a terrible loss. I think you have responded to this in a very brave way.

    I thought in the beginning that this war was a good idea. My mind changed as everything went from what was promised — a quick blitz that would harm nobody, “get the bad guys” and free your people — to a horrible tragedy.

    I am saddened by the way my country is dragging its heels about getting out of there. Our leaders talk and talk about how bad it will be if we leave because they don’t want to admit we never should have invaded in the first place.

    Thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully the leaders of my country will learn that there are more important things than insisting they are not wrong, and letting people’s lives hang in the balance.

  81. Katherine Says:

    Ausama - I have only just found this site and wish I had visited it long ago.

    I am sitting safely in the Scottish Highlands, this afternoon I will go to see my grandson in his school concert, it will be like all small children’s school concerts, there will be mistakes which make us laugh and at the end of it we will all applaud the children’s efforts and feel proud of them.

    I am certain that the same thing is happening in elementary schools all over the World around this time and none of the parents and grandparents will expect anything untoward to happen. What must it be like in Iraq today?

    In Scotland I believe the majority of people were deeply shocked when our country was taken into this massacre of innocents, we knew there was no basis for this war, the claims which took our country into it were falsified and proven to be falsified, yet still we were tied into it and our young men - many younger than you are now - have died and have been horribly injured but your losses surpass these, not only the loss of your Uncle but the devastation of your country, parts of which will remain poisoned by the type of bombs used for years to come.

    Even if peace came overnight to Iraq it would take decades to restore the country properly to its people.

    I can sit here in comfort and safety, where is there a safe place in Iraq now? It is obscene that a man can’t go to buy simple supplies for his family without risking death, whether by mortars, car bombs or random illogical shootings by those supposed to ’serve and protect’.

    We hear little in the West of what happens in Iraq daily. Another 40 dead in a street market bombing becomes a mere footnote in the news. How many more stories are there unspoken in Iraq.

    When history gives its perspective on these events I hope the whole truth is told and you must have gone some considerable way towards ensuring that is the case.

    When George Bush visited London not too long after the start of the war in Iraq, to take tea with the Queen and pat our Prime Minister on the head, protestors were kept a long way from his motorcade as it whisked him through the city. On the news on TV we were treated to two sides of the story, one a protestor against the war who argued well and sensibly, the other was pro-war and when this other was clearly losing the argument (there being no argument to support this war) she piped up that Iraq wasn’t a civilised country because ‘they don’t even have shopping malls’.

    I sat with my mouth wide open at what I had heard but I think it summed up the ignorance of many whose lives and experience are so limited that they are in no position to judge or even to comment … and yet in their ignorance supported an unjustifiable slaughter of innocents.

    I sincerely hope that you and the rest of your family keep safe and well and that no harm comes to any one of them.

    I wish you the best of luck with your studies and all that you may do in your future. Yours will be the generation which restores Iraq to its former glory and gives back to your country its rightful place on the World stage.

    Iraq will rise again a proud and dignified nation, its people have endured so much and still the vast majority carry their pain with that dignity.

    Iraq will be a beautiful and safe place again. Your bravery and dignity are enough to let us all know that.

    May Allah bless your every step.

  82. Rico Says:


    I am just as ticked off at what happened to your uncle as you are. I have hated this invasion since the start of this war. I am an American of Hispanic anscesrty. Unfortunatly there are many Hispanics fighting in this war. It pains me that my country is involved in this war. All I could say is that you should go to Syria and stay illegally if you can. If not then I think that you should join the resistance against the US forces. This is what I would do if I was you.

    Good Luck to you my friend.
    I wish I could do something to help!!!!!!!

  83. Christina Says:

    Dear Ausama-
    I am so deeply saddened for you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing your life with the world. You appear to have a gift for communicating the truth and I hope you continue using this talent.

    I am a 30 year old US caucasian female living amongst many people that still think the US is ‘helping’ Iraq…and that you all want us there. When I question this opinion- I am told that I just don’t understand. After seeing your video, I see that they just don’t understand. I will share this with as many others as possible. Thank you once again for opening up my eyes. Please don’t ever give up!

  84. Josh Says:

    You are correct, our forces aren’t there to help you.
    If only our government listened to the people — well those of us with hearts, and brains — you would be free and safe.
    Some people have an ideal of democracy, mine is of peace — which is not necessarily a byproduct of any government. I’ve watched all the episodes thus far, save the last, and I am disgusted with our country’s treacherous bullshit. The ignorant masses will never understand, sadly, because you are right, most Americans are greedy, selfish bastards that care only to satisfy their desires and push others around with their might.

    I may be a “stupid kid” in a hick town in Nebraska, going to a small college…but I know this, life is shit, things can’t change until we all drop our petty differences and embrace the one truth…we are ALL human, we have hearts, and we need safety, family, peace, and love.
    I’ve noticed one thing, however, that those who change the world for the better always end up getting shot.

    Race, ethnicity, age, sex, religion and methods of practicing such….all of those mean nothing, they change nothing about the actual person behind those labels. Yet, so many people but ridiculous stock into these differences instead of focusing on similarities…so we shoot each other apparently. According to the world-at-large, this is the only answer. kill

    I’m sorry, nothing will change your loss, but I ask forgiveness on behalf of the world.
    Good luck in school and getting out of literal Hell,
    Stay safe,

  85. Wade from Nebraska, U.S.A. Says:

    I’ve just completed watching these videos and writing about them for a world lit class. I must say that I have been touched. Things are so complex in Iraq, I think it’s hard for Americans to grasp the magnitude of the situation. First of all, I’m very sorry about your uncle, Ausama. We need to be praying for wise leadership at all levels of government. Terrorism cannot be tolerated. A free Iraq must be accomplished. American troops must come home. In that order, I’m afraid. I thank each of you young men for your courage in bringing this view if Baghdad to the world. Wade

  86. joanne Says:

    Do not stop with these documentaries the world needs to know about the reality in Iraq, not the media edited propaganda that is being fed to us.

    Deepest condolances for your uncle, I have two daughters who have been watching these stories with me , so that the next generation of the world will ot make the same mistakes that are being made now.

    Stay strong and couragous and stay safe xxxxxx

  87. elissa sh Says:

    hi ausama
    i feel sorry about what happened to your uncle …
    your father was my teacher when i was astudent in baghdad medical school …when i saw him i felt sorry about what is happining to our great doctors and their families …God pless your uncle..

  88. Glenn Says:

    The window into daily existence in today’s Iraq, which you give to the world via internet through ‘Hometown Baghdad’, is priceless. I feel sadness, that my country has occupied yours, especially in such a thoughtless, arrogant way. I wish, that my words could wipe away the suffering and destruction at this time. I can only offer my deep desire, for a peace- or a kind of peace, to settle as quickly as possible in Iraq… I send you this wish… that Iraq will quiet down and heal, and that the culture will again blossum for a new generation.

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  90. Ado Says:

    Feel sorry becouse of tragedy.
    I`m writing from Bosnia,country that have passed same bloody
    road more than ten years ago.
    I`ve got question: How is possible to contact you Ausama?

  91. John McVey Says:

    When o’ when will the world wake up and realise Bush and his cronies are evil devil worshipers - may be the devil himself, who has terrorised and murdered his own people, lied, cheated in order to line his and his cronies trillions of dollars by creating wars and ensuring world peace is no longer a remote possibility. Bush is an evil worse than Hitler if that is possible.

  92. Lisa Says:

    Dear Ausama,
    I’m very sorry to hear of the loss of your Uncle. I met your father in Shakir’s office recently. I really liked your Dad so I can only imagine that your Uncle was also a wonderful man. I hope that you will soon be able to visit too. Shakir and Sahar are some of my dearest friends. Your videos are incredible. Perhaps you need to change your profession. Again, I’m so sorry about the tragedy your family has suffered. Hopefully one day we’ll all understand why this craziness is happening.

  93. zaid Says:

    hello usama’ this is zaid iraqi 29 years i feel so sorry about your uncle bcz he didnt do nothing to get kiled by mistake ,actualy i workedwith U.S troops when i was in iraq , i sow that these people are good but the problem is some of iraqis are not, bcz troops they dont know who is terrorist and who is not,the terrorist in iraq didnt recepect evan the principle for civilian people, bcz they bomb them self with verey mean way like all ways try to but troops in trap it doesnt matter what ever the case of the story are .your story guys are imprasive, i sow every videos that you put there and actulay you guys’s story remind me by myself i left iraq 2005 bcz i felt that i cant live in iraq with this situation any more no fredom no security , in additin to that iraqi people moral are changed to the bad and its never gonna come back again .i went to jordan, and spend year & ahlaf from suffering in there no esident,live is hard no respect for iraqi people, there is no dignity they treat you as you r nothing tell i went to america , i feel now i born from the date that i enterd U.S.A my advice o you guys to not stay in iraq any more bcz unfrtuenatly iraq is never gonna be like before .i love iraq but i dont like iraqi government may be you thing that i am say some thing rong but i a’m not

  94. atj Says:

    i am an Iraqi army officer , my rank is a second lieutenant.
    i am really sorry for your uncle , i know that the Americans have made many mistakes. However, if we do not step up, if we don’t take charge; we can not keep blaming them.
    Iraq is our home. And its prosperity is our responsibility

  95. Rabbie Hanna Says:

    What would happen if a fraction of what happened to Ousama’s uncle here in America?!?!? The media, the whole country would have gone nuts… this just shows that we do not respect the Iraqi citizens a bit!!!! This is a bitter fact.
    I am sorry habibi Ousama.. Allah bless his sole.

  96. Jason Says:

    Dear Ausama,
    I am sorry for your loss, I hope you know though because of your courage you are changing the world. By now you know the average American is not behind the “war” effort. It’s tragedies like this that we do not see. I am disgusted and ashamed. Soon Bush will leave office. I can’t wait for 2008!
    Stay strong, stay safe.


  97. DJ Hale Says:

    Dear Ausama,

    I have always wondered what life in your “part of the world” was like. Of course, now, it’s not “normal”. My heart goes out to you and your family in your attempt to try and keep things “normal”, even against uneven odds.

    I am so sorry that you have had to go through the things you have. I pray for your family, as well as other Iraqis. The thing that was heart-wrenching to me in the episode about your uncle’s death was unfolding the piece of paper that was in his pocket. I am so, so sorry for your loss.

    I truly hope that, by now, you and your brother are safe and back with your family.


  98. Lina A. Potrus Says:

    Dear friend,
    first, may God bless your uncle’s soul
    second, may God never burn america in hell for how stupid and ignorant they are and may God burn them for killing and shooting each iraqi innocent soul.
    Gosh i hate america…

  99. Lina A. Potrus Says:

    i was so angry when i wrote the comment that i made a mistake and here’s the correction “may God burn america in hell”

  100. Nura Saad Says:

    Dearest Ausama,
    All I can say is: your integrity and your resolve has stopped my breath today. This video made me cry for all that you have endured. Al hafez…

    wa alaykum as salaam,

  101. mike Says:

    I appreciate your kind words for Ausama and I’m sure he will as well when he reads this. And I can understand the knee jerk reaction to hate America. But I don’t think that wishing hell on us will make the world a better place. Many Americans, but clearly not all, are good people. And many of us Americans are very lucky to count Iraqis among our friends. Ausama is a friend of mine. So is Saif. And so is Adel. We are trying to work together for a more understanding, tolerant and peaceful world. Please, don’t add fuel to the fire but demanding divine vengeance on us.

  102. anita Says:

    my heart is breaking after watching the pain that we caused your family. there is so much blood on our hands that will never wash off. i wish americans could see that we have the power to stop this. we do have that power if only we could realize how strong our voice could be. i challenge everyone who reads this to start something positive wherever they are to try and use the tools that are being given to us by these brave young souls who defy their fears to show us the truth. we can not sit and cry alone in despair. it is our responsibility to get these messages out in any way we can and wake people up to their own ability to change the world. Ausama is changing the world. do not let his sacrifice go un-matched. this is not here for entertainment.
    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

  103. brent Says:

    American wankers.

  104. Hussain Al-kinani Says:

    Dear Osama,
    1st I am so so sorry for you loss and may God bless you and your family.
    we are so proud about your project and wish that all the world can hear ur voice..I am iraqi 27 and i was studing in ur college as well and its my honour to help in your campaign(so plz dont hesitate to ask) and just remember that your broters are there for you and keep it up buddy for the sake of a wounded Iraq!!!
    God bless you
    Hussain Al-kinani

  105. Don Says:

    All of you posting ignorant things saying the Americans should stay or things should be internationalized are idiots. The Americans created the war they will not fix anything. They need to get out of Iraq and stop killing people there. I’m embarrassed by stupid Americans and those who support the imperialist petro-dollar army, you all are truly idiots. War criminals and conquerors out now!

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