Episode 36 - “Zaghareet”

With this episode, Saif’s story in Hometown Baghdad comes to a close. The final episodes with Adel and Ausama will come out next week.

Update: After watching this episode, Saif was moved to write a note to everyone. I am posting it here. He starts with a quote from an email that we received from HTB viewer Maura.

“When I thought of Iraq 4 hours ago, I thought of militants with guns and veiled woman kept indoors. I didn’t think of rock music, video games, college classes, family dinners and days spent just fooling around with friends. When I thought of Iraqis, I didn’t think of kids just like me–kids who just want to laugh and date, play rock-n-roll, tease their siblings and hang around with their friends in the park.” Maura, Viewer

This is what we achieved in our show, Hometown Baghdad, thanks to God. First, I would like to thank my wife who has stood beside me all the way. Thank you, Mr. Ziad Turkey, the director. Thank you, Mr. Michael DiBenedetto, the online manger. Thanks to Laurie Meadoff and Kate Hillis, the executive producers. Thanks to all the people who worked on this powerful reality show. And thanks to all the people who watched, rated, posted, supported me and encouraged me throughout the series. May God keep food on our tables and women in our beds. :)

We risked our lives and did our best to transfer the truth to the minds of our viewers. We filmed with the background sound of bullets and choppers. We filmed while the power was off. But we filmed and continued filming to the last moment when we were forced to leave our country. This has all been for you, Baghdad. The city of Sinbad, the city of Shehrazad, the city where we belong.

It was a great honor to share my life with all of you. I made many friendships with people who were ready to help. They are really great people by any standard. It has been an honor working with the Iraqi crew who were very brave, and the American crew who did a great a job of making the series as you see it now. It has been a unique experience in my life, and I am proud to have done this for my country. It was a patriotic job. And in the future, I hope I can do more to help my wounded country.

A true Iraqi,

In the coming few days/weeks, we’ll be hearing more from Saif on the blog about where he is now and what he has been doing since filming ended on Hometown Baghdad. As this video shows and as he will tell us, Saif’s struggle is far from over. I’ve written this here before, but I’d like to restate that the stories of Iraqi exiles and refugees need to be told. And more than that, they are fascinating, compelling, heart-breaking and occasionally uplifting. And that is a project that we at Chat the Planet would like to pursue. We have officially begun to look into the prospects of continuing the stories of Hometown Baghdad, call it Leaving Hometown Baghdad if you will (name and plans subject to change, of course). Wish us luck with the funding and logistics preparation. And feel free to contact me with encouragement, support, ideas, etc.

On a semi-related note, if you are interested in the lives of Muslims in America, check out this trailer for an upcoming documentary about Flying While Muslim.

81 Responses to “Episode 36 - “Zaghareet””

  1. Saif Says:

    That wasn’t me, The crazy guy who was dancing. I dance good.lol

  2. James Says:

    Congratulations, Saif you got a beautiful wife there. You are a very respectful person to let her go with her family after you got married. I wish you guys the best of luck in Baghdad and hope that relocation plan works out for you as well.


  3. Saif Says:

    Thank you James,
    You know why I let her to go for 6 months, because she lived in Baghdad during her college time and her parents were in Dubia,so I felt that she should see her parents and they should see her as well for few months. They didn’t spend much time together. Anyway the best news is that she is living with me now. and Thanks GOD we are happy together inspite of all the circumstances we are in now.

  4. Tracy Says:

    It looks like your 2 families get along very well. That is a blessing! Congratulations. You and Noor are a great match and a beautiful couple.

    I’ll be watching for the update video on how everything else has gone for you but no matter what, you will prevail because you are a smart, good person with a sense of humor.

    Take it easy. Peace.

  5. Zaid Says:

    O O

    Wish you the best VooDoo

  6. ray Says:

    This last video…It’s had an impact on me that’s hard to explain. Amid all the confusion and madness that’s become part of your life you have one thing that many westerners including myself envy. A solid and beautiful family that comes together and would do anything for each other.

    Imagine what the world would be like if everyone showed the respect to others like both families showed at your engagement.

    Peace my friend…If I can help in any way email me.

  7. Nadia Says:

    oooh Saif, that was so beautiful *snif snif*, you two love birds look amazing and that was a stunning dress ;;) , glad everything is working out between you two and hope that soon enough, if not already, all other things will work out for you :)


  8. Saif Says:

    Thank you Ray,
    I will soon take your e-mail from mike.
    And contact you. I like making friendships.
    Thanks again.

  9. Saif Says:

    You’re such a nice person, I am really happy to have you as a friend. Thank you

  10. Samara Says:

    Saif and Noor Mabrook, I hope that you both find jobs and a place of your own that can become a home to you. I loved this video, I loved to see how nervous you were Saif, and hear the zaghareet. You are a good man Saif. I wish both all the good luck in the world.

  11. Iza Says:

    Saif and Noor,

    Congratulations on your wedding. Your love for each other is definitely strong. You are a very respectful and considerate man and husband Saif. I wish you all the luck towards your future. You deserve it.


    You and other viewers provided a lot of links throughout the comments of the videos. When the new site is redone, could you possibly put the links in one area? I keep forgetting what thread I last read a link and I want to go back to some of them, like the blogs and what not. And I do hope to see the series continue, or at least a new series on how the guys are doing.

    The Engineer, the Doctor, and the Dentist. …Adel, Ausama, and Saif…you three are all wonderful. Oh yeah, and the Musician and Comic Zaid. You may not have been one of the main characters in the videos, but you definitely were a great one in the comments :-)

  12. Saif Says:

    Thank you Samara,
    And yeah the position I was in at that moment, Hmm I should be nervous.lol

  13. Saif Says:

    Thank you Iza,
    You are one of the best viewers in the HTB.

  14. Iza Says:


    You’re such a darling. It was really great how the last episode of you was edited. (Great job production crew!) I loved how they showed Noor at the end when she said she’ll come back for you. It shows that love like this isn’t just for the movies, it’s real. And I thank you and Noor for sharing it with us.

    I think my favorite episodes are the ones where each of you display some kind of strong emotion. Adel when he had to take a break from the taping, Ausama in the first video about his grandmother’s house, and this one for you.

    Everyone here, the “cast”, the crew, and the viewers who exchange ideas and laughs, are all great people.

    Mike, I am also excited to see how Chat the Planet evolves.

  15. lelly Says:

    Saif,belated congratulations to you and your wife. Im happy to hear you two are together.
    This video was so moving and funny and sad.
    Thanks for letting us see into your life, you’re great.A true Iraqi indeed!
    Best wishes,peace and love.

  16. Nadia Says:

    Well, I am more than pleased to have you as a friend too, Saif… I met such wonderful people through this place and I appretiate each and everyone of you guys…. I really hope things will get better for all of us and I certainly am waiting for that party…. 10 years is not a very long time :D so I guess I’ll see you all then, but till we meet, I would love to keep in touch with all of you, your friendship means a lot to me :)

    and Mike, you have been great running this site, it was an extreme pleasure to get to know you, good luck with the next project, be sure I will be waiting for it :)

    Love you all,

  17. mike Says:

    It’s been amazing getting to know all you too. And I look forward to our party in Baghdad and our race across West Virginia. And don’t forget that there are two episodes left. We still need to find out what happened to Adel and Ausama.

  18. amanda Says:

    i have sincerely enjoyed watching hometown baghdad and learning from your experiences. thank you saif, for having the courage to share your story with the world. i am forever changed for watching!


  19. Adel Says:

    hey saif,
    dude, congratulations! for the engagement.

  20. Mendal Says:

    Congrats Saif and Noor! May you be a source of great happiness and support for one another and those around you in the days ahead.

    I have watched all these episodes, and I must say that it is good to understand the human side of what is happening and what is going on. These a lot of people that would have us focus on the larger aspects of what is going on in your world, and take out of the equation the human aspect of the people most affected by this conflict.

    I have been spreading this site to everyone I know, everyone that will listen. People need to know that even where you are, facing the things you face each day, these is of course sorrow, but also a hope and love that endures and is proof that the human spirit is universal.

    I wish for everyone in HTB the vigilance, protection and love of God. And know that we appreciate the sacrifices you are making to show us what we need to see.

  21. aussiefem Says:

    I can sympathise greatly with Saif. I have a young friend, Hamoody, who has had to flee to Syria because of the violence in Iraq. Hamoody’s future is now very uncertain. It breaks my heart.

  22. ljm Says:

    Saif and Noor, congratulations on your marriage. Together you will make it anywhere. My friends from Poland I met in Germany in 1988 were in the same situation you were in and finally were able to make contact with a Catholic organization called Caritas to help them find sponsors to immigrate to Canada. They really learned to love their new country, although there were adjustments. They had to learn English, which you already have, so that’s a point in your favor. Australia is also gorgeous. I’ve read that with their aging population, they really need young people to come there and take over the professions. Keep trying. As a young married couple, you probably need to find sponsors in those countries to help you and the NGOs help to find them.
    Best wishes to you both!

  23. Maria Says:


    My husband and I just watched your last video and were happy, but ultimately saddened because your future is unclear and this produces obvious anxiety. You worked hard for your degree under extremely difficult circumstances and so justice would dictate that you receive your certification without delay. We wish that we knew someone that could help you get a position and see to it that the situation with your paperwork is resolved, but we are powerless. But you have Noor and there is hope. In my faith there is a saying that when God closes a door, he opens a window.

    The world is better because you are in it.

    Peace and love.

  24. Robin Says:

    Ohhhh, the final video for Saif. I have been following the entire series closely and with tremendous interest. I understand Maura’s former perception of Baghdad but I knew it was probably the most civilized and decent societies on the face of the earth == so when our tanks and soldiers invaded, I knew what was lost.

    I was so happy to Saif get married to a woman who so totally complete him. Saif, you are filled with LIFE and HOPE when she’s near you. So thank god that she has come back and is with you now.

    I want this nightmare to end. As an American, I have blood on my hands. Saif may not hold me personally responsible. But I am responsible for what my country does.

    Be safe Saif and Noor!!! Your spirits will carry you through.

  25. Robin Says:

    Okay… someone knows someone who knows an established dentist in England, Australia or Canada. That dentist can sponsor Saif. Let’s find that person. (Gosh, I think they would love Montreal!!!)

  26. Rania Says:

    Best of luck to you both..and thank you all for the work you have done in these episodes…Im gonna miss them for sure !!!

  27. Martin Johnson Says:

    Saif, thank you for doing this series. It has opened my eyes to the human side of Baghdad, allowed me to put a face to the news footage. You were my favourite contributor. I so hope your dentistry works out. Don’t become despondent. I’m sure if you get a chance you will make it work. Good luck

    Good luck.


    P.S. your wife is very beautiful.
    P.P.S. I’m sorry about my countries part in the war in your country. 1,000,000 people marched on the streets to try and stop it and nothing happened. Democracy’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I didn’t go to the march and I’ve never forgiven myself, though I know it would not have changed anything.

  28. liz Says:

    mazel tov, saif. may you and noor have a wonderful, long lifetime together, and may your children grow up in a better world than the one we have today.

    i’ve really enjoyed following this series–thank you (and thank adel and ausama) for sharing your lives with us. you guys give me so much hope for the future. i hope to hear happy news from you all soon.


  29. Tracy Says:

    *applause* for Saif’s letter! That was really beautiful.

  30. Global Voices Online » Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome Says:

    [...] story on Hometown Baghdad comes to a close and, after watching this month’s episode, he was moved to quote an email from a viewer that he received: “When I thought of Iraq 4 hours [...]

  31. MediaChannel.org Says:

    [...] story on Hometown Baghdad comes to a close and, after watching this month’s episode, he was moved to quote an email from a viewer that he received: “When I thought of Iraq 4 hours [...]

  32. Karenne Says:

    I love the part where the all men in the family gather to approve your engagement. You looked very handsome - all decked out for your wedding. You also wrote a beautiful letter, Saif.

  33. Zaid Says:

    He is an actor ……. dont believe him , he is trying to steel his wife’s money ………………………………………………………………..
    am I right Ahmed Najiiiiii??????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Ahmed Naji Says:

    When it comes to money and women, Saif is really creative. Although being his friend for a long time, I can not tell if he means it or not. :)

    Zaid, is not Saif amazing??
    The important thing is Noor’s happiness, because she chose him and she is really happy.

  35. Tamara Says:

    I thought that it looked like a marriage ‘maslahcheeyeh’; she is pretty but there are lots of girls that look like her in Iraq and Saif gushes over her. So either she has lots of money (she looks like she is Tikriti or something) or she went to Morrocco and put a spell on him (sah’hur)!

  36. Zaid Says:

    Yeah she is happy , stay happy noor , he is 7aramiiiiii
    he used to steel my Tapes from my car , even my car has been stolen from his garage with all that security you have seen in an old episode at his home , LOOK AT HIM THIEEEEEEEEEEEEEFFFFFFFF………………..

    Where are you VooDoo’s Thief ???

    Ahmed Naji , remember when he said that my beatles tape has been forgotton in the taxiii !!!!!

    answer me now Najiiii….

  37. Ahmed Naji Says:

    This is a serious accusation Zaid. I can send you a tape.
    Saif is a brave and smart person. He hid the tape in the the taxi and got it afterwards.

  38. Karenne Says:

    beatles tape???

  39. Saif Says:

    Hey Hey ,
    I just came back from the Cinema, Noor and me watched Ocean’s thirteenth, It is a nice movie, Go and watch it buddies.
    I am thief Moooo, I stole your beatles tape, I did all that.
    I just know that I am a celebrity now, Because poeple srart to dig my past. lol. Go buy a camera and try to take pictures for me. you may sell them later with good money.

  40. Saif Says:

    I am died tired, So I’ll leave the discussion board and I’ll be back.

  41. Terry Says:

    What is all this talk about being a thief and Saif talking about “being a celebrity” now?

    I hope this is a joke.

  42. Zaid Says:

    De goooooooooooom lak , He always does the same when he goes and leaves with his god damn funny lough ,
    Saif !!! ,,, I miss Kudan Farrasha ,
    hey Karenne it was so nice , when I remember it I wish I could kill that VooDoo player when he visited me last time hehehehehe , but any way , we will leave him with Mike and see who would reach 1st !!! am with you Blond karenne ( convertable’s owner ) lol

  43. Nadia Says:

    yes, Terry, they are joking!

  44. Small Blue Thing Says:

    May God bless you. Keep telling the world about your truth, your humanity and your bravery.

    Assalaum Alaikum Warahmatullah wa barakatuhu.

  45. Zaid Says:


    Nadia knows us well , its was just joking ……we ( me and ahmed naji were chatting on yahoo and thought of bringing Saif over here )
    Saif is my best friend Terry …..

    I like You Nadia …. you knew us from that time with Mike hehehehe , Nadia !! how old are you ?????

  46. Karenne Says:

    I saw Ocean 13 this past weekend - it was pretty good. Maybe we can include Las Vegas in our “Race to find Kenny Rogers” - that would be fun… Nadia, you can join Ziad and me, so we will have even teams - 3 and 3!!

  47. Nadia Says:

    Thank you Zaid, I like you too. I am 19 heading 20 soon :D.
    And I would love to join you Karenne, if Zaid wouldn’t mind :P.

  48. Zarzuu Says:

    Hey where is episode 37? Its Tuesday already and it was supposed to be out yesterday!

  49. abo omen Says:

    pppffffff , thats booring , we dont wanna watch this , we wanna c real iraqi people , we dont give a f**k about weddings and happyness , lets be serious , iraq is bien destroyed , and saif all he cares about is marriage and other shit

  50. adkay Says:

    So poignant and so beautiful. Saif and Noor, thank you for sharing your life with us. I wish you both the best.

  51. Clevergirl Says:

    Alif Mabrook Saif & Noor.

    This video is provides us with a bittersweet ending to Saif’s story. Everything is still a disater, but life goes on!

    Best wishes to you!

    xo xo CG.

  52. James Says:

    You are an inspiration to millions Saif including myself. I made this video a while ago not sure if you ever saw it. It’s a video of hope for Iraq. Its not about the death and destruction and the tears. Its about the courage of people like your self. If I ever had any doubts about Iraqi they were gone when I met Saif, Adel and Ausama.

    Sincerest Regards,



  53. Saif Says:

    Abo Omen,
    Thank you for your comment. Although you were disrespecting Iraqi people like you.Saif is a real Iraqi person. And you judged the series before watching all the episodes, because If you watched all the episodes; so you wouldn’t say that.
    First Iraq life is not only woe and sarrow. We also gather in houses to laugh, to play guitar, network games in pcs, and many things people do in Iraq to relieve their selves. If you are Iraqi please remember the time you spent in Iraq. Of course you’ll see happiness, inspite of all the destruction.Thank you. And please. we are not expecting more disrecpect from you.

  54. abo omen Says:

    well …… for ur information saif i,’ve watched all the episodes , infact the web site showed me in 4 episodes , and i respect the real iraqis ( not u ) , im living in iraq rightnow , and i know all the shit thats happining in my country ( unlike u , u left ur country ) , anyway dont b mad my friend coz im telling nothin but the truth , note : saif ur guitar playing sux try to find some pro guitar teacher , i know some guy if u wanna .

  55. Saif Says:

    Thanks Abo Omen,
    Because of people like you Iraq is not progressing.
    We had happiness, we had joy. and I am proud of myself I did this great show.
    And I think you are saying this because you hadn’t the chance to left Iraq. I am sure if you have the chance, you’ll go and you’ll never think of going back.
    About my guitar playing dude, I don’t give a damn thought about your opinion,although it is your opinion and you are free to tell.I play for myself. and my friends, What the heck are you angry about ? I smell jealousy here. lol.

  56. An Iraqi Girl Says:

    LooooL Saif , This guy (abu omen) is looking backward and he just wants to be agrasive with his shallow view of life , I think he has to increase the angle of his sight or may be he is still a teenager (whatever) but he gave us the negative side of our country , as well as his way of using words ( bad way )…
    Dear abu omen life is larger than what you think , there is a hard work should be done by us , be polite and respect us even and dont make your self Saddam husain here ….. Okay ???!!!
    I am living in Baghdad too , but I see this Saif and others made me happy and gave me some hope for future coz there are guys who want to look forward not like you abu omen .
    Saif Adel and Ausama …this is my 1st time to write here I always like to watch behind the glass , but this small saddam made me write this …
    Sorry for all because of some silly people over here ….
    Ma’a assalama

    M from Baghdad

  57. abo omen Says:

    first , i wont leave iraq untel daeth , and second , thank god u left iraq coz if u were here iraq will b a shit hole , and for this little fuck called ( an iraqi girl ) , sluts like u , make iraq without honor , u allways behind the glass , thats because ur a fuckin monckey in a zoo , hahahahaha , u said im silly , its ok , but if i ever watch u in a street or somthin , i swear in satan i will fuck u up u little whore . 666

  58. Nadia Says:

    On normal conditions, I wouldn’t even bother comment on something like this… But I just wanted to thank you, Abo omen, for setting such a great example of Iraqis…

    I am confused here, you thank God then swear in the name of Satan, so which do you follow?!

    Please, lets not ruin this place with the nonsense… People come here to see how we really are and this is giving a totally wrong impression!


  59. aussiefem Says:

    Best of luck to Saif and Noor on the start of their long life together. It will be couples like Saif and Noor who will one day have to return to Iraq, to help rebuild the shattered country.

    I fear they won’t have the happy, prosperous, comfortable life like couples in the West have, but rather their life’s journey will be frought with obstacles, sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears.

    May Allah give them strength, determination and commitment.

  60. aussiefem Says:

    Abo Omen is frustrated, angry and despairing. Don’t judge him too harshly. We can only imagine how terrible his life is in Iraq right now.

  61. Saif Says:

    Abo Omen, Dude,
    Don’t use coarse language, we all can use this.
    And Iraqi girl has the right to express her point of view.
    What are you angry about ?
    We are all sorry for your miserible life you are living now.
    But that doesn’t mean you can hurt people’s feelings with your language. Anyway thank you for understanding.

  62. abo omen Says:

    thank u aussiefem , i think u know whats gion on here , iraq is the beggest chamber in hell , infact no mankind can really live in this country , bombing , killing without any fuckin reason , highjacking , kickin the people’s asses from thier own houses , fucked up covernment , i dont know what to say but its really shitty . nadia , i follow the one that give me what i want , and its not of ur buisness , im not givin the wrong imprission , actually im telling everybody nothin but the truth , and im so fuckin sure that u know the truth but u wanna make ur self fuckin fancy shit or what else . guys around the world , a place on earth called iraq is bien fucked , u gotta think about this and imagine what is look like , im sick of this shit .

  63. abo omen Says:

    saif , i dont wanna anyone be sorry for me so dont say this again

  64. Nadia Says:

    Look Abo omen, you are right, I know the truth, I know it is all fucked up right now, you are not the only one feeling the anger and the pain, we all do, it’s a shit hole now but it is still our country… None of us here is telling a lie, we don’t need to, we are telling the truth when everything else is messed up!

    You can’t deny that people fell in love, got married, had children and also died during the past years… As much as life is hell, we managed to survive because this is the nature of human beings and you should be proud of your people for being able to survive over 30 years, if not more, of torture and supression!

    Again, I don’t know your situation, your life is not what you want it to be, then I am truley sorry but the only reason that made me reply to your comments was that you attacked people personally… If you are upset with something here, then you can give us some constructive critisism, because swearing at people, believe me, doesn’t give the right impression about yourself.

    P.S I may have been out of line asking you that, it was out of anger, you are right , you can follow whoever you want, but please don’t insult anyone of us…. I am not trying to be fancy shit!! If I wanted to be fancy shit, I would have been on America’s top model website now… I care, I care to show the truth and I don’t need to look fancy for anyone!

    just check the link I posted on the next episode and you’ll know I am not hiding anything!!!

  65. abo omen Says:

    thank u nadia , i just wanted to show that we r not living a normal life here , ( if u r iraqi , offcourse u know all of that ) , my viewpoint is soo defferent from others , when i see a missed situation , i solve it with somthin like it , i mean ( fight fire with fire ) , thats the better way to solve things in my openion , u will say i got some terrorism rage or mental issues , but im not , and this way is soo affective ( believe me ) , anyway nice talkin to ya .

  66. walter bloch Says:

    I stumbled across your videos and sat for two hours absolutely mesmorized and moved. I felt your sadness and frustration. I pray and hope your dreams and future are met with sucess and happiness. Watching your daily reality fills me with so much frustration. I look forward to hearing how all of you, your friends and family are doing. Thank you for your courage. Best regards, Walter


  67. Saif Says:

    Abo Omen Dude,
    I think we should fight this terrorism with our minds not our weapons. Look dude we all can carry weapons and we all can shoot and kill. But you think this is the way to slove this problem ? I don’t think so buddy.We should be more political. we should sit with the insurgents in a table and solve this matter. we should have the spirt of tolerance, the spirt of patiance and the spirt of standing against our enemies not with our weapons with our minds. I think this show we’ve made is a great impact to the terrorism in Iraq. Bacause we showed truth. And we changed minds of people who thought that we don’t have a life. we changed the minds of 2 millions people and make them our allies to build Iraq. we won a battle. but there is still a war ahead of us. and we should prepare our brains to won the war. You should be with us in this war. WE WON’T SHED BLOOD. Peace.

  68. Nadia Says:

    Abo omen,
    I respect you, but I absolutly disagree with you…. Throwing more weapons in the streets is the last thing we need now…. More dead people is not an idea I am enthusiastic about!

    I believe some of us already tried fighting in the streets, so far, I haven’t seen nothing good out of it!
    You say it is very effective?! What is the effect?! All I see is over a million dead Iraqi and half of us scattered around the globe for fear of being killed by their own people! That is all the effect I can see…. I try to see a positive aspect here but I simply can’t!

    It is time to change our strategy, time to think different and time to let go of the weapons and direct our effort towards something else, towards peace and building our country!

    It is good to talk to you too.
    Peace and love,

    P.S yes I am Iraqi, always will be!

  69. mohamed Says:

    hello saif,
    im realy glad now because this wedding is what i wish for you &your wife…
    god bless you
    thanks for such a brave things that you did in this series.
    you show what actually happend that we are not know from tv
    you are the real brave iraqis.
    i hope you a nice time with your wife & i suggest not stopping this kind of work with other people…
    im proud of you & i hope to e-mail you & be your friend but i dont know how to get your e-mail?
    m_gidan this my e-mail on yahoo…
    best wishes,

  70. gabby Says:

    Did you know any of the doctors that tried to blow up the bombs in London?

  71. Saif Says:

    Hey Gabby,
    I guess that inspite of all the effort we are doing to make people like you to understand the truth.but still there are people who are not ready to get the truth yet.You need to see more of this life brother.

  72. Saif Says:

    Thanks Mohammed

  73. mohamed Says:

    dear saif,
    please i want to talk with you& waiting for your e-mail to add me

  74. Nicky Beach Says:

    My name is Nick
    I dont know how to make contact Adel,he’s a musician &
    I’m a fellow musician here in calif.
    I have a recording studio.
    I would like to be his pen pal.
    I could send him music tracks to sing on,or colaborate with music some how.
    I’m in california were cool,I hate the war,I’m ashamed of it.But I want to reach out,the bush goverment dosent represent my views.Violence is no way to solve problems,peace

  75. Nicky Beach Says:

    Hello my name is Nick
    I have a recording studio in califoria.
    Please contact me at
    Peace out

  76. noga 77 Says:

    shame on you saif , how can a respectable iraqi post his intimet moments or even her face to the world to see , this does`nt represent our traditions at all noe our religion

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