Episode 33 - “Out of War”

The final departure.

In this video, we see Saif’s brother Mohammad who, as you may recall, was profiled in a short documentary on Youtube (not produced by us). Check it out here - Homeless. It reveals his experience as an exile, a life that his brother, our Saif, is now beginning. Saif’s life in Baghdad is done for now. But he is embarking on a whole new set of struggles and dangers. I think that the experience of Iraqi exiles is another story that desperately needs to be told.

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  1. Zaid Says:

    I did it my way ……

    along the long way , most of us have done the same …..nice to remember , whatever happened and would happen all I can say we lost many things .

    But Iraq is our country and we will go back one day , especially when we will kick those Idiot Leaders ( Bush , Al Maliky and any other person who might do the same thing ) .

    Kind Regards to all people over here

    Ha by the way …..How about my voice ?!!! Does it look like John Denver’s voice ? lol

  2. mohammed kamil Says:

    camel race mo????looooooooooooool
    lk shino hay al thi7ka mal 3mooo tmoot… loooool
    bye saif..

  3. Nadia Says:

    you made me cry with this one :((!!

    Now Zaid, you sound even better ;)) !!

  4. guest Says:

    It would be cool if you guys did a few more videos so we know how things turned out :) hope everyone is safe

  5. Iza Says:

    Saif, you and your father have a similar laugh. I guess that is where you get your humor from.

    Mike, I sent you an email with the Today Show clip. I hope you get it. I didnt’ want to take my chances with the Powers that Be at YouTube :-)

  6. lelly Says:

    Saif, its so sad you had to leave your home. Best wishes.

    I’d love to go to Petra, it looks so beautiful! And I hope you didn’t fall off the camel? :P

  7. Billie Says:

    Ride ‘em cowboy Saif !! Who won ? You or the camel ?


  8. Saif Says:

    That’s an embaressing question.

  9. Saif Says:

    Lelly Thanks,
    I didn’t fall but I was about to.
    Because I was holding the camera.So I wasn’t that steady.

  10. Saif Says:

    I didn’t notice something.
    Do you know that you have a very nice voice ?
    Don’t you agree with me people ?
    You should do something with your vocal ability.
    Miss you bro.

  11. Ahmed Naji Says:

    Saif :) ….. This video chilled my heart as it made me see your family once more. I hope you will reaize your dreams soon. I hope I can see you in Amman soon too.


  12. Niklas Says:

    good to see that you’re finally in safty together with your family :)

  13. Tegan Says:

    Petra looks like a scene straight out of Indiana Jones! Like, Temple of Doom or something.
    Inshallah Baghdad will be peaceful again, soon.

    Ps. Zaid should do some Johnny Cash covers!

  14. Tracy Says:

    Nice to see Saif’s family have a happy ending. Life is not perfect but it’s good to see you and your family together and safe. How cool that even your brother flew in from Paris, too! :)

    … And now we are all waiting for Zaid’s debut album :D What a classic voice. Very nice. (And since I’m living in West Virginia the song was especially entertaining) :)

    Peace, health, and happiness to you all.

  15. Zaid Says:

    Yeah …..

    Saif you know how condition we were in !!!!

    Tegan I love Johnny Cash so much , but Kenny Rogers is my star . thanks man

    Tracy I used to sing this song but dont say ” I belong to west Virginia ” but I rathat say :
    (( I belong to Adhamiya ))

    Where are you Mike and Karenne???!!!!

  16. Hella Says:

    See you Baghdad ??

    Will We see her one day ? I wonder .

    I hate you guys , I was feeling hyper now I feel I wanna cry :(

    Ziad ur in Egypt now ? or your diffrent Ziad .. lol I feel like ” 6arsha bel zafa little bit ” :D . well can’t turn on the audio that much since am @ work ..

    Saif - 7amdellah 3ala salamatak :)

    wish you & noor all the happiness ..

  17. Hella Says:

    one last Q .. is this the end of HTB ??

  18. Nadia Says:

    Hey Hella,

    Hopefully we will get to see her one day”soon” :) !!

    Zaid left Egypt, he is in UAE, Dubai I guess.

    Now for HB, we still got till episode 38, after that Mike said he is going to change the way the blog works, maybe we’ll have a forum or something, we still don’t know!

  19. John D Infidel Says:

    Saif - I am very happy for you now that you are back with your family and lovely fiancé. Your relief is palpable.
    Live long and prosper!

  20. Karenne Says:

    Just back from New Hampshire - talk about Country Roads and no Internet. It is a very rural part of America (Northeast) - about 4 hours from New York City. To the song in the clip - you should see West Virginia! Now that’s country - very beautiful - all mountains, with lush green trees. The highways are cut right through the mountains so you feel like you are part of the mountain when you drive there.

    Saif, I did not know that you were reunited with your brother in Jordan. I am so happy for that occasion.

  21. Zaid Says:

    Yeah Hella and Nadia
    Sure we will back one day and live for our country .

    Karrene I guess its south alittle bit south west of NYC , really that song gives the weather seemed as driving a conv. car and guitar on the other seat alone and the field on the right with a few mountain in the horizon , damn I have got that weather one day in Iraq b4 , when we were travilin to the north of Iraq by car , but the cars were ( not conv. ) lol

    Tell me how was my voice in that song???!!!

  22. Saif Says:

    Yeah Zaid, But I think people prefere a blondy in the passenger seat better than your guitar. What do you say guys ???

  23. Sally Says:

    Zaid, your voice was amazing, I didn’t know that it was you singing, I actually had to go back and watch it again because I thought it was a professional :-)

  24. mike Says:

    Agreed Saif. I’d rather a girl in my passenger seat than Zaid’s guitar. But then again, if Zaid and his guitar were in the backseat, pretty much any girl would want to be riding shotgun listening to his John Denver covers!

  25. Karenne Says:

    What’s shotgun? (just kidding) I call it AND I have blonde hair AND can hold the guitar in my lap if need be. Oh and Mike, you are not invited… You sounded very good with your singing Zaid.

    West Virginia is about 10 hrs drive southwest of New York City. Right now the weather is just right for a convertible!

  26. Maria Says:

    I feel so relieved to know that you are with your family and are safe and smiling. Remember, home is wherever you are. It knows no borders or buildings or state. People are smiling all over the world knowing you are with your family and with your fiance! God is great!

  27. Zaid Says:

    Yeah , but you know what??

    Guitar brings Blondy girl , while blondy girl doesn’t bring guitar nor cool music as that song .

    am I right Karenne???

    Hey Mike , Saif and Nadia you can go alone in a boring bus and sing ” Saddam is the best ”


  28. Nadia Says:

    hell no, we’ll take Mike’s private jet and sing “turn the page” :P!!!

    “you have a private jet, don’t you mike?? :-?

  29. Karenne Says:

    You are right, but Z, you get a blonde girl! Who cares what she brings!

  30. mike Says:

    private jet? there are some serious misunderstandings about me running around here. if i had a jet, i would have met up with adel, ausama, saif, zaid and everyone else involved with hometown baghdad on the bank of the Tigris and flown them to safety a long long time ago.

  31. Nadia Says:

    wish it was that easy :)

    still, you are gonna leave Zaid make fun of us??! we need some nice car….. coz i ain’t drivin ma porsche all the way from cairo!! :P

  32. Karenne Says:

    Oh Fuzzyone, now I can’t get the vision of “super mike” in his red cape flying arms straight out across the Atlantic, fuzzyhair flat back from the wind out of my mind - you know I am already working on the theme song … see Zaid, Blondy’s can sing too!

  33. Tracy Says:

    And what about the brunettes? Hmph! ;)

  34. Tegan Says:

    Please stop calling me “man”!
    It’s very offensive, as i am a girl.
    Just to clear that up, encase there was any confusion.
    (I think my name is a bit androgynous?)

  35. sparkle Says:

    Bon courage. I can’t even express how great and important this series is. Thank for giving a glimpse inside.

  36. Hella Says:

    Inshallah we will

    Welcome to dxb Ziad :) , am sure you gonna like it , it’s amazing

    btw I like your music , can we get the mps format of your songs ?

    Thanks Nadia , I will be waiting for that :)

    you know the ironic thing that my lebanese friend told me about HTB, I had no idea about it !!!

  37. Saif Says:

    Hey Hey Hey ,
    I was sleeping, While you are talking behind my back.
    Although I cann’t talk about blondies, Because Noor will throw me form the balcony, lol.

  38. Saif Says:

    Maria, John D, Thank you, The story hasn’t ended. Actually I just started.

  39. Saif Says:

    Tegan, We are so sorry, Me myself I thought that you are a guy,
    I am really sorry.lol.

  40. Saif Says:

    About me, I don’t prefere blondies.
    Although I cann’t talk about this subject.
    But Brunettes like you, are awesome.
    Saw your pic in the Myspace.

  41. Tegan Says:

    Thankyou Saif..

    I’m only slightly offended.
    But i’ll probably still cry myself to sleep tonight.

    I’ll just leave that on your conscience.

    Tegan (the girl)

  42. Tegan Says:


    How uncomfortable.

  43. Rasha Says:

    Saif, I am glad that you have made it safely to Jordan and met your family, when I saw ur video “Good night Baghdad” i was a bit concerned if they would let in Jordan since I have few friends who were rejected and stayed in the airport for hours then they finally just went back to Baghdad. But I am glad that didn’t happen to you.. This video made me cry as I am away from home as well and I act just like your brother every time I see my family plus was in Jordan last year so when I saw the airport I remembered how great it was to see my grandmother after 10 years I ran towards her just like how ur brother did. 7amdillah 3ala il salama 3eni wa inshalla kul il tawfee8 wa il naga7 yikoon rafee8 5o6ak ya rab.
    Zaid, my hometown is Aladamiya origanally too but what can I say…hatha il zaman il 5ala kul wa7id mina ib 9af7a… Oh yeah, and ur voice is amazing …very nice fed shee mo 6abee3i wallah you should keep it up may be someday you will start selling your own hit records.
    Yella hisa kulkum safe wa inshallah mirta7een ishwaya ..Please enjoy your time and I wish you all the best of luck…Inshallah someday we will all go back to Iraq and all meet in Baghdad

  44. Billie Says:

    Speaking of myspace Saif ! Are you still using your site. I checked it out and was going to make a friend request , but it looks like you might have decided to not use it. Now fess up about that camel. I think I remember something at the end of the video , kind of sounded like “No, no , no !” or was it “Help, help help ! ” ?


  45. Tracy Says:

    Saif - I will help Noor throw you from the balconey. LOL. ;) (Thanks for the compliment).

    Besides, Zaid should know, all those blondies on TV are really brunettes anyway. Hee hee hee…

    Tegan, I assumed you were a female because I’ve had female friends named Megan and the names looked similar. I like your name.

    Peace! :)

  46. Iza Says:

    Mike, it was good to get your email reply. I’m glad you got the video. I guess if anyone else wants to see it, I can always email it to them as well. Not all the US Media is bad :-) Though I do wish they covered it earlier.

    So if anyone is curious how HTB was portrayed, let me know and I can send it to you via email. Mike, maybe Saif, Adel, and Ausama would like to see it.

  47. Zaid Says:


    Karenne , you ‘re right but i rathat prefere you to come and show me the way till west virginia and i can put the guitar on the back seat , what do you say ??

    Mike have fun to your way till Baghdad but I guess you have to take 5 Tanks around you , only if u pospon it so you can take Iraqi friends with you ….lol

  48. Zaid Says:

    Tegan , sorry sweety ……
    hah but now I know that you are female sweety

    by the way , you r still invited to my house party , and alittle bit more welcome hehehehe

  49. Zaid Says:

    Now I knew why you are so nice ….coz you are from Al_Adhamia ….
    my love is from Al_dhamia as well ….lol

    By the way where do you live right now ??!!!!!

  50. Zaid Says:

    Tracy …..no no

    I can choose by my eyes for real ….lol
    any way if Karenne will say yes , so i would not think about any blondy girl lollll

  51. Iza Says:


    Not to sound disrespectful as that is not my intent, but if you honestly believe that America has the worst history, is the biggest supporter of terrorism, puts women behind, and is the most ignorant and hateful, why do you live here?

    I am not denying that some of what you stated is true, and as everyone is entitled to their opinion and you were just stating yours, I was just curious as to why choose to live in a country that you seem to despise?

    And I do not believe that Adel, Ausama, and Saif are making contributions to further divide Iraq or its people, I believe them to be just sharing their stories. Stories that the rest of the world do not hear too much about.

    I am a firm believe of options, and though sometimes the options we choose are still worse than the options available, we still do have them.

  52. Karenne Says:

    Z if you ever come to america - game on! :0)

  53. Nadia Says:

    hey Tegan, it’s okay sweetie, I knew you are a girl :P

  54. Zaid Says:

    Waw …..

    Karenne , I would try to do that just to pick you up with me on my long road , rathar than meetimg kenny Rogers hehehehehehehhe

  55. Karenne Says:

    We will create a new series called “finding Kenny Rogers” - an iraqi and a blonde girl, guitar and convertible on the road to find an American icon … Mike would you be kind enough to write up that treatment for us?

  56. Iza Says:


    Thank you for your reply. Only 17 and yet you know you want to and will be making a difference? I admire that about you. There are definitely things that I am not proud about with regards to America (it’s history and it’s politics). But I also fear for the future of America as it lies in the hands of other teenagers who choose to fight for Paris Hilton not going to jail (when she clearly deserves) and adults who think that every other country needs “saving”, but not America.

    “We are not united unless people everywhere come together.”

    You have the insight that I wish for all those in power to have.

  57. Sweet Says:

    hey , this one made me cry, i miss my country, i miss baghdad
    everything in it. thank you saif.

  58. Saif Says:

    You are most welcomed.

  59. Saif Says:

    By the way, How can I make these small smily ?

  60. Zaid Says:

    Saif they are the same of yahoo msngr.

  61. Zaid Says:

    Karenne Its a very nice Idea , but we might get some troubles coz Saif like Voodoossssss

    I thing we have to take him with us …

  62. Tegan Says:

    So now that you know i’m a girl, I bet any comments I made about “beautiful singing” are sounding alot less gay.

  63. Saif Says:

    Adoda batata dadato sano seda radoto.
    This is the intro of the Voodoo spell.
    Watch your back everyone.

  64. Saif Says:

    I was really afraid to reply you. :-s

  65. Saif Says:


  66. hayduk Says:

    i like this documentary very much.hope this is not the end.
    keep going guys
    greetings from Slovenia

  67. Karenne Says:

    Are you trying say that you have cast a Voodoo spell on us here at Chat the Planet? Z, Saif can come but only if continues to cast Voodoo spells on everyone we meet along the way!

  68. Zaid Says:

    Except Kenny Rogers ( he is the best one for me ) and Tracy ( coz she lives in west virginia )

    See tracy how I adore you ???!!!

  69. lelly Says:

    Tegan, I knew you were a girl!!!
    Saif, for this:) put
    next to each other.
    I have a voodoo doll of…someone. mwhahaha!
    These comments make me laugh! :P

  70. lelly Says:

    dammit, for this :)

    I mean

  71. Zaid Says:

    By the way ……

    Kenny Rogers has a song on VooDoo , Damn I miss days were I was hearing Kenny Rogers at Baghdad in my room and while going to college in car …….

    I miss Baghdad , now Bush needs a VooDoo for Bin ladin Sculp.
    hehehehehehh , any thing except saif’s one for me and Karenne…

  72. Zaid Says:

    By the way ……

    Kenny Rogers has a song on VooDoo , Damn I miss days were I was hearing Kenny Rogers at Baghdad in my room and while going to college in car …….

    I miss Baghdad , now Bush needs a VooDoo for Bin ladin Sculp.
    hehehehehehh , any thing except saif’s one for me and Karenne… God bless us lol

  73. Saif Says:

    Do you remember your Volks Wagen Passat 1983 ?
    And the tape corder was very good.
    You were borrowing tapes from me, and you never gave them back to me.
    Do you remember one night I stayed in your house and we smokedand laughed alot ?
    Do you remember when we played guitar to your brother’s drunk wealthy friends ?

  74. Saif Says:

    What about your father’s beatle 1970 ?
    Do you rememer when I wanted to buy it for 300 $, you said that it is a very good car. it runs 40 MPH. looooooooooooool

  75. Zaid Says:

    Hehehehehehe ….. you know what ?
    I did sell many things and my car but the Volgswagen 1965 is still at home …..

    Do you remember when you begged me to drive it and i refused dum ?????

    I really miss those days , wish that Mike was with us ….
    Hey Karenne ….I dont think that bringing Saif with us is a good idea ……leave him with his VooDoo
    By the way saif …. It was you Dum who was stealing beatles cassets and pretending that you forgot it in the taxi …..
    Lak I remember evrything Ar3an…..hahahhahaha

  76. Saif Says:

    Hey Z,
    I begged you o drive your 1965 car ???
    Liar Liar, I wanted to buy it just to put it in the museum.
    Although I changed my mind, I wanted to buy it and make it a room for my pussycat.

  77. Zaid Says:

    We love this car more than YOU dum hhhhhhhhhhhhh

    By the way , I will send you its photos i ve got them from baghdad recently ……..
    You know it contains airbags all around . …..looooooool
    I will drive it again one day , Kerenne would you join me that day ?

  78. Karenne Says:

    Of course I will join you! I have a convertible, so if you make it to America for our roadtrip - all you will need is your guitar. And I agree, Saif and Mike are not invited ;0)

  79. Zaid Says:

    Hehehehe , my guitar is over here with me , only flight 11 hours and I will be in your car , lol
    Mike , Saif Stay Safe …….. hehehehehehehe

  80. Saif Says:

    I have a convertible car, All I need is an invitation.
    And 10 hours I’ll be with you. With my guitar.

  81. Saif Says:

    We don’t need you. Na nana na na na .

  82. Zaid Says:

    hahahahha ……

    Mike is a tough guy , but Karenne is a cute lady thats why am lucky hhhhhhhh

    I thought you are searching for a blond sweet respectfull lady …. Saif Your way will be too long , better go back with Mike Baghdad now and sing ” On the river of Babylon ” , believe me nothing will happen , but if any……so you can call me or Karenne coz you know we’ll be singing ” Country Road ”

  83. mike Says:

    Saif…like you need an invitation from me! Any day…just come and we’ll go driving. My dad has a convertible….we’ll steal it…And we’ll beat Karenne and Zaid. It will be the great american race. Also, my dad’s convertible has room for Noor.

  84. Karenne Says:

    Mike is always trying to show me up… Z, my blonde best friend also has a convertible - her name is Missy - so Mike and Saif can have Noor and you can have Karenne and Missy and your choice of cars! Race on!

  85. Zaid Says:

    I can even go to west virginia by walk if Karenne and Missy would be with me , what if both of them have convertibles !!!!
    Saif , Mike and Noor who do you think will reach 1st ?
    Race On …

  86. Eric Says:

    Saif - The videos have been very enlightening for those of us in the states. My friend Hayder has finally gotten a visa to the States, but says they’re not letting young males across the border into Jordan, which I guess is where he needs to go to begin his journey here. Did you have similar problems crossing into Jordan because of your age?

  87. Eric Says:

    By the way, really enjoy your guitar playing.

  88. Hometown Baghdad » Blog Archive » Episode 36 - “Zaghareet” Says:

    [...] this video shows and as he will tell us, Saif’s struggle is far from over. I’ve written this here before, but I’d like to restate that the stories of Iraqi exiles and refugees need to be [...]

  89. Sara Says:

    I loved this one. I vistied stayed in Jordan last summer so this just brought everything home to me, even here in the U.S. When it showed the quick shots of Petra, it made me smile to see a place I love so much once again.

  90. nurse4peace Says:

    I am so thankful you are out and yet I am sad because you had to leave your home, friends, and your war torn country. Your family is so wonderful Mushallah and the video made me cry.

    Inshallah you will get all you need to go to a better place and I will put you in my duaa

  91. Mariem Says:

    You guys are amazing. Keep it up! I been out of Iraq four years ago and I love to see how things are going. God Bless you all & Iraq!

  92. fatima Says:

    i cried and always do when i watch your videos.u know what kill me?i don’t recognize my beautiful streets and places any more.i always remember madonna’s sog”this used to be my play ground,this used to be my childhood dreams).
    i can’t beleive most of my friend r killed.i can’t beleive other people took over the house where i was raised,and probably reading my private diaries and touching my personal belongings.life sucks.i pray one day i can at least go visit the graves of my loved ones…..inshalla.

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