Episode 32 - “Goodnight, Baghdad”

Saif’s final night in Baghdad.

Mentally F’ed Up” is without a doubt one of the saddest episodes of Hometown Baghdad. In that episode, Adel interviews his brother and cousin about a horrible murder they witnessed in the street near their house. His last thought in the video is fear for their mental stability. Turns out, nearly all of Baghdad’s children are suffering from great mental stress. From NPR:

A new study in Iraq surveyed 2,500 kids, randomly chosen from a middle-income area of north Baghdad, to see if researchers could determine the effects of the war on their mental health. Dr. Mohammed al-Aboudi, Iraq’s national mental health adviser, speaks with Linda Wertheimer about the findings.

Listen to the story here. (Via the interesting From Baghdad to New York blog, thanks Laith!) Link.

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  1. Saif Version2 Says:

    sayoof good luck in jordan..i’ve been there long a go, it was such a nice country, but i heared iraqi people changed it to the worst…well just make sure u visit jarash, al-3a8aba, and al-bara’….biltawfee8

  2. Gunner Sgt Says:

    I hope you are one day able to return to Iraq and start your own Dentistry Practice Saif.

    Good luck in Jordan.

  3. Zaid Says:

    Hey Saif …..Thats the lough which i do miss in you ….

    about the second lough while you where seaking by phone , its what i hate in you hehehehehehehehehehheheheh

    I really miss u my brother sooooooooo much wallah

  4. Nadia Says:


  5. Konfused Kid Says:

    Very poignant.

  6. Karenne Says:

    Saif - you do look very handsome with your snazzy haircut!

  7. Iza Says:

    Good luck Saif. I am assuming you will also be seeing Noor, she’s in Jordan too, right? Though I could just be remembering things wrong. Good luck in Jordan and good luck with your future. You’re haircut looks good :-)

  8. Tracy Says:


    Saif you look so handsome with the new haircut. I’m sure Noor was pleased to see you :)

    You cracked me up with your little suitcase trick.

    It is shocking that Iraqis are waiting so long in line for gasoline in such an oil rich country. How is this possible???

    Have a good weekend Hometown Baghdad staff :)


  9. Tracy Says:

    Mike, BTW, I saw something similar about the children the other day on CNN.com:


    Incredibly sad. These children are almost the same age as my youngest son.

  10. lelly Says:

    Alas, Saif, what can I say? Best wishes and best luck to you.
    I feel bad about all this.
    I guess you are not working as a dentist now eh?

    You do look good with that haircut. I loved the thing with the suitcase!:P

  11. Saif Says:

    Thank you all.

  12. Billie Says:

    I am so glad that you are going to be safe . I understand why you would leave . I can also see how your government would expect some pay back for your education , but to stay three more years in Baghdad would be something akin to living on death row at this point . That was a life or death decision you had to make. I know you would have rather been home in Baghdad getting your certificate. God bless you and your friends and family.

  13. Billie Says:

    There’s an article in The Washington Post “Congress passes deadline free war funding bill”. Go to :


    copy and paste into address bar

  14. aussiefem Says:

    Shako mako! Saif, Adel and boys, I hope this isn’t the last we see of you all!
    I have been eagerly watching all your videos since you started.
    Please keep HOMETOWN BAGHDAD going.

  15. Samara Says:

    Saif what will you do in Jordan? Will you stay or go to another country? What about work? Will you be able to work as a dentist?
    Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

  16. mike Says:

    Hi everyone, I wish we could keep HTB going. But we were only able to film a limited amount with our amazing cast and crew. It was too dangerous to continue filming indefinitely. But this isn’t the last you’ll hear from any of us!!

  17. Daniel Miller Says:

    I am praying for the farewell of all the Iraqi people who don’t believe in strapping bombs to themselves to kill the innocent etc. All the Iraqis who are good at heart and have normal God fearing souls like me will be delivered from this testing. Our entire existence is meant to test our God given souls on this earth and as long as we believe in good over evil I hope and pray that everyone in the end will be saved. I can’t imagine all the horrors that you have to experience in Baghdad on a daily basis, I’m an American citizen in Oregon who prays for all of you living in Baghdad to be protected from all the horrific events that unfortunately happen everyday. I can’t even imagine witnessing all those tragedies that occur to you all who are being caught in the crossfire. I sincerely pray for your wellbeing. God/ Allah be with you. I love you all. May you be delivered from this testing. Praise God.

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    [...] Baghdad videos the story of Saif leaving Baghdad for the last [...]

  19. MediaChannel.org Says:

    [...] Baghdad videos the story of Saif leaving Baghdad for the last [...]

  20. Hiba Says:

    Thanks for gibving us this site. I havnt been to Baghdad for five years and for you to show me a little bit of baghdad is unbelivable. Good Luck Saif.. I hope ur find all the happiness in Jordan that you and all the Iraq people deserve.. U r trult an insperation to all the young Iraqi’s.. When you get settled in Jordan let us know how your doing.

    Thanks Hiba UK

  21. lelia Says:

    hi all

    i’m a lebaneses journalist, my name is LĂ©lia
    just wantes to tell you how great these videos are, and how deep is my sympathy for your sufferings and your will to survive in such a hostile environnement
    we in Lebanon are going through pretty much the same, not at the same scale of course, but we know now what terrorism means
    keep up the good work

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