Episode 29 - “Nothing But Guitar”

We have seen Saif say goodbye to so many of his friends. Now, he is nearly alone in Baghdad.

A couple more great stories on Hometown Baghdad are coming out in the upcoming days. Wolf Blitzer’s crew from CNN was at our offices this morning and a story on us will air (in the US only) at around 7pm EST on the Situation Room. On Sunday, the Today Show Weekend Edition is doing a story on us. (Again - only in the US.) Special thanks to Zeyad from Healing Iraq for chatting with NBC about Hometown Baghdad.

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  1. Dahlia Says:

    Ahhh Saif this is so sad, I’m going to start crying! It’s good that you are in Jordan now with some of your family and Noor hamdiallah. It is so sweet your love for Noor, I didn’t know Iraqi men were romantic or expressive like this! Maybe just the new generations hey?!

    Have you seen Abdullah yet? At least you can see one of your friends that left Baghdad…

    Zaid, what are you singing/playing at the beginning?

    Inshallah you can return to Baghdad and your house soon.


  2. James Says:

    I hope your reunited with your loved ones soon Saif. No human being should ever have go through what your going through. I can relate in a different way, the toughest part of my life the only thing that helped me get through it was guitar. It can spiritually take you to another place, when were emotionally distraught.

    Good Luck,


    “As memory may be a paradise from which we cannot be driven, it may also be a hell from which we cannot escape.”

    Quote “John Lancaster”

  3. bg Says:

    HT : Mudville Gazette

    It’s all about the Iraqi people: Their lives, their choices, their future, and their timeline
    May 17, 2007


    [The American government, on the other hand, is playing its all-too-public political games. Though he may have thought of it as just being between him and his "friends" in the mainstream media and on the fringe, Daily Kos left, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-NV.) comment that "the war is lost" and "the surge�hasn't accomplished anything" was splashed on the front page of every news outlet from Al Jazeera to the Iranian state newspaper, all of whom flaunted it as a sign of America's capitulation to the power of the Islamic "freedom fighters" in the Middle East. Contrary to the beliefs of all too many Americans who seem tied to the notion that the Iraqi people are both blind and ignorant, Congress's votes to set a withdrawal date from Iraq � much like their other, similar votes and statements � were heard loud and clear by Iraqis, as well as by the insurgents who can take heart knowing that they are again winning in many areas of the psychological front of this war (even Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda's noted "second in command," said the resolutions "reflect American failure"). Iran can only take heart from such statements, which demonstrate their effect on the war effort, and can only encourage the Islamic Republic to increase its involvement even more, as they are seeing an increasing political return on their deadly investment in this war. (A Colonel within the MNF-I political apparatus told me that "if you take [Iran] out of the equation�we could probably reduce our casualties almost in half.”)

    “I’ve had people coming up to me as we patrolled the neighborhoods [the day after these statements and votes] saying, ‘We heard you were leaving!,’ an officer with Quarter Cav told me. “They don’t understand our process; they don’t know that this is just rhetoric, or that it will be vetoed. All they know is that the leaders of our Congress said that it’s a lost cause, and that our government has voted to pick up and go home.”

    Such statements by America’s political leaders are “terrible,” an Army public affairs soldier told me. She continued, “I understand political posturing and all that but it really is terrible. If the war is lost and we need to go home, then why do we need to stay here five more months, when I could die or my friends could die before we go home? The war is either over or it isn’t; this just doesn’t make sense.

    “What we want is to keep helping the people here. The people at home who say these things, they don’t understand that these are people who have to live here after we leave, whatever the situation is. These people and the things that happen here aren’t real to them, and they can’t understand unless they’ve been here and seen it.”

    There are several soldiers who, like many Americans at home, would like nothing more than to see the US end its involvement with Iraq as soon as possible. There are also many, though, who, having established a presence on the ground, and having spent time among the people of Iraq, want to see this mission through to its successful conclusion, not only for America’s sake, but for the sake of the people of Iraq whom they have gotten to know during their time in country.

    A remarkable conversation to this effect was shared with a bespectacled captain of infantry, who was on his second tour in Iraq and had been there since just before Gen. Petraeus’s confirmation as the new head of MNF-I. We spoke at length about the war, and about the differences between his first tour and now. I asked what he thought about the mission in Iraq, and what he thought the prospects for success were. Gazing pensively at the ground, he took a moment to collect his thoughts, and said, “Well, politically, staying here probably isn’t the best decision.” Given the situation at home, he added, “winning here seems less possible all the time, even though we’re now doing what it is we probably should have been doing all along.” Moving on from that moment of near despair, he paused and glanced up, looking earnestly at me through his thick, military-issue glasses, and said, “There’s not a single one of my soldiers who doesn’t look at the neighborhood we’re in, look at the children there, and not want to do whatever they can to give these kids as bright a future as possible. We want to finish this job, and we know we can do it.”]

    [The abandoning of Iraq by America while it is in such a violent, unstable state is not an option being entertained by many of the soldiers or Iraqis with whom I have spoken to this point; rather, it appears to be almost solely the purview of those at home who think that they know better than the soldiers and the Iraqis themselves what is good for them. What the troops, and the Iraqi people, appear both to want and to need is to be given the support and the resources which will allow them to establish a free and secure state which can endure without an overt American presence � and, more than anything else, the time to do so successfully. For the sake of the Iraqi people, let us, and let them, make the right decisions, and not abandon them to the incredibly increased levels of carnage and barbarism which they know full well would immediately ensue should America make a precipitous withdrawal.]

    please read the whole thing, it’s spot on, frank & honest..


  4. Zeyad Says:

    You’re not alone, Saif. We are all going through the same situation. All of us.

  5. peter erchick Says:

    I hope you are safe and happy with Noor where you are now. Thanks for having the courage to make these videos. I’d love to try hubbly bubbly with you some time.
    You play guitar beautifully. I play too. If you see this message tell us what you are playing at the end of this video.
    I pray for you and your family and friends, Adel and Ausama and the other people I have not met through Hometownbaghdad.com. Please take care.
    Athens, Georgia, U.S.

  6. Sandra Says:

    I am on the other side of the planet and I feel your loneliness. I hope you can be reunited with your good friends and your family very soon. It is hard for me to imagine what you must be living like everyday.

    The news over here does not tell us of the struggles of ordinary people just trying to live their lives, which is why this is such a great website… to show the reality of life in Iraq. To show that Iraqis are people, just like everyone else in the world, trying to live life to the fullest.

    Good luck in everything you do and I wish the best for you and your wonderful friends!

  7. Konfused Kid Says:

    This was a kinda good one about loneliness. but it’s a shame that you don’t know how to play the 2nd part of Romance Anonimo (the E major part).

  8. Saif Says:

    Konfused Kid,
    I play guitar for 10 years.
    And I played this piece 8 years ago.
    I know how to play it all.
    But the editors cut it.
    If you like I can teach you guitar like all the students I teach.

  9. Konfused Kid Says:

    really? that’d be great!!!! if you’re still in Jordan that is….

  10. Noor Says:

    Great Job Saif :D
    Hope you’re feeling better in Jordan.

  11. Saif Says:

    There are alot of things I miss about my old life.
    My house, I really miss this place. even though I did have bad memories there, but nobody can forget the place he grew in.
    My long ( 2 M ) shisha. I miss smoking this 2 stairs hookeh.
    My shower room, os BIG and with no tub.
    My garden’s patries, My BBQ, Everything. I really miss.
    But In the same time I didn’t regret leaving that. Because missing these stuff better than have it when I am DEAD.

  12. Hussein Ghassan Says:

    Man that’s really sad, I miss the days at your house,we really had great time there,with you and your brother Muhammed and now you just left one by one and I walk through the street everyday and see your garden always empty :( when you were here in Baghdad I used to hear you laughing with your friends from along distance lol, we used to stay at your garden until 4:00 AM talking and playing,specially when the power down on the summer nights.

  13. Tracy Says:

    Dear Saif,

    This was a hard one to watch, especially with the haunting guitar music you play that captures the feeling better than any words in any language.

    Most people have only their memories and a few photographs. You have these beautifully edited videos complete with soundtrack. Does watching these now help you heal or only make you nostalgic and depressed?


    Your friend,

    PS - Noor is so beautiful. Does she have some secret tips she’d like to share with the rest of us? :)

  14. Ahmed Naji Says:

    Saif, my friend. When I saw myself drinking Coke with you and sayign “cheers”. I remembered your father.. You water the garden just like him. hahahaha.. Do you remember when we used to study in the garden during finals how he left all the garden and come quickly to water the spot where we’re in??? hahahahaah
    Great times my friend. Zaid, you and I can meet in heaven as it seems difficult for the three of us to be in one place. Or, we can meet in Hometown Baghdad.. Do you notice how often we get in touch with each other through this blog??

    Stay well,

  15. Billie Says:

    I am a liberal Democrat who has changed their mind about wanting immediate withdrawal of troops due to watching these vlogs , however ; I still disagree with the mind set of “winning”. And I still hear this rhetoric all the time from the Republicans. So we have politicians on one side wanting to stay for as long as it takes to “win” and on the other side wanting to get our soldiers out of harms way for a war they feel (politicians and those who voted for them) should have never been started. I have sent messages to the politicians running in the Democratic Primary and asked them to view these vlogs. Perhaps someone should do the same for the Republicans. Once again, I feel, they are too polarized . It seems to me , we need moderates on both sides to consider what would be the best way to work this out. I also feel it would help greatly for the Iraqi government and other Arab countries to share ideas . This is just some thoughts of an ordinary woman. I’m not challenging any one’s views.

    I am so pleased to hear that you are safe Saif.

  16. Gunner Sgt Says:


    I noticed you were watering your beautiful garden. Do all Iraqi’s homes have running water in Baghdad?

    I was under the assumption that this wasn’t possible, but here you are watering a garden. Very interesting.

    I have read that you are now out of Iraq. Did you get your Degree or doing something else for a living in Jordan?

    What job are you doing in Jordan? Are you a Dentist now?

  17. Samara Says:

    Saif, this video made me cry. The sad thing is all Iraqis suffer from this, even outside Iraq. I live in Spain, I have a brother in the US, 2 brothers, a sister and mum in Australia, a sister and a brother in the UK. It’s the same with my friends, all over the world. We try to be positive, we know we are luckier than most Iraqis in that we are safe, we are not suffering the stress, the fear, the insecurity, lack of health facilities unemployment and a long list of other dreadful things, but it still hurts. I’m glad that you are now safe, everything else will fall in place eventually.

  18. Gunner Sgt Says:

    WEEKLY Update on Iraq’s Reconstruction:


    Inside this IssuePage

    2 Primary School Nears CompletionCapacity Development: Critical to InfrastructurePage

    3 Sector OverviewPage

    4 Weekly Status ReportInternational Compact Set for May

    Page 5 Well Projects Benefit Iraqi VillagesPage

    6 Shaping a New WorldIn the NewsPage

    7 Profile: U.S. Ambassador to IraqWorld Bank Project UpdatePage

    8 Relief & Reconstruction Total Program MapPage 9 DoD Reconstruction PartnershipGulf

    •Completed GRD water treatment projects have added 463,000 m3 ofdaily water treatment capacity, which potentially benefits 2.5 million Iraqis. At the end of the program, an additional 1,136,000 m3 of water treatment capacity will benefit approximately 5.2 million Iraqis(and all USG agencies’projects will benefit 8.4 million Iraqis).

    •Completed GRD generation projects have provided an additional 1,420MW of potential generation capacity to Iraq’s national grid. At the end of the program, GRD projects will have added 1,879 MW of potential generation capacity, which can serve an estimated 1.7 million homes. All USG agencies’projects will add or restore a total of 2,555MW at the end of the program.

    •Al NawrasUnited Company completed construction on the $546,000 TalhaReverse Osmosis Water Unit located in the BasrahProvince. This new water treatment plant with a reverse osmosis unit will provide domestic water and drinking water to more than 40,000 residents of the Talhadistrict.

    •The completed AboJisraato Al WajihiyaFeeder lines in DiyalaProvince provide direct, more reliable power to the 5,000 local residents of AboJisraa.

    •The water supply system project which serves the neighborhoods of Al Moa’alemeenand Al Ta’aleebin Karbala Province, now provides clean, potable water and enhanced fire-fighting capability to local residents. •The completed

  19. Dahlia Says:

    Gunner Sgt, you always write so much! It good to see that you are interested in Iraq though :-)

  20. Helen Says:


    I just wanted to show my appreciation for what you guys are doing for everyone around the globe. Even though we’ve never met, it breaks my heart to watch what you guys have to live with everyday. My prayers are with you and thank you for sharing your world with us.

    From Canada,

  21. Gunner Sgt Says:


    Did you have a chance to check out the Reconstruction Update?

    It’s amazing how much has been done!

    Of course there is much still to be improved, because I’m sure you know Saddam Hussen chose to spend his money on building new Palaces for himself rather than update Iraq’s schools, sewer system, electricity lines, power plants, roads, etc….

    Did you know Baghdad has problems with keeping constant power is due to all the new televisions and electrical components Iraqis have been purchasing?

    The reason Baghdad had power under Saddam is because he deprived other areas of Iraq electricity, also.


    Saddam Hussein didn’t update the Power Plants and electricity lines so they can’t meet the demand for all the power Iraqis are now using, but they are working on it(Iraqis and Americans). :)

  22. Konfused Kid Says:

    People like Gunner Sgt might as well be living on another planet for all I know…they amuse me in their own small-world mentality. it’s almost as if he is totally ignorant to everything else is going on, even this show which isn’t politically-inclined can serve to show you how fucked up it is…and you come in and tell me we are consuming electricity because we bought so many TVs.
    yes, all we need is electricity, so much has been done. keep it up. Maybe you can come next summer so we can watch Saving Private Ryan and relish the bravery of the US liberators on the ‘abundant’ electricity in the brand new street just fresh from the Reconstruction Bakery.

    Oh, the humanity!

  23. Gunner Sgt Says:

    That is not what I said Konfused Kid.

    Iraqis are using more power with computers, televisions, etc and Saddam didn’t update Iraq’s Power capabilities he just deprived other areas of Iraq power to feed Baghdad power.

    That wasn’t a solution it just created more problems for Iraqis today!!

    ” Ever since the 1991 Gulf War, Iraq’s outlying areas were left with a net power deficit as Saddam Hussein began diverting electricity to Baghdad.
    In towns like Mosul, Nasiriyah, and Basra, one-man power companies became the lifeblood for most communities.”

    Did you read that most of the power stations were old and stations in Al Dora and the Rasheed plant in the south of Baghdad are based on 1960s technology??

    Iraq’s power capacity began to drop in the 1990s.

    Saddam Hussein chose to build himself new Palaces rather than invest in Iraq’s infrastructure like the Power Plants and lines. These are ANTIQUATED and all need replaced.

    Did you know Saddam deprived other parts of Iraq power to feed Baghdad power?

    This is from the article.

    “In Baghdad, long a beneficiary of the nation’s power grid, a shortage of generation capacity has left the city in the lurch.

    The fuel-oil station in Al Dora and the Rasheed plant in the south of Baghdad are based on 1960s technology and are all but obsolete.

    The Mosul Dam station, which used to be switched on to provide Baghdad with extra power, has not been working since the war began.”

    It’s going to take time, but did you read about all the reconstruction that is going on right now and what has been accomplished in Iraqi reconstruction??


  24. Gunner Sgt Says:

    Konfused Kid,

    I plan on visiting Iraq someday. Shall we meet at Fardus Square? :)


  25. Nadia Says:

    uh, Iraqis!! I can’t believe how ungrateful and whining you are!! they give you 2 hours of electricity a day “if you are lucky”, and you have your water and you still whin!!
    What the heck do you think you are doing buying tvs?! you should just go shoot yourselves and relieve everyone from your misery!!
    I just can’t believe you, you should pay more respect to the generous hands that are stealing your oil!!

    I have no idea why you are insisting on making this meaningless comparison Gunner sgt!!

  26. lelly Says:

    Beautiful guitar playing, Saif. This vid is sad but cos I know you are together now its happy at the same time.
    Weird like that, past hurts are a little bit happy because we know they’ve past.
    Good luck Iraq, Iraqis and the world.
    Peace and love

  27. Gunner Sgt Says:

    I pray that in 10 years that the rest of Iraq looks like the below video.

    The Kurds were able to get a head start on Democracy, because they were protected by the No Fly Zone in the 1990s.

    Once security improves everywhere Iraq’s future will be very bright.

    When Iraq begins sharing oil revenues with all Iraqis they will be the richest in the Middle East. Iraq will someday look like Dubai:

    What kind of car do you plan on buying with your oil money Konfused Kid? :)

    This is amazing video of prospering Kurds in Northern Iraq!!!

    Will the rest of Iraq follow?


    I don’t want to make anyone angry, but I believe you have a bright future and it will get better.
    I am praying for you.
    Assalamu Allaikum….

  28. Gunner Sgt Says:

    Nadia and Konfused Kid,

    I have 2 comments awaiting “moderation”.

    I didn’t do a good job of clarifying my point, but Mike should be posting them soon.

    I apologize if I offended anyone that was not my intention.

    I am rooting for Iraq.

  29. Konfused Kid Says:

    “I am rooting for Iraq”
    I don’t need that kind of fake rooting, if you’re that stupid to look at some report saying that electricity is ‘out’ because ‘Iraqis bought so many TVs’ then f** you, we don’t need that naive support from people whose universe is limited to their dogs and cats. shut up and go back to your reality shows, which is why you came here in the first place. you think this is just another reality show for your pleasure? Think again buster.

  30. Gunner Sgt Says:

    Konfused Kid,

    My point was not only is Iraq’s Power Plants and eletrical lines outdated, but electricity demands have INCREASED with all the new technolgy that Iraqis are purchasing like television, computers, refriderators, etc….

    I’m sorry if I offended you.


  31. bg Says:


    IRTN englishnews
    May 18, 2007

    has snippit of news re: electricity in Baghdad..


  32. James Says:

    I think Gunner Sgt is a genuine person who wants to help out. So to the person that told him to F$#@ off thats a joke. It really doesn’t show much about his characther. Good story I just read about March 16th in Mosul the Iraq police stopped a terror attack by 3 loose vehicles trying to do another jail break.

    The first attack consisted of three vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices targeting the Badush Bridge northwest of the city at 5:15 p.m., followed by another attack at 5:45 p.m. on the Aski-Mosul Bridge, further west of the city. Two more VBIEDs exploded outside a police station and the transition jail. The first VBIED was a dump truck, which detonated upon reaching the entrance to the station. The driver of the second VBIED attempted to enter the compound but the ISF killed him, preventing the terrorists from hitting their intended target.

    At the same time, small-arms fire broke out as the terrorists attempted to breach the jail and release prisoners. Again, the ISF were able to turn back the attackers and keep the facility secure. A total of 15 terrorists were killed this was all done by the ISF holding their ground. No civilians or police were injured during this incident.

    The next morning, Iraqi police discovered three vehicles with numerous weapons and detained 30 suspects. The Iraqi army and police continue to sweep the area, while local leaders are restricting movement around key infrastructure.

    Good news by the ISF it’s only a matter of time till they can stand up on their own feet and allow safety for all of Iraq citizens to continue on with their lives.


  33. bg Says:

    Konfused Kid Says:
    May 18th, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    Iraq Living Conditions Survey 2004

    [The intensive use of the infrastructure in Iraq combined with three wars, sanctions, and improper policies of the former regime, contributed to the deterioration of the infrastructure, services, and maintenance.

    Infrastructure and services provided to the families were administered by the government and funded by the general budget, which led to the provision of electrical, water, and sanitation services to most of the families. However, the bigger challenge was to maintain the stability of the services, as opposed to mere connection.

    Despite the violence in the country and the deliberate destruction of the infrastructure, there are noticeable changes in the level of these services, as the Government of Iraq, UN and other International Organizations, in addition to the Coalition Forces in Iraq are putting effort into improving the infrastructure in the country.]

    Reconstruction Report/s


  34. Samara Says:

    This is completely off subject, It is for all you techies out there. How do you turn a piece of music to a mobile phone ring. I would like to have the mp3 that Mike posted in Iraqi self expression on my phone (with the permission of saif and is it zyad you were playing with?). Lemme know please.

  35. Nadia Says:

    It depends on your mobile, Samara!
    you can directly put the mp3 format if your phone supports it… use a bluetooth connection or the USB cable that comes with the phone……
    If it doesn’t support mp3 format as ringing tone or you don’t have enough memory space then you need a converter “that’s a PC software”, turn it into “.amr” format or something similar, again depends on your phone, usualy the quality is less but it’s okay….

    Now,all this is for Nokia phones, I don’t know if it is exactly the same for the rest but I think the variations are small.
    Hope I managed to help :)


  36. Zaid Says:

    And Nothing Else Matterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Saif you ‘re looking good

    Really miss you so much brother

    But for all over here , am sure that evry night should be followed by Morning , but the problem is ……when that god damn morning would come ?????

  37. Tilli (Mojave Desert) Says:

    Best wishes to you, sweet hearts.

  38. James Says:

    The US elections are coming soon after watching numerous debates I am going back to my roots as a republican if Ron Paul is nominated. The only issue I have is he wants us to pull out of Iraq for an immediate with drawl. I think we need to go back to the UN and revist this. I think the USA military needs to take off its uniform and start fighting under a global force.

    This could restore our reputation but the issue still remains with out contracts in foreign countrys where do we come up with the billions of dollars we need to support our own country. We gotta go back to our roots this can’t be an American / Iraq soulotion its not working its creating more fundamentilists. We can win the war on terror but not before we see are the cause of its creation through numerous occupations.

    Ron Paul said we have been bombing Iraq for 10 years and the occupation in the ME this is the source. This man is listening to the ME, and the American people. We need to stay in Iraq and help out till they can stand on their own but we gotta look with in now to much is at stake. We can change the world but we gotta change our corruption first and the Iraq war is showing us we lost our way.

    We gotta get back to our roots and become patriots again. The same patriots that defied Great Britain to become America. The same patriots that gave hope to millions through opportunity. The same patriots that has been resource full with new ideas. We gotta go back through too the past and find new soulutions. We have a new enemy who hides in the darkness we must take away the reason for them to stop growing. We must create one world under god and justice and liberty for all. This is the belief of America we need this to be realized again but with a new meaning, times have changed.

    Attached is a clip of the GOP debate the following day. Numerous American callers flooded the lines we need change, check it out!


    GOP Debate


    My fellow Americans and citizens of the world I think we just found a soulution. Get involved and spread the word!


  39. Tilli (Mojave Desert) Says:

    PS - Thanks alot, Saif and Zaed… Now I can’t get the damn song out of my head!

    You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille.
    Something - something - something
    And the crops in the field.

    You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille

  40. Saif Says:

    I have so many things to discuss with you guys but it’s really late. Garra go.

  41. Karenne Says:

    Four hungry children and crops in the field … when I was little I would get upset about the 4 hungry kids … that nasty Lucille! This is my favorite video yet!

  42. Gunner Sgt Says:

    Captured Iraqi al-Qaeda leader, Omar Wahdallah Dad, also known as “The Spider” or Abu Nur, says he orchestrated between 800-900 bomb attacks in Iraq!!


    Having this terrorist scum, off the streets of Iraq, is fantastic for the Iraqi people.

  43. 3eeraqimedic Says:

    When grandma dies in hospital and her son turn up angry that she has been neglected and starts telling everyone how he cared for her daily, visited her twice a day, and made her favourite meals, we all know the reason he is here and talking this way is that he is feeling guilty for not having done everything he is talking about.
    When a company starts talking about how they care about their customers and always put them first, how they always listen to their clients’ comments, we all know that they are guilty and trying to limit damage in the ongoing lawsuit against them.
    Some people just say they feel bad about what is happening in Iraq, others keep telling us how good it really is if only we could see, these are not just regular people outside the equation, they are people who know the truth because they are involved, but guilt makes it difficult for them to acknowledge that truth. Until they can face it they project alternative realities repeatedly, not for anyone else’s benefit but to protect themselves from facing the truth.
    In time they will have to face up to reality, and they will carry the guilt within them forever.

  44. Saif Says:

    Hussein Ghassan, Yeah I can remember those days. I really want them back.

  45. Saif Says:

    Tracy ,
    I kept my days in well edited videos, and it wasn’t my idea to do this. But Thanks GOD that people are watching my Vids and they are enjoying them, and the most important thng is they are changing their minds.
    About Noor I’ll let her talk to you. and see what about her. That’s girly business.

  46. Saif Says:

    Ahmed Naji,
    Imagine that we don’t have a garden now.
    So how can dad annoy me. ???
    But I wish I can go back and my dad keep annoying me with his garden watering 24/7.
    And by the way that was your birthday when you said cheers.
    and you weren’t drinking pure coke.

  47. Saif Says:

    Thank you,
    You won things and lost things. We lost everything. and our country.

  48. Saif Says:

    Gunner sgt,
    Yes most of us have gordens in our houses.
    And I think you can watch the show to know about me more.
    Thank you.

  49. Saif Says:

    All the Iraqis were splitted apart.
    People should know that.
    And we are splitted inspite of our will.

  50. Saif Says:

    Hello , I am sure that GOD always listens to the prayers of good people like you. thank you.

  51. Saif Says:

    You are invited to my house for a luanch and to a guitar party,
    I have a friend plays with me.
    Thank you for your interest.

  52. Saif Says:

    Tilli, Nadia, James and Karenne Thank you for your interest and comments. Wish you the best.

  53. dziennikonline Says:

    We’re doing a story based on CNN’s clip. Check our Polish-news website dziennik.pl In few hours it should be up and running. So it’s not onlu US audience :D

    Take care guys

  54. Billie Says:

    Thank you for the acknowledgement Saif . I hope you understand that this American does not have the attitude that we “need to win” … no, but we do need to figure out the best way to straighten out this tangled misery . As far as I”m concerned , this world needs more true diplomats. I know the current administration of my country started all this , and I was against it from the beginning. But really, seems to me, the rest of the countries need to get over that somehow . How can any world citizen know all this is happening to the Iraqi citizens and then simply bad mouth the Americans and wash their hands of the situation. I think Iraq is a world tragedy and the world needs to lend a hand. Far be it from the current administration to admit mistakes and ask for help. A new American president is on the horizon and they are going to have their hands full. I pray it is someone much wiser. Much much wiser.


  55. Billie Says:


    In a bar in Toledo, across from the depot
    On a bar stool she took off her ring
    I thought I’d get closer so I walked on over
    I sat down and asked her her name
    When the drinks finally hit her she said I’m no quitter
    But I finally quit living on dreams
    I’m hungry for laughter and here ever after
    I’m after what ever the other life brings

    In the mirror I saw him and I closely watched him
    I thought how he looked out of place
    He came to the woman who sat there beside me
    He had a strange look on his face
    The big hands were calloused he looked like a mountain
    For a minute I thought I was dead
    But he started shaking his big heart was breaking
    He turned to the woman and said

    You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille
    With four hungry children and a crop in the field
    I’ve had some bad times, lived through some sad times
    But this time your hurting won’t heal
    You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille

    After he left us I ordered more whisky
    I thought how she’d made him look small
    From the lights of the bar room to a rented hotel room
    We walked without talking at all
    She was a beauty but when she came to me
    She must have thought I’d lost my mind
    I couldn’t hold her ‘cos the words that he told her
    Kept coming back time after time

    You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille
    With four hungry children and a crop in the field
    I’ve had some bad times, lived through some sad times
    This time your hurting won’t heal
    You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille

    You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille
    With four hungry children and a crop in the field
    I’ve had some bad times lived through some sad times
    But this time your hurting won’t heal
    You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille

  56. lelly Says:

    Saif- oh my gosh, two party invitations! lol ;)
    I guess you and Zaid are having “Who-can-invite-the-most-blog-readers-to-random-parties” competions, eh?
    I accept, sweetie. :)

  57. Ahmed Naji Says:

    Hey Saif, I hope someday soon you can come back to your beautiful house. That’s right, I remembered now–it was my birthday. hahahaha and the Coke was definitely mixed with some alcohol.. celebrating a mad one last birhtday with you before leaving Baghdad.

  58. Saif Says:

    Yeah Ahmed,
    I can remember that night very good.
    And best thing is that we had to clean the floor from our friend’s puke. lol.

  59. Patrick Says:

    Just watched all the episodes so far after seeing the piece on CNN, and I certainly plan to continue watching from now on. All of you are truly admirable men and women, and these videos are a testament to your courage and character.

    Saif, that music you play is beautiful. This may seem a little strange, and I would certainly understand any reluctance or no from your end as I’m essentially Random Internet Guy #98,546,227, but I’d really like to get in touch with you through email, talk about music, see if we can’t introduce each other to new (to each other) bands and styles. As my father was want to say before he left this world, “No man is so rich that he can afford to turn away new friends.” And I must know more about shisha, since a quick google search made me wonder how it is I could not have known about such an Awesome thing before.

    And if you don’t want to chat through email, then at the least know there’s an Irishman in Florida wishing you all the best. And if my people’s country can finally make peace with itself, I know yours can too.

    May the road rise to greet you.

  60. Randy Says:

    You guys are about to become very popular. NBC news did a spot on you tonight that was very well done. I live in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle in the States. I grew up in Texas. My family back in Houston hates what Bush has done to this country and despises him. They have to keep it quiet because he has a lot of supporters there, though I still can’t understand why. Where I live I know of no one who likes him or this war. No one here wanted it from the beginning and saw it for what it was. We are considered a “blue” state. Liberal and not very fond of the Republican party.
    I’m thrilled to discover you and am excited to start reading. I’ve put a link to you on my own portal site, featuring it front and center.

  61. James Says:

    Thanks Saif for the acknowledgment. I been watching these videos since the beginning and I recommend anyone else who is looking for a fair Iraqi opinion to come here. These guys don’t have a political agenda they just tell it how it is.

    Peace be with you,

  62. James Says:

    oh one more thing!

    Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government…”

    “Thomas Jefferson”

    Vote RON PAUL 08″

  63. Melly Says:

    Closest glimpse I’ve ever had of your city. I’m here in Los Angeles, where I think you should come to make your music and your destiny. And then you must go back to Baghdad, when the sun is shining, and help your friends.

    You’re doing a great service with your optimism.


  64. Saif Says:

    That is great quote.
    Thank you.

  65. Zaid Says:

    Hey Hey Hey ……Where am I here !!!!

    Saif , Ahmed , Lelly , Tracy , Mike and Lovely Karenne …..

    I think we have to make the golden oldies return back one day , and am sure we will do that coz we have the power and have faith , friendship , love to people and our country , MINDS and finaly we have HOPE .

    This song is one of my favorites and its for the Star of the stars (((((Kenny Rogers ))))))) …….

    This Person is Iraq
    Now this Person is shakin and breakin’ and saying :::::::
    You picked a fine time to leave me Iraqis
    With 26 milion sufferin people die with no please
    I’ve had some bad times, lived through some sad times
    But this time your hurting HOPE heal

    Best Regards

  66. lelly Says:

    So THATS what the singing is in this video, Zaid.haha
    Its quite catchy, I had that in my head for about an hour today, lol!
    Hope is so important.Please dont loose it.
    Peace and Love,

  67. Tegan Says:

    Love the song, Zaid has such a good voice!
    Haha could have done without the shower scene though.

    ps. I agree with Tracy, Noor is very beautiful (she definately needs to share her beauty tips with us)

  68. John D Infidel Says:

    Hey Konfused Kid - Were you able to have a heavy metal band in Iraq under Saddam’s regime? Also, watch your mouth young man or I WILL come over and wash your mouth out with soap! (I learned that from my mother)

    Saif - I hope you get to rejoin you friends and family where ever they may be. I am concerned that Iraq is losing its most educated citizens it need for reconstruction and preserving a secular federal goverment. It is the uneducated who are most likely to become violent insurgents and/or terrorists.

  69. at Circle of Hope Says:

    [...] http://hometownbaghdad.com/2007/05/17/episode-29-nothing-but-guitar/ [...]

  70. What Can We Do? at Circle of Hope Says:

    [...] http://hometownbaghdad.com/2007/05/17/episode-29-nothing-but-guitar/ Hometown Baghdad is more real than any “reality” show I’ve seen. Rather than dealing with cheesy competitions and drunken hookups, this series of videos records well-to-do 20-somethings as they slowly disperse, forced to leave behind the homes they love for a more stable life elsewhere. [...]

  71. Zaid Says:

    By the way , even I hate Saddam but that time we did play guitar and also many many bands for heavy metal and other kinds , but now you can not even breath fresh air nor feel safe even if you are inside your room .


    Zaid Al Bender

  72. Saif Says:

    John D infidel,
    Thanks, I really appericiate that.
    And this is the problem, losing educated people.

  73. Saif Says:

    This song is a great one.
    But We all know that you love THE GAMBLER more. Don’t you ?

  74. Sweet Says:

    hey all
    i just watched these videos and this is the best one.
    zaid your voice is wonderful, why don’t you people make a band ? i’ll buy ur records. lol i just download this song and listen to it all the day. over and over it is so nice.
    saif my heart is with you, i hope everything will be fine with you and all people with you.

  75. Sweet Says:

    by the way one more thing, how can i contact you saif ?

  76. Sally Says:


    Comparto tu dolor y espero que veras tu familia cuantos antes y podras volver a Iraq. Cui date mi hermana Iraki,


    (sorry about the accents, I don’t know how to do them on my computer!)

  77. Saif Says:

    Hello sweet,
    Yes I can contact you I’ll take your e-mail from Mike.

  78. Zaid Says:

    No body wants my Email :’( ……


  79. Nadia Says:

    ooooooooh, poor poor Zaid :(( we all want your e-mail, don’t cry :P !! hehehe “that’s one of my devilish laughs ;))”

  80. Zaid Says:

    No No No ….
    As Fredy Mercury said :
    Am just a poor boy nobody loves me , :(

  81. Nadia Says:

    hehehe Bohemian Rhapsody, is it?!
    no, we all love you :D

  82. Zaid Says:

    Nadia ????
    easy come easy go , will you let me go ???
    Mamma Miya let me go
    this is not only a song , its a one of the greatest hits ever been heared by all people

    Lets ask Saif about this song !!!
    I know he likes it …..
    where are you Saif ???

  83. Nadia Says:

    I KNOW!!

    Mama,just killed a man,
    Put a gun against his head,
    Pulled my trigger,now he’s dead,
    Mama,life had just begun,
    But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away
    Mama ooo,
    Didnt mean to make you cry
    If Im not back again this time tomorrow
    Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters

    It’s my fav Queen song :D, I love everything about it… there is a solo violin version of bohemian rhapsody by Lucia Micarelli , it’s pretty good, check it if you like violins :D

    now Saif, tell us, what do you think of this song??!

  84. Zaid Says:

    Lak Saif weeeeennnaaaakkkkkkk?????????????????????

  85. lelly Says:

    *tries to spot Zaids email address*
    Nadia, I love that song. Do you like another one bites the dust? Have you heard that played backwards? hahaha

  86. Nadia Says:

    and so… we begine the journey to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Saif!!

    was he kidnapped??! Is he sleeping??! maybe he is out for dinner with friends!! The possibilities are countless!

    To find out what happened to him, stick to us on HometownBaghdad!

    P.S your prayers are much appretiated!

    “God, I watch too much tv :D”

  87. mike Says:

    Have no fear…Saif was last seen about these parts at approximately 12:18pm. http://hometownbaghdad.com/2007/05/17/episode-29-nothing-but-guitar/#comment-2095

  88. Zaid Says:

    Hey Mike ???? You there ?????!!!

  89. Nadia Says:

    hehehe, so he probably ditched us for something more interesting ;)) !!!!

  90. Zaid Says:

    Yeah he probably did , lol

    Nadia , You ‘re cute by the way ….

    Milke am gonna kill you if you will not answer now …

  91. Nadia Says:

    oooh thank you Zaid :”>

    answer the guy Mike… didn’t you people learn your lesson, Arabs are violent, if you don’t answer him now he’ll probably send a plane to crash into your house ;)) :P

    just kidding :P

  92. mike Says:

    Uh oh! Am I getting threatened here?!?! How are you, Zaid?

  93. Zaid Says:

    Am fine Mike … You ?

    N.B I am not like that Nadia , I dont like what you said by the way …
    Good night
    I hate people who talk like that about me ….and others

  94. Nadia Says:

    I am really sorry Zaid, I was just kidding, didn’t mean to offend you!
    I am an arab too so what I said is joking about myself as well!
    Of course I know you are not like that, none of us here is like that…

    I am incrediblly sorry, please accept my apology!

  95. Zaid Says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..

    I cant stay on that , it seems you ‘ve got the trap …..sweety
    you believed that at once ….. hehe Mike did that as well however , he should know me lolllll

    Mike tell her what did u want to write for me !!!!!

    Cheers guys I have to sleep now
    write what you want now and i will answer tom.

  96. Nadia Says:

    HELL, Ziad, you are so gonna die :D No one tricked me in years, I always do the tricks!!

    I have to admitt it, I have been punked :P

    Good night sweetie, sleep tight!

  97. mike Says:

    So I’ll come clean…after Zaid wrote that comment, I was about to write to him saying “she was only joking!” And just before I clicked submit, i got this email: “hehehe nadia will think i got angry, hahahahha!”

    I guess I got punked, too…

  98. Ashley Says:

    Zaid-I know many Arabs that aren’t that way at all. :)

    Saif- Although I cannot relate to you on many levels, I know exactly where you’re coming from with that sense of lonliness. It’s hard for you now, but I’m sure you’ll make it through stronger.

  99. Nadia Says:

    heheheheee, I didn’t see that coming at all :D, I really thought he got angry and I started blaming myself for upsetting him :(

    But this won’t go just like that, Zaid, you are punished, no more deserte for you :P go to your room young man ;))
    “he is probably in his room anyway by now :D”

    Lelly, I love another one bites the dust, so filled with action :D
    though I don’t think I ever heard it backwards, will try to do that now :)

  100. Tegan Says:

    lelly! i just listened to Another One Bites The Dust backwards.
    Apparently ‘it’s fun to smoke marijuana’ hahahahaha.
    In my grand tradition of convincing you all of people’s Persian heritage :D I feel I should tell you all that FREDDY MERCURY IS PERSIAN!

    Don’t blame me, i’m bored! I’m just a small town girl … living in a looonely world. Took the midnight train going anywheeeere.

    Who knows this one?? I’m going to be pretty dissapointed if no-one knows it, being the music buff’s that you all are ^_^

  101. Nadia Says:

    don’t stop believing, ring any bells??! :D

  102. Nadia Says:


    hehehe, that’s the backwards version. How do people think of these things?! like, do they play every record backwards looking for hidden messages??! :P

  103. Tegan Says:

    Yay, Nadia!
    I’m so glad you recognised the greatness that is JOURNEY!
    Ah, I knew someone would get it.
    Really I just wanted to jump on this fun train-ride of a conversation you were all having :D

  104. Saif Says:

    I am here buddies,
    Sorry but I was busy the late 24 hours.
    And Nadia nobody kidnapped me.

  105. Saif Says:

    About Bohemian Rhapsody,
    It is really one of my favorite rock songs, and I tried to play it but the problem is that his tones ( Freddie ) is on a high pitch so I need to transpose the song to a lower tone and sing it. Altough I know how to play it in the high tone but I don’t sing it in that tone.

  106. Saif Says:

    Oh Zaid, you punked them all. Keep up punking dude.

  107. lelly Says:

    Mwhahaha so th truth of Queen’s song has been revealed!lol
    Nadia, yes, I think some people are that sad…:)
    Freddy Mecury was Persian? Wow, seems obvious now I think about it!
    Zaid you are pretty sneaky.

    You guys really need to put a forum up or something.

  108. Saif Says:

    Check all about Freddie Mercury


  109. Nadia Says:

    yeeeeeeey, Saif is baaaaaaack!! good to know you were not kidnapped :D nice to have you back!

  110. Sally Says:

    ‘Don’t Stop Me Know’- my favourite :-)

  111. Sally Says:

    * woops, meant ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ *

  112. mike Says:

    I’m totally with you, Sally. Have you seen Shaun of the Dead? There is this amazing scene where they beat up zombies with that song playing on the jukebox. If I ever beat up zombies, Don’t Stop Me Now is totally my soundtrack.

  113. Sally Says:

    Ha no not seen that film but I bet that’s gotta be pretty funny! Its such an anthem, great on karaoke with friends hehe I love this bit:

    Im burning through the sky yeah!
    Two hundred degrees
    Thats why they call me mister fahrenheit
    Im travling at the speed of light
    I wanna make a supersonic man out of you

    Take care all

  114. lelly Says:

    I LOVE Shun of the Dead! And that scence in the pub.one of my favourite movies ever.A guilty pleasure though.
    “Are they still out there?”
    *checks* “-maaa-aaa-argh” “yep”

    Ah, Wiki, the fountain of all knowledge.
    Nadia, how do you know that is actually Saif? it could be a kidnapper who’s got hold of his computer…(is paranoid*

  115. Nadia Says:

    oh!! “frowning” :-? this could be a possibility!!

    Saif, or you who is claiming to be Saif, prove it!!! :D

  116. Saif Says:

    Oh GOD, That’s not a possiblity.

  117. Nadia Says:

    that’s exactly what the kidnapper would have said :P

  118. Saif Says:

    Tell me what I should say ?

  119. Nadia Says:

    :-? how should I know either??! we need help on this one….
    we need an embaressing question that only Saif would know the answer to ;). you are the best buddy, you should know :D

  120. Billie Says:

    Speaking of country music, well at one point we were. Go to : http://www.myspace.com/musicrowdemocrats and click on “Listen now” to hear some country music political protest songs. As an American my favorite is “We can’t make it here”.
    The player will just play though all the songs .

  121. lelly Says:

    Very suspicious! Who are you, and what have you done with the REAL Saif?

    (lol, sorry Saif, what have I done!?hehehehehehhe )

  122. Zaid Says:

    Nadddddiiiiiaaaa …..
    Lets ask saif



  123. Nadia Says:

    now that is one heck of a question, can’t wait to read the answer heheheheheeee ;))

  124. Nadia Says:

    god, Zaid, we should both share the term EVIL!!! hehehe

  125. Saif Says:

    That’s a tricky question.
    But I’ll tell you something that you’ll know who am I.
    6 and 13.

  126. Saif Says:

    Hey buddies, We miss someone so bad. Guess who ???

  127. Nadia Says:

    ME????????!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  128. Zaid Says:

    Hahahahahah Saif , dont make me remember that plzzzz

    I guess the one with the red shirt???!! and white genz!!!!

  129. Zaid Says:

    No No No Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    He is the one with Tatooo over his huge musclesss

  130. Zaid Says:

    Nadia I dont miss u and dont miss saif as well

    I hate you allllllllllllllllllll

  131. Nadia Says:

    hehehe, that worked last time but you can’t play it on me again :p

    we know you luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv us all :D

  132. Zaid Says:

    Who told you am kidding you ????


  133. Nadia Says:

    well, if you said that you didn’t miss me and only me at first, you could have convinced me but you said that you don’t miss Saif aswell, that’s not very convincing :P

    beside, I didn’t say you miss me, why would you??! I said you luv us all :P

  134. Saif Says:

    Yeah Zaid we don’t miss her,
    Nadia we are sorry, We are trying to miss you, But noway we can’t.Sorry

  135. Saif Says:

    Kidding N

  136. Saif Says:

    We love you all. We really do.

  137. Saif Says:

    And the person we miss is Gunner Sgt.

  138. Nadia Says:


  139. Saif Says:

    Right biddies.

  140. Saif Says:

    Right buddies.

  141. Sweet Says:

    it is really a nice video. i cann’t stop watching it.

  142. lelly Says:

    Gunner Sgt is my homeboy

  143. Saif Says:

    Where is he anyonbe can contact him ?

  144. Saif Says:

    Thank you sweet.
    Me too I liked this episode.

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