Episode 23 - “Iraqi Man”

Losing a best friend. Zaid leaves.

If you missed me on Brian Lehrer Live, watch it here. I was lucky enough to appear with Zeyad from Healing Iraq whose blog is an amazing peak at Baghdad.

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52 Responses to “Episode 23 - “Iraqi Man””

  1. Iza Says:


    It must be hard to continually have your friends leave Iraq. Do plan to be leaving soon as well? I hope your friend Zaid is doing well in Egypt. He seems like a great friend to have.

  2. lelly Says:

    Er, drinking the same water eh? lol
    Saif , you have left Iraq now haven’t you? Have you and Zaid met up since this video was filmed?You two are really sweet together in this video.
    I don’t know what to say except to offer my support and best wishes to everyone on this planet. We’re all human. I don’t know how things got like this.

  3. Tracy Says:

    Now you’ve gone in made me cry - and at times laughing through the tears (because you are both so funny despite everything). Zaid’s father is very talented. These sculptures look like they should be in a museum.

    I’m so sad for all of these friendships being broken apart and Iraqis scattered around the globe. :(

    Zaid and Saif, I’m glad that you are safe, but of course the tragedy is that you can’t at this time be safe in your own country together, playing your guitars and enjoying life. Your love for one another is so clear in that departing hug.

    I pray that you both see each other again - in Baghdad, on a quiet peaceful evening, laughing and playing guitar as you used to do.


  4. Nadia Says:

    It’s so hard to part with friends, I am sorry you two had to go through this, I feel bad for all the friends who were seperated because of a stupid meaningless war.

    Zaid, Welcome to your second country, buddy. Hope you like it here, I know it is freakin hard and Egypt is not all pyramids but I hope you at least have some peace of mind!

    Mike, just saw the Brian Lehrer show, thanks for posting the link, great to see you man, looking good ;;)
    I am sure these shows will enlarge the base of viewers of this series and hopefully more people will know the truth!

    Guys, you are simply rocking the planet!! Keep on rocking.


  5. Metez Al-Hity Says:

    Zaid, amazing sculptures, wow Mash’Allah Iraqis are so talented in everything. Insh’Allah you will get the chance that you deserve and all Iraqis deserve.

    God Bless


  6. mike Says:

    Thanks, Nadia!!! :D I’m checking with the producers of the show to see if I can post clips of the show without infringing on their copyright. If I can, I’ll compress the show down to a manageable size and repost it. We’re working on some getting some other great press mentions. So if you see any, feel free to let me know - in the comments or via email. I’m mostly looking for print, radio and tv coverage. So many awesome bloggers (who I secretly like most) link to us that I can’t keep track! :)

  7. David Says:

    Is there a different section of your website or other websites to ask questions and learn more about what you are doing?

  8. mike Says:

    Hi David,
    Well it all depends on the kinds of questions you want to ask…if you want to know things about Iraq and what life is now like for Ausama, Saif, and Adel, then ask away in the comments. If you want to know what we, Chat the Planet, are planning next, feel free to email me at mike@hometownbaghdad.com. Or if you’re interested in working with Chat the Planet, feel free to e-mail me.

    We also have an About Us page that tells a bit about who we are.


  9. Jasmine Says:

    Saif Abdullah and Zaid are the same person? They look so alike. Oh is it true that Saif left Iraq? How long ago was this shot?

  10. Jasmine Says:

    Oh no, sorry scrub that. I was mistaken between who was leaving in “Saif Abdullah Leaves”
    I am so sorry to hear that Saif may have lost a dear friend, its so rare to see two friends openly express how much they love each other, it was sad and beautiful. I wish Saif and Zaid the best

  11. Astrid Says:

    living in switzerland and visiting your site since a few weeks i wish you from the bottom of my heart all the best - you all have so much courage, strength, integrity, creativity, love …. -
    may peace prevail all over the world

  12. jimmy in italy Says:

    god watch over you guys…have faith and hope and dont ever give up your cause…even if it isnt the popular choice…stand tall and proud and you will over come within..

  13. vagabondblogger Says:

    Hi, just found you on Salon.com and then became addicted to your videos and blog, which I’ve been on a good deal of the day. Love it, but not the war. Hope you don’t mind, I was so impressed and loved your site so much I added you onto “my favorite links and blogs” list on my blog and did a special on you today (putting my Expat Profiles, on the back burner.) I don’t get very many viewers, but I thought your message was so important, that the word needed to be spread. Also, I am in Cairo - the people here are great and I wish you the best of luck. I am fairly new here too, but for different reasons.

  14. Zaid Says:

    Hey …….
    Thank you I have left Egypt and now am in Dubai thats why I was away a little bit ……..
    Thanks am proud and feel that Evry one over here is doing a great job
    Kind Regards for you all …
    Speciall regards for Karrene and Mike

  15. Nadia Says:

    actually Mike, i just found a group for you guys on facebook!
    all facebook residents, join people, join! :p

    I know i put your website on my hometown location :D

  16. Zaid Says:

    My Father is sending his regards to you all ….
    We are all together in United Arab Emirates…

  17. Zaid Says:

    Watch this ……….. homeless in paris


  18. Tracy Says:

    Zaid - Regards to your father and the rest of your family. I’m glad that you’re reunited in Dubai now.

    I watched the video you posted called, “Homeless”. If I think of Iraqis and Baghdad every day like this I will eventually run out of tears. I can’t express how much I want you all to have your peaceful home back - and the amazing thing is that what I’m feeling is probably a small fraction of what you all feel.

    In this video, again, guitar playing and lovely singing. Are all Iraqis talented or something? I now “know” about 10 Iraqis and every one of them can play guitar and sing and things like this. :D

    Well, keep in touch, Zaid. Peace, my friend.

  19. Saif Says:

    Hey Tracy,
    By the way, The guys in the video you watched “Homeless”
    Naji is my brother, And Khorshid is his best friend.

  20. Samara Says:

    I’ve been watching the videos for the last couple of days. Although I left Iraq many years before the war, The two guys on lost in Paris express how I (and probably many Iraqis) feel elequently. I come from a big close family, the last time I saw any of them was 2 years ago. Saif I hope you are reunited with Naji and your friends soon. Keep Safe.

  21. lelly Says:

    Wow, Zaid, that homeless video was really moving. I know how they feel, its so horrible. I wish there was some way I could spare people pain like this, but its part of living.
    Our lives cannot be painless, but if theres love in there somewhere, its worth it.
    Regards and respect to your father. And best of luck to him and you all. Im glad you’re all together.
    Saif, you two dont look that much alike, I wouldnt have guessed!
    But I see the guitar-playing is a big thing with all you guys. All very good too. :)

  22. Tracy Says:

    Hey Saif! :)

    Now that you say that, I had to watch the video again and I do see a family resemblance with you and Naji.

    Have you been able to see him since he’s moved to France?

    By the way, I messaged you in myspace a couple weeks ago. You get it? I know you don’t use myspace much.

    Hope you and your wife are doing well - and that your peanut selling business is profitable… Hee hee ;)

    Keep in touch.
    Your friend,

  23. Zaid Says:

    Yeah Lelly ……they are both dentists one of them is Saif’s brother , I miss them as well , Iraq has us as the future’ bank and we will do our best for our country ……………
    Thank you sweety and thanks Tracy and all people over here ,

  24. Tegan Says:

    Amazing sculptures
    Beautiful guitar playing (no girl could resist it)
    This one is great, and I love seeing the screen-shots of photos!

  25. lelly Says:

    Zaid, I admire you and your friends. ( Guitar-playing dentists :D)Its true you are Iraqs future, i just hope you have a chance to contribute.
    Thank you
    Peace and love

  26. Zaid Says:

    Tegan and lelly ………..
    Thanks for ur wonderful words , you are invited in my house in Baghdad there is a party with guitars near the fire place me and saif and all , that party will be true in july the 8th 2028

    Thats what we call it HOPE …..heheheheh

  27. Zaid Says:

    Tracy …. where are you princess ????

  28. Saif Says:

    Hey Zaid,
    Where are you ?
    Where you’ve been the last few days ?

  29. Tegan Says:

    I will mark it on my calender
    *July 8th - 2028*
    I’ll bring the crackers and dip :)

  30. lelly Says:

    *marks on calender*
    Yay! I accept! Ill wear a flamenco skirt. And bring some…drink. Milk, of course.
    Zaid, don’t forget your zimmer frame.

  31. mike Says:

    hey! no planning without me! I want in!

  32. Saif Says:

    Yeah It will be in my house.

  33. Zaid Says:

    Naaaaaaaaaah …….Saif
    It would be great only in my house , Tegan , Lelly Mike and Saifffffff am putting water in the ref. and waiting it to be frozen and since there is no power there , so I will wait till that time
    08 july 2028 so as we could make it that time ,
    Mike and Tegan , dont forget to bring some ice , if not you will be FIRED from my party , Saif you are welcomed all the time

  34. lelly Says:

    Ice fetish, Zaid?

  35. Tegan Says:

    I shouldn’t be left responsible for something as important as ice!
    I’ll do something silly like .. leave it out in the sun.
    Or because i’ll be FORTY in 2028 I’ll probably have Alzheimers disease by then and i’ll forget the ice.

    Then how will your ice fetish be satisfied??

  36. Zaid Says:

    No No dont think like that , coz we will have sons who will prepare evrything man , hehehe lelly you can come alone coz ur husband will disturb us hehehehehehe

  37. lelly Says:

    teehee,I don’t have a husband!
    Oh wait, this is in about 20 years time. OK, well, he can carry my luggage of about two tons of ice and then I’ll send him away.
    Tegan, 40 isnt that old…-_-Or won’t be,huh


  38. Tegan Says:

    By 40 I plan to be a spinster with no husband, and i’ll move to Romania and have alot of cats.
    I’m going to be one of those eccentric old ladies who tells crazy stories about how I invented the chestnut.
    Hey, maybe i’ll bring chestnuts to the party!

  39. lelly Says:

    Iced chesnuts?

  40. Tegan Says:

    excellent plan.

  41. Zaid Says:


  42. Nadia Says:

    so there were those rumors that there is going to be a party somewhere in about 20 years…ummmm, I wonder where that is, and I wonder why I was not invited :-? ???!!

  43. Tegan Says:

    Well it’s a very ELITE party. All the coolest kids. So I guess that means….. YOU would definately be invited!
    Don’t bring chestnuts.
    They’re already taken care of.
    Icy ones.
    *starts picking out party dresses*

  44. Nadia Says:

    wooohoooo, I am one of the coolest kids *sparklin eyes*

    lelly, you’ll bring milk?? I guess that leaves me the vodka!! hehehe

    my little black dress is waiting on my bed from now Tegan :D

  45. lelly Says:

    Im bringing MILKY vodka. Its got ground-up diamonds innit.pssh.
    god, milky vodka and iced chesnuts. some food.
    I guess we’ll just have to have GOOD MUSIC to make up for it eh?

  46. Nadia Says:

    nah, what we would really need is some dolma and tapsi :D “that’s Iraqi food”, that should fix it !!

    I absolutly agree on the music, we should start making our playlist from now, in 20 years we’ll have something AWSOME :P

  47. Zaid Says:

    You are talking about things that would enter my house …..
    how dare are you ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am the boss here , Okay????????

  48. lelly Says:

    Yessir. I apologise.Please, Zaid, what will you eat/drink/wear?listen to?

  49. Tegan Says:

    I bet Zaid is secretly a Prince fan and wears puffy shirts and leather pants.

  50. Zaid Says:

    . . . . . . am too shy Tegan

    Lelly you are the 1st one , who are going to see my house ;)

  51. lelly Says:


  52. Serafino Raimondo Says:

    you had me suicidal, suicida. Serafino Raimondo.

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