Episode 20 of 45 - “Liberation”

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Nearly everyone who has seen Hometown Baghdad has been desperate to know what Saif, Adel and Ausama think about the American invasion/occupation. After having seen how it has affected their lives, their families and their friends, we now get to hear them talk honestly about it.

And a special hello to new visitors to this site who saw us on CNN in the US, Swiss TV, Swedish TV and all the other great media outlets that are helping us further the awareness of these Iraqi voices.

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66 Responses to “Episode 20 of 45 - “Liberation””

  1. Nadia Says:

    I watched this episode for over 10 times now…..
    wow guys, you are taking this to the next level, this is one of the best episods so far!!

    What democracy?? there is no such thing called democracy, this is FAKING democracy, those elections are a very primitive step on the road to democracy… The main reason for them was publicity, so that the US government can say that we freed Iraq, so that president Bush can go to one of those military bases and smile to the cameras and say, hey, how do you like what we did? we gave them elections, it should busy them for a while fighting over who would take charge, which militia would form the army so they would get off our ass for a while”excuse my words”!!

    I can’t see no liberation!
    Try liberating people from FEAR first, destroy the militias, form a pure IRAQI army, not sunni nor shiet nor kurdi, give people the oppertunity to walk safe in the streets, to sleep safe in their beds at night and then you can talk about democracy, elections and liberation!
    It’s a long road waiting ahead, God be with us!

    I don’t believe we are asking for much if we say we want to be safe!


  2. a German Says:

    Thank you Gerhard Schröder, that Germany has not joined this horrible war!
    I hope that Bush will realize, that this war does not liberate, but occupie, very soon!

  3. Jill Says:

    I wish it were mandatory for President Bush to watch all of the Hometown Baghdad videos, especially this one. If I could make it through security with my laptop and force him to watch them, I would.

    Thank you to the videographers and the subjects of Hometown Baghdad. I wish our administration shared your bravery, honesty, and conviction.

  4. Omar Says:

    Thank you, a German. It is certainly highly regarded amongst the Iraqi people that your country and France did not join in that criminal activity. Peace and God bless.

  5. Iza Says:


    I ask myself that question every so often, how can Bush be the President of the United States.


    I am sorry you feel that our troops are simply occupiers and not liberators. But you are telling the truth. The only people that can truly liberate Iraq are the Iraqis themselves. I still believe that no one (country, military force, etc), should force anyone into doing something that they are not ready for. No matter how well intended the person might be.


    There are people that do care, and I’m sorry that you feel that way and that you and the others have to live the life that you are living. But again, thank you to you all in taking your own stand and showing us a different side to this war.

    Oh yeah, and Nadia, I personally have not seen the stories that you say the media covers, but I wouldn’t think that you are completely false. I am sure that some stories have tried to link Saddam to Osama, and I’m even more positive that the US administration has tried their hardest to link Saddam to Osama, which is why I still disagree with the reasons as to why the American troops were sent to Iraq in the first place.

  6. Omar Says:


  7. Nadia Says:

    Jill, do you really think that he doesn’t know???!!

    Iza, I am telling you what I saw and heard, but as you said, no matter what the reasons or the “excuses” they made, this war is WRONG!!!

    Omar, I watched the video, thanks for the post, what I heard is nice, but I guess after years and years of lies, wars and misleadings, i developed a trust issue :)… If his deeds are as good as his talking, then vote for him people, hopefully, he’ll be the right choice!


  8. vassago Says:

    Where is your liberation? It comes in the form of dollar symbols going into the pockets of rich American corporations which are benefiting from the spilling of Iraqi blood.

    Mr.Bush and Mr. Cheney wanted to get richer from this war and so they shall.

  9. Five Points Says:

    I came to a relization today how Iraq relates too the American civil war with all the current sect violence. At that time America was just a dream know one really knew if it could be a achieved. None the less people worked hard there was lots of robbery, violence and immigrants that created gangs. One of the most notable gangs was called the dead rabbits made of Irish immigrants. The rivarly was perdominatly those who lived were born in USA called the Natives W.A.S.P. Infact even though martial law was imposed by Abraham Lincoln he did not have the power to enforce it. Do to the fact the army was spread so thin. They also imposed a draft and you were destine to be drafted if you could not pay $300. America became engulfed in civil war as people looted and rioted. This was probably the hardest time in our history full civil war, complete chaos in the streets, gangs and thugs murdering people. Within a 4 year time period of 1861 - 1865 a total of 618,000 people were killed. This war is considered the most bloody war brother against brother in US history. The moral of this is through this war we found independence removed slavery and grew as a nation. This was not the first step out of the darkness for the USA but soon there after a nation emerged and the lessons were learned. There was also a movie that was created called Gangs of New York many of you may have seen I recommend you check it out. Have faith things will get better.

    P.S. I attached the trailer to Gangs Of New York

    God Bless,

  10. adkay Says:

    Nadia, Kucinich is a good man, very honest and very spiritual. He doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being elected, but the important thing he’s doing is telling the truth and getting certain things out in the open: for example, the Bush administration’s insane ideas about Iran, and articles of impeachment against Cheney. The more people who know that the neocons want to attack Iran, the more likely it is that we can stop them. I have seen one news report that the more sane people in the Administration are conducting informal negotiations with Iran.

  11. Omar Says:

    Hi adkay,

    Yeah that’s what I thought about Kucinich too, although I just learned of him recently.

    Although he might not have a big chance of being elected, I think Americans (if only the rest of the world could vote too uugghhh!!) should at least try and vote for the guy.

    I think that people like him are needed exactly to eliminate reasons for becoming a terrorist. He doesn’t believe in violence as a means of solving problems and violence is exactly what creates counter-violence. I really wish him all the luck, and for our American commentators here, who are eligible to vote in 2008, please consider him.

  12. Nadia Says:

    I have just come to know him today through your posts :D, that’s why I am afraid I don’t have the knowledge to judge him…. But this made my think, how come he is the only candidate that I haven’t heard of??! It is strange that someone with such decent opinions doesn’t get proper coverage…..

    He doesn’t have a chance, that’s almost for sure, I don’t mean to underestimate the will of American people but this is the way it goes with politics all over the world.


  13. jeff Says:

    Hi all,
    As an american i thought i should weigh in on the Kucinich debate…He is an amazing person. Totally honest. His heart is in the right place. He is incredibly smart. Etc. However, most people in the US see him as “too liberal.” They think that his views on social issues (like abortion, gay marriage, etc.) are too leftwing for mainstream America. And they think he wouldn’t be strong enough of a leader if he was president. Basically they think he wouldn’t be a good leader if America was involved in a war. Well, at least many republicans think that about him and since Democrats often pick candidates that republicans might vote for, they would never vote for Kucinich in the primaries (which are the elections to determine the candidates held before the real elections). It’s a damn shame.

  14. Kate Says:

    A question for you Ausama, Adel, Saif -

    If it were an option, would you want the US troops to leave tomorrow?

    I don’t know if you know, but there’s a huge debate in the US right now about whether or not to withdraw troops.

    On the one hand, I think it’s pretty clear that the troops aren’t liberators. It’s also clear that they’re not making the country into the great democracy they talked about when going in.

    However, the way things are shown in the media in the US, there’s definitely a sense that if the US troops were to leave, Iraq would implode, and the country would slide even farther into a vicious Sunni vs Shiite war. We definitely get the sense that even though the troops aren’t making things better, they’re at least trying to keep them from getting worse

    So I guess the question I would love for those of you in Iraq to answer is: if the troops left today, do you think things would get better or worse?


  15. adkay Says:

    Omar and Nadia, I should have also explained that although I don’t believe Kucinich has a chance of winning the Democratic primary, all of the Democratic candidates are committed to setting a timeline for getting American troops out of Iraq. Also, they are in touch with reality (unlike Bush), and understand that it would be madness to attack Iran. Regardless of who wins in the primaries, the Democratic party is likely to win the Presidency in 2008. People are just sick of the Republicans and want to give the Dems a chance.

  16. James Says:

    Omar, I think Kunich has some positive things to say thanks for the informitive video. I would say the masses are rallying behind Barack Obama right now. He was against the Iraq war from day one an excellent politician with good moral values. He is also Black, Muslim American that is taking the masses by storm. As long as we are not attacked again a Democrat will enter the office most likely OBAMA 08 for Prez”

    Check out this video pretty incredible reminds me of JFK

  17. francoise from france Says:

    First of all, many thanks to you guys for your brave behavior to help us learn the truth.

    I’m so awfully sorry for what is happening to you all in Iraq !

    As bad as Saddam was, he will never reach the level of evil that Bush and Cheney and all the neocons have.

    These evil men started a war based on a pack of lies to line up their pockets. They don’t give a rat’s butt about their own young ones that they brainwash into thinking that going to war is ennobling. Then the soldiers get blown up and they are let to rot in these American hospitals ! Talk about the greatest nation in the world ! They aren’t even able to take care of their maimed veterans ! How could they care about you guys ? They just don’t have a heart, a soul. They are evil people who love things and use people.

    WMDs = 1st lie
    Al Quaeda in Iraq = 2nd lie
    Spreading democracy = one of many lies
    Stealing your oil and stopping Saddam from selling it in €uros and making Haliburton, Blackwater, Conoco Philips and all even richer = what it is all about

    And you’re paying the price, every day, every minute, every second.

    I’m awfully sorry.

    I wish for Bush and Cheney to have never been born. These arrogant evil dictators, who by the way avoided going to war themselves, have brought chaos in your lives and they should be sent for trial in La Hague.

    The American people, who have elected them, and because of their complacency, and the American soldiers, because they allow themselves to carry out the evil decisions of their retarded president, are as guilty as the neocons who decided this illegal invasion and occupation.

    Try and take care. Try to survive in this chaos. Peace for you guys. Keep safe.

    And thank you.

  18. Omar Says:

    Thanks for the video James. All I wish for is that as many Americans as possible go and vote in 2008 to give America and the rest of the world a better future and to rid us from the disgusting composition of the US administration since 2000.

    As you understand, you are basically electing a president not only for the US but also for the rest of the world and especially for a country like Iraq. Please do whatever is in your power to elect a sane and honest person. That’s probably the only way you can truly help Iraqis and the US.


  19. Omar Says:

    Thank you Jeff for the comment. I didn’t know about the primaries. I will still wish the man good luck.

  20. Ausama Says:

    I would like to welcome all the new visitors as well ,

    now Kate , it would be great if the american troops leave the country ( it’s not only good for us but good for the american famillies ! ) but Unfortunatly , there’s a terrible instability in my country … all the militias are growing stronger ! ! !

    so now if you ask me if the pull out is good or not ? I would definity say it’s not , they have to change their policies and try to be honest about building good , fair Iraqi security forces not just to leave the country…. or you know ? they just have to let the UN forces handle the Iraq.

    Iraqis are dying , the american soliders are dying … they have to act fast while they still can , and leaving the country and lying about how did they built a good democratic system is not the solution !

    There are alot of Solutions , they just have to lose that arrogance for a while !

    (what I mean by ” they ” is the american government ofcourse ! ) .

    Thank you all for your comments , we’re still reading

  21. Mike Says:

    To the people in the video,

    Your suffering is unjust, and your culture is rich in history and tradition. What Baghdad has to offer the world (if not right now) can be traced back to the roots of civilization itself.

    All we can all do is wait. You can wait for the occupation to end, for some leader who doesn’t throw around empty slogans but who has a real care for the people to come to power. I can wait for Bush to leave office, I can leave this country (the US)- which I will soon hopefully and start up somewhere where people care about others outside the U.S. What matters is that the Iraqis have great sympathy from people all over the world, even if this sympathy is manipulated and ignored by governments and others. After the destruction of the war and the ignominy of Iraqis’ suffering, after some time, Iraqi culture and society will blossom into the flower it truly is.

  22. Noor Says:

    Finally, what we really want to hear and see from you guys!

    I totally agree, Iraq needs a loooong time to get democracy, i mean now it is very ironic that we hear about the elections and all that, while we know that these people will NOT make any differance!!

    Looking good with your shirt on, lol/ joke
    Yes, The american troops are for sure NOT liborators! And that is exactly why there is resistance in Iraq, we all know they are not making the situation better.

    We all ask the same question …
    besides, whatever those “clowns” say… you should know that NO ONE believes them, they are all liers, including Bush!

    Great job from you and your team in the U.S for producing and directing the videos… specially this one, i loved it.

    To all of you guys,
    I am so happy that this project is now recognized in many different places all over the world, and i hope your voice and opinion makes a differance, we all support you.

  23. zae from singapore Says:

    Hey guys.

    Just watched this video and I wished I could say that I understand what you guys are going through, because I don’t. I don’t know anything about war. But what I want to say, is that people do care. They do care abt what happens in your country. I heard that CNN has even reported on the videos you guys posted and that to me is a step to make the world aware of what is going on and bring light to the situation.

    I don’t know if I can make any difference but I think the American public can especially with the presidential elections coming. I hope they will make the right decision to help Iraq and also helping their own armed forces and pull them out of harms way as well as starting talks and negotiations with other countries to see how better to secure Iraq.

    The whole world and UN will have to come together on this. I’m not anti American so I won’t say that they are all to blame because I think most Americans are good people and they do want to see things in Iraq to be better, they want their troops out of harm’s way, but I think Iraqis will also need to come together and negotiate especially the Sunnis and Shias on how they can coexist peacefully as a country or divide into two countries and hopefully be good neighbors.

    To Ausama: I’m really sorry abt what happened at your grandma’s house when the soldiers broke in and basically what is happening to you and to your countrymen right now. No one deserves this.

    Stay safe, Take Care and God Bless.

  24. lelly Says:

    I like this video because its honest, but Im not suprised by it. I know what I would be feeling. Your faces say it all.
    Saif- I definitely agree. American government is trying to suppress democracy. They are trying to rearrange the world to suit themselves and their interests.
    Can you believe that the defence industry ( war industry) in America is now owned by the government? They benifit hugely from war!
    Adel -Yes, thirty years of wars in your country. Its so horrible. Alot of people forget that there were lots of wars in that region before this one. The governments do not care about your or anyone elses suffering. But lots of other ( ufortunately far less powerful )people do care. Like me. :)
    Ausama - I agree! Of course George Bush lies!All politicians do! Hes just a little more obvious.He is president because people have conspired to make him so. By vote fixing and subtle evils.
    Democracy does not work.
    The clowns on TV fool many, but lots of people also see through them.
    Its a mess, and soon the rest of the world will follow. The Middle East is only the beginning.

  25. Ausama Says:

    I read in the UTube an intresting comment , it says :

    ” While I appreciate your points of view, I think you’re utilizing a freedom you take for granted & might not have if the Taliban were to take hold of Iraq, or maybe you’d prefer Iran? Liberation doesn’t happen overnight, it takes TIME & SUPPORT. Are you supporting the liberation effort or complaining? How are you helping those that are serving you? When the US leaves Iraq, will it be Sunni vs Shia to the death or Iraq vs Iran? And what will you do then, fight or complain? Think on these things. ”

    Beleive me I only have my freedom inside my house ( where I can tape and talk to you from ! ) .

    I and like many others , tried to support whatever we thought might help , most of us went to the elections ( although we knew it was all just based on wrong rules and etc..! )

    … alot of people were and still try to trust the Iraqis forces and the american forces ,even though we saw little good from them !

    but what can I do more ? I trust them and they hurt us ( not to mention that they’re not protecting us ! ) .

    what should I do more ? should I grap a weapon and fight ? No ofcourse not , cause I don’t beleive in violence and I don’t beleive in killing .

    If I know any other way to help , I would certainly be the first one to try !

    we are here showing you the real picture , complaining yes , since it’s the only way to tell you our opinions …

    I think I gave my opinion about the american forces pull out , so no need to write it again .

    Thank you

  26. Noor Says:

    you have a good point, i don’t think the people that disagree with you can put themselves in your place for one day!
    stay safe

  27. Julie from Germany Says:

    Hey guys,

    it is so good what you are doing. I am so impressed by your films and what you are writing here.
    And I hope there are many people thinking like you.
    The press coverage never tells everything and I think there are a lot of people who don’t know what really happen in Iraq.

    That could be intrest too:

    stay save

  28. Nadia Says:

    As Mike said, there are people around the world who are sympathysing with us… We appretiate the good feelings, and it surely makes us happy to know that there are still honest people in this world but….. Right now, we need more than sympathy!!

    A change has to be made, a huge change has to be made. The only way to make a difference now is by you American people choosing to make it. I agree with James that Barak Obama is in my opinion the best candidate, I know I would vote for him if I had the right to.
    Vote and make a change!


  29. James Says:

    The only survivor of a shipwreck was washed up on a small, uninhabited island. He prayed feverishly for God to rescue him. Every day he scanned the horizon for help, but none seemed forthcoming. Exhausted, he eventually managed to build a little hut out of driftwood to protect him from the elements, and to store his few possessions.

    One day, after scavenging for food, he arrived home to find his little hut in flames, with smoke rolling up to the sky. He felt the worst had happened, and everything was lost. He was stunned with disbelief, grief, and anger. He cried out, God! How could you do this to me?

    Early the next day, he was awakened by the sound of a ship approaching the island! It had come to rescue him!

    How did you know I was here? asked the weary man of his rescuers.

    We saw your smoke signal! they replied.

    The Moral of This Story: Its easy to get discouraged when things are going
    bad, but we shouldnt lose heart, because God is at work in our lives, even
    in the midst of our pain and suffering. Remember that the next time your
    little hut seems to be burning to the ground. It just may be a smoke signal
    that summons the Grace of God.

    P.S. I think Hometown Baghdad is our Smoke Signal and if we miss this, then god forgive us because we have the opportunity right now.

    I was thinking yesterday if there was something I could do to help Iraq. I am youth of my nation and damn I want to do something. I have connections with some famous bands I want to hold a bennefit concert to help you guys out. Please get in contact with me if your interested. I am giving you my myspace page info on my link. If I were to hold a bennefit concert where should the proceeds go? what is going to help you now? I am tired of typing and feeling sorry I am but one American I can do more. I must say you guys have an amazing amount of courage to let your voices be heard. I also ask anyone from around the world that has the power to make a difference to change lives, now is the time to do so. If American troops (

  30. Aareef (Sergeant) Says:


  31. David Says:

    Somehow I knew this Aareef character would try communicating again.

    1) I’ll take your Armed Forces Journal article and raise you (yes, mine is more recent by almost a year):

    2) How convenient of you to want to rearrange the borders of the Middle East and Africa. Others in the region have tried to change the borders of the Middle East (Saddam Hussein being one of them) and the argument against allowing that to happen has always been the preservation of stability.

    3) I am curious as to your motives for appearing on this blog. Do you sincerely have the best interests of the Iraqi people in mind? If you don’t, would you admit that fact? If the answer to the first question is “no,” then the answer to the second question would also be “no.” I’m interested to see who will contest that logic, because whoever does will discredit themselves in the minds of the intelligent people reading these comments.

    4) Related to #3

  32. Viet Nam Combat Veteran Says:

    From my distant viewing I cannot say “yes” or “no” to the Iraqi, liberation. But from my own personal FREE American man perspective I can say that liberation is not going to come to you in a box like cerial, or a wrapper like candy. The liberation is NOT going to be handed to You and your people on a plater like lunch, so you can say, “Thanks for lunch.” Your liberation is going to take the act of you getting up, standing up and make it happen for no one but yourself, for your people. Liberation is not only the physical ability to walk and talk as you want. Liberation is as much a state of mind as it is a physcial presence.

    I understand how hard it must be for a people, three types of people, who have had life dictated to them forever, and this young generation that has no FREE Iraqi role model from which to learn, to feel a sense of liberation. Freedom isn’t free. It will take everyone in this video to get up, stand up, and go out there and take liberation by the hand and bring it to themselves, their family, their community, their country.

    Those who bitch and complain that no one has brought them freedom are missing the point of what FREEDOM and LIBERTY is all about. If you don’t like the quality of freedom the FREE WORLD has brought to you, and you shouldn’t, as we have only brought you Opportunity to make your own, then you must get up, stand up and make YOUR own FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

    The ‘blood and treasure’ the FREE world has spent to bring you nothing more than the opportunity to become FREE people has every FREE person wondering, “Why don’t they stand up and take freedom and liberation into their hearts and minds? What are they waiting for, someone else to be FREE and liberated for them?”

    The greatest Iraqi Army is not dressed in military clothing, nor does it carry a gun. The greatest liberation army that will win the day for Iraq and its people will be THE PEOPLE.

    If you know where the explosivs are, report it. IF you see suspicious activity, report it. If you feel reporting it is an exercise of futility because no one will do anything about it, then stand up and do something about it.

    In every FREE country in the world, the people wake up, reach out and take FREEDOM into their hearts, minds and the world around them. If you are afraid to BE FREE after so many generations on oppression, break the cycle of fear. If you think it is someone else that is going to bring you FREEDOM and LIBERATION, extract your head from your ass and go out there and make your world free from those that want to crush your FREEDOM. Freedom isn’t free. YOU have to work for it everyday of your life.

    WE in the FREE WORLD do. Join us. It’s one hell of a hard day’s work, but worth the toil and trouble.

    You have my support, but I cannot hand you freedom on a plater.

    Cheers, BW

    To quote the 19th Century philosopher John Stuart Mill regarding FREEDOM:

    “War is an ugly thing but not the ugliest of things, the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feelings which thinks that nothing is worth fighting for is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing he cares about more than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being FREE unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men (and women) than himself.”

    Get up, Stand up, and Make YOUR FREEDOM!

  33. Mike Says:

    To all Iraqis who want peace,
    I watch these videos already knowing that Iraqi people are, as the rest of us, an inherently peace loving people. I and my family can not fathom what it would be like in America to be living daily in fear of what is to come next.
    If any of these comments get through to the men and women making these films, I would want them to know that the majority of people in the U.S.A. want to leave them alone to work out their problems for themselves. I want to personaly ask for forgiveness for ever having George Bush as a president. He came into their country under false pretenses and because he can not admit he was wrong will not leave. Americans are trying to get him to get out of Iraq but he will not listen to his own people. He should be impeached and forced to apologize to the WORLD.

  34. adkay Says:

    As Mike said at 7:49 PM, the majority of Americans now despise Bush and want to start withdrawing from Iraq. We’re not waiting for the 2008 Presidential election. We voted the Democrats into power in Congress last November. A few days ago, the U.S. Congress sent a bill containing a timetable for withdrawal to Bush. He has said he will veto it, but the pressure is on.

    God bless the Iraqi people.

  35. Saif Says:

    Hey there,
    Thank you for all your comments.

  36. Nadia Says:

    Well said James, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, just hope it’s not so far…

    Viet Nam Combat Veteran, it is really easy to talk about grapping our freedom and liberty withvour own hands, but it is not easy to do it… We are trying, all Iraqis are trying but still it is a hard thing to do. You say report if you suspect a bomb, if it is visible we do but you don’t actually expect every terrorist to walk with a sign saying “I have a bomb report me”…
    I am proud of the makers of this series, I think they are doing their share in this war, they are informing people of what is really happening and this is one step to have our own liberation.

    Please, Share with us how you think we can accomplish our freedom and liberation, don’t just say you have to work for it, tell us what work should we do??! Waiting for an answer.

    Mike, the cast and the production team of this series do read the comments and respond to them, you can find them among the discussions ” Ausama, Adel and Saif” . They are very helpful and would answer your questions as they do to all of ours.


  37. lelly Says:

    you guys should have a forum or sth.

  38. Eric Says:

    What does it mean to be free and how does a society divergent yet connected create one in an area of chaos? How do you put Pandora back in the bottle and calm the history of violence between the sects? That is the million dollar question. It is one whom the answer has alluded those in charge. Either that or they are just not listening either way the road continues and I hope that your people all of them can find a way.

  39. Viet Nam Combat Veteran Says:

    I’m glad you asked for a suggestion of how you can make your own freedom. I will give a short reply, if possible.

    First, though, I will say that a step in the right direction has been taken in this public, global, cyber-forum. Good on all of you.

    Second, this cyber freedom needs to be taken to the streets. That’s one of the ways the people of the Free World show their freedom, and a way the oppressors show their oppression. I am talking Peaceful Demonstrations for Freedom, Liberty, Peace and Prosperity. I know that the Iraqi people know how to take their messages to the street. We all seen the many ‘Death to America’ Islamic rallies. The “Hate America” rallies can also be labelled, “Oppose Freedom and Liberty” rallies. Before you can have social and political freedoms, perhasp transcending the religious brainwashing and religious hatred and oppression of social and political freedoms needs to be attempted.

    The fact and act of voting is most important and to denounce the act of voting as futile and not a sign of democratic action is again, missing the point, of what liberation is all about.

    How about organizing a new political party? The Iraqi Freedom Party, perhaps. A politcal party free and clear from all ties to Islam, or any other religion. How about street rallies and political party rallies that cry high and loud, “We want our Freedoms! We want Liberty! And we want them now!” Direct your rally cry not against those that have brought you the Opportunity to have not only freedom and liberty, but peace and prospertity, as well.

    It might just be possible that the young Iraqis that want freedom and liberty don’t understand the historic struggles every Free Nation has had to undergo in order to establish Freedom and Democracy. I see a serious case of the blind leading the blind, and the most common statement from the leader and followers are, “I can’t see which way we should go.” The way the blind shouldn’t go is in the direction of biting the very hand that is outstretched to them, with a voice of reason and compassion that beckons, ‘Come this way, into the light of freedom, liberty, peace and prosperity.’

    Transcend the hatred, the submission and brainwashing of religions and ignorance, rise up and make your freedom and liberty happen by supporting and utilizing the very forces that have brought you the opportunity to have all the good things freedom and peace bring. Show the Armed Forces of Freedom that you are with them, not against them.

    I am sure the ‘terrorists fighting hard to destable the process of Freedom, liberty, peace and prosperity don’t wear signs you can read, point them out as the ones who are Hell bent on killing you and the propects of a peacefully free Iraq.

    The signs you can read are in the actions of those around you. How many know the people who are blowing themselves up? How many are related to these people? There are signs, you only need to read them, and pre-empt their destruction and deterrance of your freedom and liberty.

    The most disciplined people in the world are alcoholics, tobacco users and drug addicts. Why? To be oppressed by these types of addictions is to willingly give up your personal freedoms of health, wealth and goodwill. Another addiction is the false pretense of ‘knowing God’ through religion. It takes one or two types of people to follow religions. Megalomaniacs who find a way to gain power through the support of religion, and the weak minded followers who follow out of fear, hope and desperation. Neither are free people.

    I am not saying anyone should turn their back on God. Much to the contrary, everyone needs to appreciate being a part of God, living within It and reflecting the very aspects of God that they want to reflect through the world they create around them. God is everything, and everything is a part of God. That’s not religion. That’s just a simple statement that puts the responsibility of living freely within God by being free upon each and every individual.

    My Northern European progenitors had to stand up and fight for freedom every step of our way from Africa, through Europe, Great Britain, and North America. In turn, as you can see, we have made our own freedom, liberation, peace and prosperity happen for ourselves. You may have heard the cry, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Take that cry to the streets of Iraq, replacing the hate filled anti-freedom cries of “Death to America” which is the same as crying out, “Death to Freedom. Death to Liberty. Life to religious oppression and totalitarianism.”

    What the Free World has given at great expense and sacrifice is the opportunity for the Free Thinking people of the Middle East to step up and make a change. Replace the common phrase, “Middle East turmoil” with “Middle East Freedom, Peace and Prosperty.” In a free Middle East, all religions can be practiced, or NOT. Every Muslim that is only a Muslim because they were brainwashed and coerced into believing they must be so, can denounce Islam without worry of religious retaliation. As Christians can denounce Christianity, without worry of religious retaliation. And athiests can’t take up any religion without retaliation from other non-religious people.

    Well, I lied. I didn’t keep it short. Sorry, as I know people hate to read, it may lead to learning, inspiration or an opinion that might make them think differently.

    Take the outreached hand of Freedom provided to you by those that have brought you the opportunity to stand up for yourselves.

    In peace and freedom, BW

    PS: What have you done to keep yourself free and liberated today. What have your done to bring peace and freedom to those around you, today?

    I have taken the time to write in this little box to people far away that I’ll never meet, but still, I encourage you to get up, stand up and make your freedom happen.

  40. Viet Nam Combat Veteran Says:

    PS: Oops, there are several typos in my last reply. The worst is in the sentence about atheists. The “can’t” needs to be replaced with ‘can.’ Thanks for understanding. BW

  41. Nadia Says:

    Viet Nam Combat Veteran, thank you so much for replying to my questions, I have no problem with reading, after all if I didn’t want to read, I wouldn’t have asked :)

    Now, I respect all your suggestion, they are nearly perfect if can be accomplished… The problem here, we can’t do all what you are talking about…

    You are suggesting that we take this to the streets, how are we supposed to do that if we are threatened to get killed by simply going out to the street. Young people can meet at colleges and schooles, they can discuss this situation but what you want us to do, to walk in the streets spreading awareness among those with strict and extremely conservative people is not possible under the current circumstances… We need a MINIMUM grade of safety to be able to do this.
    The hand you are saying is outstreatched for us thinks we are terrorists, treats us as terrorists. If they can 10% ensure me that I won’t lose my head by one of the militias, if not by them, if I try to speak out loud and I don’t fill the sky with my shouts, then you can call my lazy and not working for my own freedom and liberation!!

    You say form a new party devoid of religious interferance…. Under this government and the current occupation, it is not possible…. There are too many parties and forces benifiting from the outgoing chaos that allowing some youth to contribute to running the country would be too much for their appetite.

    Look, we are not whining, we are not asking for someone to throw justice on our heads from the sky, but we have the right to ask the forces who claime that they came to liberate us to give us the oppertunity to contribute to building our country, and this can’t be accomplished unless we have SAFETY!!

    We don’t expect this to be an easy round, we know we’ll have to struggle and work hard to earn a new good life but till then, we can’t stay silent, we can’t say “someday we’ll manage” and zip it.
    That’s why we are going through these descussions, to show people who don’t know!

    Again, your reply is much appretiated, keep them coming.


  42. adkay Says:

    Viet Nam Veteran, two questions for you:

    1) Did you support the initial invasion of Iraq?
    2) Did you vote for W in 2004?

  43. Dave Says:

    Corruption amount the Iraq is one of the problems that is not well addressed. When one person pays another person to look the other way there will never be freedom. Your religion is also a roadblock to freedon. Surly there must be another way other than killing all infidels.
    Nadia says that you can no take freedom to the streets for fear of being killed. Who is going to do the killing? There has to be a person behind the threat. Eliminate that person.
    The information that we receive here in the U.S. may be slanted or misleading but it sounds as if your clerics are a major part of the problem.
    If you aren’t part of the solution you are part of the problem.

  44. SteveR Says:

    The men in these videos are old enough to fight in the Iraqi Army, no? I dont follow - why complain about the Americans who volunteer to fight the insurgents in your country - something those depicted in these videos dont appear to be willing to do themselves?


  45. dreamlife Says:

    Viet Nam Veteran

    You said in your first post “If you think that someone is going to bring you FREEDOM and LIBERATION, extract your head from your ass etc.” So you’re admitting that the American forces are not there to give the Iraqi people any kind of freedom. So why are they there? Just to do what armies have been doing since the beginning of time which is plundering and pillaging.

    Also, to invade a country and destroy their infrastructure and then berate the people there for not making it better is completely unfair to them. When the infrastructure of a coutry is destroyed (and I don’t just mean physical infrastructure, I’m also including the civil institutions that make a country function), the only things that will thrive and grow in that environment are the criminal elements.

  46. Viet Nam Combat Veteran Says:

    That’s Viet Nam Combat Veteran, just to make it clear that I know combat. I know sacrifices that come with it. I fought for the freedom of a foreign people, front line and beyond, ended up 100% disabled for my efforts. Now I must direct all to my website and maybe you’ll be interested in my creative work regarding my combat experience, and its aftermath.

    Now, to the two questions asked of me personally:

    1. I was not in a position to support or not support, as I am just a common man. It’s not like it was put to a public vote. But then, now, and in the future I will always support Freedom, Liberty, Peace and Prosperity over oppression, tyranny, dictoratship, fear and ignorance.

    2. Ah, the beautiful thing about voting in a democracy is that it is a private vote, a silent moment where the voter makes up his or her mind on their own, with no one else knowing which way they cast their vote. There is a reason for that, and if you were of voting age in Iraq during Saddam’s reign of terror and tyranny then I need not explain the reason behind the secret ballot. Nor need I tip my hand and deprive myself of the freedom of choice without influence or retaliation. See how it works? I may have, I may not have. I may not have voted at all, then again perhaps I wrote in my favorite write-in choice. But, since it is a secret process, and I like the freedom of having it that way, I will exercise my freedom and decline to comment. Is that too cool, or what? Freedom in action.

    So, anyhow, I was out doing yard work, which is alway a stimulant for inner dialogue, and I came up with what I consider an excellent idea that might help take Iraq and its people into, up to, onto the next level to which they need to take themselves. Care to hear it? If not, stop reading now. My thoughts were stimulated by Nadia’s comment that it is easy for me to talk about ‘making your own freedom,’ but it is not easy to do.

    I never suggested the fight for freedom would be ‘easy.’ It never is. On the other hand, it is easy not to fight for freedom.

    I suggest that since this website has some traffic, and more importantly its creators, designers, moderators and visitors have the Freedom to exercise the right to surf the net, talk on the net, promote freedom via the net, that an internet based, as well as media, communication to all Iraqi people stimulates a national outcry for Freedom, Liberty, Peace and Properity, as well as pride in moving forward into the 21st Century as newly born Free Iraqi People. I suggest a nationwide call to cry out and make a mutual statement for all to hear. You folks are well trained in praying five times a day. I suggest a call to cry out that many times, and maybe one extra, in unison. For an example: Before or after praying step outside, or go to your street, meet with your friends and family, be in the work place, the disco, wherever, and stand tall, with your arms at your side, your fists clenched, your feet placed firmly on the ground and your upper body flexed and as one voice shout out, “I am a FREE Iraqi and Proud to Be a twenty-first Century Citizen of the Free Iraqi People. Now and Forever.” Of course, say it in your own language. Say it from the heart. Say it with conviction.

    Gather with your friends and shout this call, or a call like it, so all can hear your defiance against the fear, the madness, the oppression. It will be both scary, and . . . are you ready for this? . . . LIBERATING!

    There’s a limitless amount of phrases to say, you make them up. Speak your will. Cry out your will in national unison, young and old, cry out.

    “Life to Freedom, Peace and Prosperity!”

    Make it a call to arms, a call to voice out your silent depression and make your will to be free a known fact by taking the time to Freely Express your desire to be FREE.

    Of course, you’ll have to transcend the status quo of Islam and the sectarian bigotry. I’m not saying denounce your religion, or you sect, but I am saying rise above it for the good of the people so everyone can be FREE. That’s what you want, or it is not. Your call.

    As Nadia mentioned, “Terrorist don’t wear a sign” and I replied, ‘They do, in the way they act.’ You will be able to see those that hate your want and desire to be free from their oppression, death, torture and tyranny by the look in their eyes, their angry body language, the homicide belt they are wearing or the gun they are pointing at you. Those are the people you follow, you report where they go and what they do.

    The largest army in Iraq is not dressed in military clothing, nor does it carry guns. It is the Free Will of the People to unit boldly, against the thugs that want to oppress that very free will.

    Also, go out of your way to give a positive shout out to the Armed Forces of the Free World who are in Iraq to bring you the Opportunity for Freedom, Liberty, Peace and Prosperity. Stand up, so they can stand down. Not a one of them wants to die for anyone who is not willing to die for themselves in the fight for freedom.

    Note: The United States Military is made up of all volunteers who exercised their right to freely join the military, or not. Freedom and liberty in action, pay attention.

    I can give you this warning. If the people in Iraq are not willing to stand up in a civilian mass to demand an end to the sectarian, political, religious blood shed, the Free World will throw in the towel.

    You can lead a mind to education, but you can’t force it to learn. You can provide a people opportunity to do right for themselves, but you can’t make them do anything. You have to want it. You have to want it enough to die for it.

    Go back a few emails and re-read the quote from John Stuart Mill. Translate it into Farsi, spread the word. Stand up en mass and shout it out. “Freedom NOW!” That means all Iraqi people will have to transcend the sectarian and religous bigotries.

    “Death to the hatred. Death to the senseless violence.”

    If you don’t like the way the world is revoling around you, then get off your buttocks and change it.

    If you don’t like the news, then go out and make your own the way you like it.

    If you don’t like the political party in office, vote it out, impeach it, or recall it. But better yet, make a new politcal party that speaks for the Free People of Iraq. Do it now, while you have some support. You’ll need money, and I suggest you tap into every pocket of every Iraqi that has fled the country.

    Please, show the Free World you want to be FREE. Shout it out. Let it be known.

    Cheers, BW

    PS: And where are the musicians, songwriters, filmmakers, talk show hosts, poets, and artists? They have a powerful voice and should be shouting out a lot louder. “I can’t hear you”

    Where are the peace rallies? Where are the Peace Marches? Where are the balls of the Free Iraqi Civilian People?

    It’s better to die free, than live the life of a slave, and purely ignorant and lazy to die as a slave.

  47. Viet Nam Combat Veteran Says:

    To dreamlife.
    I put that one hard sentence in my comment jus to see what the personality of the readers were. I find that of all I’ve written, that is the sentence you repeat and then spin negatively. Good news, you have the freedom to do so. Of course, I admit to none of your negative assumptions, but stand firm on my claim that ‘opportunity’ is all that the Allied Armed Forces brought to Iraq. From there, it is on the shoulders of the Iraqi people, like it or not. Freedom is a choice, if you are lucky enough to have the option.

    Cheers, BW

  48. adkay Says:

    So you live in a really nice house, but the landlord is really horrible. This guy decides to get rid of him for you, even though you didn’t ask him to. The guy got rid of your awful landlord, but he also knocks out some walls, tears a big hole in the roof, busts the front door wide open, ruins the septic system and messes up your electrical service. Now the rain can get inside, and thugs with guns can hurt your family and steal your stuff.

    “Look what you did to my house!” you shout at him. “Everything’s ruined! And now these creeps can threaten my family!”

    He tells you to stop acting like a victim. Then he gives you all this worthless advice on how to fix things (even though you didn’t ask him).

    I wish this were just a parable. But it’s not.

    No American has the moral authority to tell Iraqis what they should do to fix the horrible situation we created. Giving cheap advice as some are doing is sanctimonious, ill-informed, and callous.

  49. Amy Says:

    I wish more American people would see this video. We see so little of what it’s like to be an everyday Iraqi. It’s frustrating to me that obviously you are people like us who want to live, study, pray and raise your families yet you are made pawns of politicians and fanatics. God bless you!

  50. Viet Nam Combat Veteran Says:

    To Nadia,
    Your situation sounds grim, that is for sure. But if the Iraqi people can’t rise up against the ‘forces’ that prevent you from taking it to the street, then use this internet, think covert, underground activities, radio, TV, cryptic notes, codes, whatever it takes to educate and reeducate. The ‘good-old-boys’ Islamic gang of Clerics, and all that they control are a big problem, worldwide. The brainwashed are so deeply entrenched in their hatereds that you are up against a wall of absurdity.

    I have had an interesting day working this site between projects. There are the naysayers, the can’t do, the defeatist and the dreamers, and a few, but not enough, wanna-be free people like you.

    I’ve noticed I am the only one providing any suggestions or encouragement for the Iraqi people to try to do something in hopes of making a positive change. Call it brainstorming. But even I am chastised for making suggestions, how ironic. At least I try to make a positive different.

    I could also suggest you do as many have done, “Run, Nadia, run!”

    My time for these discussions are over, the new week begins. I’ll end on this one last note: Those virgins the Islamic Martyrs are promised . . . the small print says . . . they are all Catholic Nuns. Goes to show how we must be careful for what we ask, and be wary of the goods that scam artists sell.

    All the best, and don’t let the buggers wear you down. Freedom is yours, you have already made the choice.

    Cheers, BW

    PS: Adkay, come on, man. Keep it real. Everyone is free to make their suggestions, that’s why it’s called ‘freedom.’

  51. Abuzooz Says:

    There is plenty of evidence emerging from former members of the US armed forces, CIA, and the media in general the the US administration sought to go into Iraq before the pretexts of the ‘War on Terror’, wmd’s, or democracy. According to Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark, the Bush regime wanted to wage war in the Middle East, toppling 7 governments in 5 years, starting with Iraq and ending with Iran. Why the neo-cons would want to do this is another discussion in itself, but it sure isnt about spreading ‘democracy’.

    As for other western countries not getting involved in the 2003 war/invasion/occupation of Iraq, this should not exonerate them from supplying Saddam with high tech weaponry to fight neighbouring countries and subdue the Iraqi population. These countries that supplied Saddam are as guilty as he is of perpetrating the so called ‘crimes against humanity’ that he was convicted for and hung. One would like to think that ‘defence’ contracters and the countries that subsidize and promote them should be responsible for the prodcuts they sell.

    As for the question of corruption, US companies involved in ‘reconstruction’ have been invovled from one scandal to the next. One example of this is the Bechtel $9 billion dollar corruption scandal, which has yet to be addressed by US media or government. According to Iraqi law, which the US changed while the CPA ruled Iraq, in breach of international law, which states that no occupying force can change the economic laws of the occupied country, all US coprorations operating in Iraq are immune from charges and investigations being brought against them.

    As for the Viet Nam Vet, “opportunity’ is all that the Allied Armed Forces brought to Iraq.” Do you call dismanting the police, army, the top three levels of management in a country an opportunity? Do you call handing out ministries accroding to sectarian affiliations an opporunity? Do you call exacting collective punishment by encircling and closing off Fallujah and Talla’far and destroying half the homes in the area an opporunity? Do you call bring al-Qaeda to Iraq an opporunity? Do you call building a wall around A’dhamiiya District an opportunity? Do you call 13 years of sanctions killing 500,000 children, which according to former Sec of State Albright was ‘worth it’ an opportunity? Don’t think people live in a bubble, that Saddam woke up one day as a tyrant with a wmd lodged up his arse, and that the US thought it would give the Iraqis an ‘opportunity’. There is a long relationship between the US and Saddam, and the current rhetoric emanating from the WhiteHouse about young democracies and your opportunities are not going to erase our collective memories.
    According to Deepak Chopra who along with Gallup Polls conducted a survey of 600,000 Muslims all over the Muslim world, the number one reason for disliking the US is a sense of feeling humiliated. Humiliated…. not ‘hating our values and freedoms’ or ‘wanting to take over the world’… but humiliation. The people of the world do not want to be forced to have an ‘opportunity’…..

  52. Ausama Says:

    Viet Nam Combat Veteran ,

    Your suggestion are most appreciated , It’s not easy to to write about the freedom of someone else unless you mean it or wish it for them , but unfortunatly like Nadia said … this is not how it works on the ground !

    Facts , If I’m going to arrange a big demonstration or a cry for liberty .. the chances of me getting killed is nearly 90% .

    for many reasons , but the most important one that there is no one , and I mean no one who’s going to protect me during and after that .

    you mentioned that there must be a person behinde these killings ,bombing … etc .. which they might be caused by al qaeda or whatever . but have you ever thought or knew that many and many of the current Iraq ” as called : politicians ” are involved in these massive killings and kidnappings and whatnot ? and there are many and many evedents … now why we critisize the US actions , that’s because they’re protecting those politicians … they’re increasing their powers and they’re allowing for more sectarian division.

    now what we ask our selves everyday , is the US governemnt really don’t know about those politicians or militia members …or they just intentially keep them !

    I would be more than happy to see a secular government , that doesn’t mean I’m giving up my religion , on the contrary .. a secular government would protect my rights and i’m sure of that.

    Thank you for your suggestions though , I’m sure if there would be a minimum security in Iraq , my country men and i’m one of them would do most of what you mentioned !

    Thank you

  53. Craig Says:

    It is a human fault to believe that by propping up a “good” government, it will remain “good”. Here in the United States, our Founding Fathers (those that put our government’s underlying principals in place) deliberately put the political power in the hands of the PEOPLE and NOT the government. (Those in power are trying to re-write history to eliminate that.)

    When you voted (and I hope you did) you put people in place that are *accountable to you*, not that you are accountable to. Make your elected representives remember that!

    Would you protect your brother if he were making a public statement that could get him killed, even it cost your life? Would you protect your fellow student’s lives if they spoke out publicly? What if the entire student body demonstrated in public? Would you not risk your life, if your younger brothers and sisters *never* had to live with the fear and uncertainty that you are living with now?

    People have forgotten that the price of Freedom is not free.

  54. Nadia Says:

    Hello everyone,

    Dave, corruption is nothing restricted to the Iraqi or Arab governmetns or society, it is a world wide thing, I am not saying it is acceptible but it’s not just us, there is major corruption in the US government too, that’s why it is so hard to fight it…

    The one I am saying can kill me is not a distant person, it can be the neighbour living next door, it can be a brother or a friend… These terrorists are so deep within our society we can not eliminate them as fast and easy as it may seem to an outsider…….

    I would like to clarify a point now, again, ISLAM IS NOT WHAT MAKES THOSE PEOPLE TERRORISTS!! Look, I am not a religious person, but I am a Muslim and I know what true Islam is… The whole crap Al Qaeda and extremeties are spreading has nothing to do with true Islam. When I was at school and I had my religion course, I was tought that I am supposed to be a peaceful person, I was never to attack someone who didn’t attack me, I was never to kill a woman, a child or an old person, I was never to cut a tree or corrupt a land etc.
    I was tought that everyone has the right to have their own religion, it is something between them and God, I can not treat them differently on these bases. THIS IS ISLAM
    Whatever that is happening now has nothing to do with it, they call themselves Muslims, I say they are infidelits. Islam didn’t say that you’ll get 70 or 10000 virgins if you bomb yourself in the middle of innocent civilians, All are false allegations made by those sickened mind bastards!!
    Just thought I should say this because i read so many comments blaming Islam.

    Now, SteveR, I thought it was clear that we are sick of violence!!
    According to you all women should farewell their husbands, fathers and sons and send them to carry the guns and fight!
    All men should dumb their jobs, their education and their lives to go shoot eachother!!
    Do you really believe that flushing some more weapons into the streets would solve anything???!!!
    We want peace, and we want to accomplish it in peaceful ways!

    Viet Nam Combat Veteran, I am sorry if I sound grim, surely didn’t mean to, I am very open to suggestions and opinions, and again I wouldn’t have asked for your suggestions if I didn’t want to read them!

    Your words are very inspiring, if anyone reads them I am sure would love to do something like that but as I said before all are theoretical, real things don’t go like this… I think this is something we all agree on.

    Now, you say use the internet, tv etc. where are the musicians, the poets, the writers?!!
    They are all trying, we are all trying, these episodes are an example of this, there are books, numerous websites and blogs talking about the situation, we have discussions with people unaware of how things really go, we do all that BUT you don’t expect this all to work out the whole problem in a couple of days, months or even years……. Spreading awareness is a long journey specially under the supression expressed by many forces!

    We are not complaining about that, believe me… It will take time, we know but until this happenes the situation can’t go on like this!

    I am getting to my point here, as I said before, We don’t expect you to throw happiness and joy on our heads, we know our freedom and liberation will take a long time to accomplish, BUT give me my safety so I can accomplish all this!

    WE WANT TO BE SAFE, simple as that!

    We want the American troops who are supposed to be here to liberate us, to protect us on our first steps towards our own freedom!


  55. James Says:

    Steve R I would have disagree with your statement. These guys are doing something more constructive than fighting their letting their voices be heard. In USA I would say a lot of the more educated kids are in college. I am not discrediting our soliders but a lot them come from lower income families in search of education and some are just good people who are patriots. There are many different elements to society and this is one of them. They have courage for even letting their voices be heard I am sure I don’t have explain the consequense. Since they started this project I look at every life as a person rather than a number. Many Iraqis are standing up and taking back their freedom. I am sure they are learning freedom isn’t free if they havent already.


  56. mike cat Says:

    I have a question for the Iraqii men on the video - what is your opinion of people like Omar from iraqthemodel.blogspot.com? He wants the US to stay and try to fix the problems currently in the country. He had an article last week that was pretty critical of the democractic spending bill that included the timeline to leave the country.

    What sorts of discussions do you have with your countrymen who support the occupation in the hopes that it will lead to eventual stability? I don’t know enough beyond what I see and read and my marine friends who tell me how hopeless the situation is there, but I would like to understand better from someone who is a native.

    Be safe!

  57. Kenny Velez Says:

    I hope everything works out in the future for you guys. While I personally want the troops to leave. I do fear what could happen then, keep thinking Rwanda. My brother is over there and I worry everytime I hear on the news “5 soldiers” killed today. It must be even worse when you hear of the dozens killed in the car bobms. I’m hoping things will change for the best.

  58. Mike Says:

    I would like to address what Nadia said as far as what Islam is and what the world thinks Islam is. Thank you Nadia for bringing that up. I had written a few days ago about understanding that the average Iraqi is as we are here in the U.S., a peace loving people. The educated Iraqi seems to have become lost in this idiotic war. Unfortunately WE see all that is bad. The radical Islamists spreading their unfounded, twisted version of the Koran. The version where anyone who does not follow Muhammad and is not “fundamentalist Islamic” should be lied to, dismissed or even killed. Another unfortunate item is that now, with as much madness and sadness going on there, uneducated people are more apt to want to follow these madmen. The unknowledged American will believe the whole Middle-East is against us because that is all we see on the media. I GET the feeling of being “lost” that the average Iraqi must feel. They are fighting a battle within a battle.
    To the Viet Nam Combat Vet: Do you really think that the totally incompetent Bush feels as you do? If you do, you are living in wonderland. I respect you for having fought, but your opinion is ONLY your opinion as is my opinion only mine. You can not give advise to people you know only from what you read and hear. In order to give knowledgeble advise I think you need to live and experience what they do.
    I agree with the Democratic congress in that the Iraqis need to be left alone to figure out what they want to do with their own country. I say, whatever becomes of Iraq will be of their own people but, at least, let them decide on what kind of government works to their benefit. That won’t happen as long as Bush is there dictating to them what he wants them to do. I bet if Iraq became a democracy Bush would then demand that they become Christian before he will leave. (joke)

  59. Rasha Says:

    What..liberation? well only if the true meaning of the word had changed or something. Iraq was a free country. A free country that suffered from wars for over 30 years, actually as long as remember, I was born in a war and we had attacks almost every summer and I am only 22 years old. A country that suffered from hunger and pain. Iraqies have suffered and went through all kinds of things that I dont think anyone could even imagine. And now, they are “liberating us”. Yeah right. It is all politics. They dont care how many people die everyday. They dont care how many people were forced to leave their houses, their cities in wihich they have lived as long as they can remember. This is not liberation, I am sorry, it is not. It has been 4 years and we going on the fifth and all u hear and see is death. So, I totallu agree with you guys. This isnt liberation or democrasy or whatever they like to call it. It is an occupation and a huge political plan. Sorry for the way I am writing but this issue drives me crazy. God bless u all and please try to stay safe

  60. Annie Says:

    I have those exact same questions Ausama.. I would seriously have to shoot myself if George Bush wins again -_- I highly doubt it though, since he’s getting less and less support when people are disillusioned. I liked the way you asked straightforward, when asked if you felt liberated, “How could you even ask me that?” I’d say the same thing if I were in your shoes.

    I get that impression too Adel.. It doesn’t seem like anyone cares.. that’s one of humanity’s biggest mistakes.

  61. Annie Says:

    Hm.. figured I’d have to find some place to put this comment.. so.. I’ll put it under this vid..

    I wish you guys could/would do more.. :( you’re all pretty much recording history.. and it really helps for future generations to know these things.. so that hopefully.. they would learn the mistakes of (their) past.. of course, like in any other timeline.. there would be nay-sayers.. None of this should be written off as a lie

  62. Kevin Says:

    what the hell is this occupying b.s. we’re trying our best to help u guys, we have thousands of soldiers over there doing their best, everyone on here is like we want the american troops to protect us now why won’t they do that? u think their not trying, i agree that your not liberated but obviously the only way they could do that was if there was enough soldiers to watch every neighbor, which again you’d b safe but still not liberated
    and to the german dude, i’m sorry we occupied and rebuilt your country after you destroyed europe, also sorry that we occupied you while protecting you from the U.S.S.R.

  63. manar iraqi Says:

    ok i have to say some words, even if i know the majority of the ppl in this site will not share my opinion.

    there is no such thing like democracy in iraq? wrong. there is
    a democray, because yes ADEL democracy is just like that ELECTION AND PARlAMANT. In a Democracy there are principles. those principles are untouchable, otherwise a democracy will function.

    i can understand why ppl like ausama are crieng, because ppl like him have lost everything. they were like kings in iraq and and now they are nothing. ppl like ausama are the enemy of democracy, looking for his own benefit. thinking iraq is only baghdad. what about the north of iraq? best example to show the world hat if the ppl are peacfull then everything is possible. did he ever thought about the ppl who were forced out of iraq fearing their lives before 2003? or did he care about the ppl in sadr city becore 2003 or the ppl in basra who are living hell since 1980? now he comes out and say iraq is like hell.

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