Episode 19 of 45 - “Security”

In “Across the River”, we learned about Ausama’s safe haven, his favorite spot in the world - his grandmother’s beautiful house. Now we find out what happened there. And what that has done to him, his family and the way he sees the world.

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  1. Iza Says:


    I am soooo sorry for what has happened to your Grandmother’s home, the place you adored when you were a child. And I am sorry to hear how you feel about those who we are told (here in America) are there to protect the people “like you”. Sometimes, even Americans feel that way about those who are supposed to protect us as well. I hope your Grandmother and any other family member that lived with her did not get hurt.

    I wish I could say more, or even do more for you and your familiy, but I feel at a loss since all I can say is, I am sorry.

  2. Noor Says:

    Hello Ausama,
    Oh my god, what can i say?!
    They destroy your whole lives and then ask you if you are feeling safe? how ironic!
    That video just made me feel more sad about what happened to the beauitiful Iraq :(
    Just keep hope in your hearts that someday…Iraq will be a safe place again… someday.
    And what the hell is that excuse to break into the house?! terrorists live there? hahahaha , and they call themselves the best army force in the world hahahaha
    stay safe, regards.

  3. Cristobal Says:

    When we leave and the Islamists take over you won’t have to worry about your paintings and photographs anymore. You’ll have a lot more to whine about then - like a new Shiite family living in your grandmother’s house.

  4. Jimmy Says:

    I know you must hold some resentment to what has happened in your home, I can’t blame you. First off my sincerest apologies to what happen at your grandmas home. I think the soldier that asked you that really cared about your well being, he saw you were a good young man. We are desperate to help you and I thank you for showing this video so we understand how you feel. One thing I know is the Jihadist are out of control how else to stop them but to go to every single home and run them out of Iraq? Unfortunatley people like your self will get mad at us in the process. Soldiers need to be held accountable if they make a video or something that could insult the occupied country. This should fall under the Geneva Convention. Punishment for even making a video that would degrate that country. They should be court martial for misrepresentation of any nation.

    Ausama Please hit my web link I attached to my name . It’s a story that was captured in Iraq and I think more people need to see stuff like this. I hope you find forgiveness in your heart as I have found in mine. It’s a long story but I once had a family member taken from me on a sunny day on September 11th 2001. I also want to thank IRAQ for the good wishes we got from one of your universities that was a tribute to the 32 killed at VT.


  5. Tracy Says:

    Most of the Americans who support this war would not support it any longer if they knew things like this - so thank you for spreading the truth. Every day more and more truth is being revealed, Ausama. Yesterday I saw on CNN that some soldiers are speaking out even though they were told to stay quiet - even told to lie.

    I just hope the Iraqi people won’t hold this against the American people - or even against most American soldiers. There are a bunch of corrupt people in a position of power and they’re abusing that power.

    I’m sorry that your sense of safety and innocence has been stolen from you. Many Americans have lost that sense of innocence as well - in another way - as we watch this government make all these wrong decisions AGAINST the wishes of the majority of the American people.

    Our government is there to work for us - and they aren’t doing that.

    Thank God, finally the Congress is listening - the only problem is that the President holds the ultimate power and can simply “veto” things. :(

    Hang in there. Salam.

  6. Ellen Says:

    The big question is WHY. Why did the US military break in and wreak this house? There had to be a reason. There had to be orders to do that. I have read about incidents where an Iraqi informer calls the police or US military accusing other Iraqis of aiding terrorists or being one. Sometimes they accuse people falsely (in other words, they lie). Maybe your family has enemies or people who have a grudge against you. Whatever the reason, US military forces have got to check and double-check information so that they don’t make mistakes like this one. I am sick and tired of too many mistakes made in this war.

  7. jimmy in italy Says:

    Your videos are great and informative…But…the two sides of the story game in Iraq continues. Victimization is a terrible plight to put onto anyone….but…There is a reason…YOU and YOUR family stayed in Iraq…therefore you can not be trusted by the Americans nor do you trust them…So meet them 50/50….bye the initiation of a stance by your towns people to assist in the rebuilding of Iraq…this doesnt mean whine and cry about the occupiers…Iraq wanted saddam removed from power didnt they…??? but it takes all people to move forward and make it a better place…and if you want a for instance…LOOK at NEW ORLEANS>>>>victimization gets you no where…and if thats how your local and state politicians play you know what and where you will be in the future….HOW much longer can you hold your SAFETY status in the area you live???…I feel for you…and i know life is scary…..I am an ex military man…married to a military healthcare provider….WE will help,if the people need help but the people must also help themselves…and in that….that means…squashing the bugs of the insurgents!!!…be safe…

  8. Sara H. Says:

    This video broke my heart. I am so sorry for what happened to your grandmother’s house, and for all the precious memories that got destroyed along with it. I only hope that none of your family members were hurt during this raid on the house

  9. David Says:

    Cristobal is a terrible human being. Absolutely terrible. People like Cristobal will never apologize, never admit anything, so let me please do it on their behalf. I’m sorry Ausama, for what the United States of America has wrought on your family and nation. Let’s all pray (if religous) and work toward the day when those who wage aggressive war under false pretenses are shunned internationally.

  10. Daoud Says:

    There seem to be Americans here posing as Spaniards and Italians. Americans working for the occupation want to shape opinion among Iraqis, but are aware that the occupation has little credibility in Iraq. Let’s work toward a United Nations solution.

    See this link:

  11. Chandni Says:

    “Victimization is a terrible plight to put onto anyone….but…There is a reason…YOU and YOUR family stayed in Iraq…therefore you can not be trusted by the Americans..”

    Not only the video, but the comments (see example above) by some have truly saddened me after watching this episode. Drawing needed attention to areas of the war untrustworthy networks such as CNN misses is not victimizing one’s self, it is informing the rest of the world of what life is like living in Baghdad. The comment above- is it meant to imply that if one’s family does not have the economic means to flee their home country to become unwanted refugees in another or want to stay in Iraq out of love for their nation, they are not to be trusted by Americans?

    “this doesnt mean whine and cry about the occupiers…Iraq wanted saddam removed from power didnt they…???”

    Did they? By the Americans? In this manner? The mere use by the author of the word “occupiers” speaks more about what really is going on then anything else said. Occupation by foreign forces and, for example, assistance in an Iraqi-led revolution, are two very different concepts. Best to you, Ausama.

  12. Craig Says:


    I am saddened by the loss of your grandmother’s home. The loss of anything that precious is disheartening.

    Watching the videos on this site reinforces the reality that you and your friends aren’t that different from me and my friends. It’s the politicians (in both countries) that attempt to remake reality according to their own distorted ideology.

    Please do not blame the American forces as a whole for the actions of a single unit, acting on orders based on information given by a false report of someone who, very likely, is our common enemy.

    Wouldn’t the situation be worse if the American forces were not there? The lack of American troops would make the terrorist enemies bolder than they are now. It was not American troops that would say your salad wasn’t “halal” enough. It is not American troops that verify the length of your sister’s veil. It is not American troops that set bombs in public plaOF THOSE THAT WE BOTH CALL OUR ENEMY! I, for one, want to see them stopped! I know you do as well.

    As for a true “international solution”? The United Nations is like an open window on a submarine… completely counter to the purpose of what it is placed in.

    Even though I am thousands of miles away, my prayers are with you.

  13. Cristobal Says:

    I’m not a terrible person. Every day we see suicide car bombs driving into markets where women are shopping for food for dinner and detonating. Or we see suicide car bombers putting children in the back seats so they can pass through checkpoints before detonating. Or we see mosques attacked. Or policemen killed. We see people being kidnapped and tied up. Holes are drilled through the victims arms, their eyes are plucked out and after being executed, their bodies are thrown onto the street. These acts are committed by Iraqis against Iraqis, by Muslims against Muslims. This is not “resistance”. This is not “fighting the occupation”. This is pure, unrestrained, psychotic violence. Right now the US military and the admin in DC are DESPARATE to stop this carnage. Are troops are dying every day to stop it. Were is the outrage against the Chlorine truck bombers and the suicide belt wearers and the death squads? How are they helping Iraq? When the bloodbath stops, then Iraqis can complain about security measures. The Iraqi “insurgents” and their “foreign fighter” friends are the only things keeping Iraq from becoming a very rich, prosperous, and modern country.

  14. David Says:

    You don’t have to be in a death squad or in Al-Qaida to be a terrible person, Cristobal. In your case, that assessment rests on your injecting sectarianism and a complete lack of grace into the discussion. The death squads were created by Bremer et. al; it was referred to as the “El Salvador Option” in the literature at the time. Al-Qaida infiltrated Iraq after the war due to a failure to secure the borders by the only military left standing in the country - the U.S. military. Now imagine your homeland, the United States, was conquered by a powerful foreign military that proceeded to split the population into parties by race and religion, and armed all sides either explicity or implicitly by not securing weapons caches that covered acres. What would happen in the U.S. in such a situation? Should I paint it more starkly for you? With heavily armed White, Black, Hispanic, Asian and Native American parties in the U.S. and with a foreign occupation government at the outset, would violence increase until possibly chaotic street-battles became the norm in most areas? If you disagree, and think more force is the answer to this situation rather than a United Nations brokered political solution, I suggest you spend your time at a blog like “Little Green Footballs,” which seems to be more aligned to your mindset.

  15. The Truth Says:

    Look, its just that easy. As long Iraq got Oil, they will attack you guys. Thats why they want to attack Iran too. As long we people of this world are shapes they will do thinks like this without caring of anybody. Yes today is it the US and Great Britain. In couple years maybe russia or other big countries will do this. This world is getting mad and we people are going to kill us self. We are not caring about the life, like we care about money.
    Look overall of the world we got those stupid problems because people cant understand each other. If its the religion or the language even soccer teamfans kills each other. We just have to come back on the floor and enjoy the biggest present of the world. THE LIFE. I am so sorry about all this whats happening against those poor peoples in the world. But iraq is just one place. I hope one day couple smart people will take over and make a big change and find a solution to change all that wrong going way. Economics is a great thing. If you are smart, thats a great thing and if you can get rich, thats a great thing. But nothing is this world allows you to enter somebodys privat room and kill his sister or father or whatever and steel his thing to get richer and richer. In the U.S the people got killed if they just kill one person. In Iraq they kill 1000s of people, is that ok? WHY??? Just because couple peoples cant get enough money and the rest are shapes?? Think about that. Dont excuse and wait. DO SOMETHING.

  16. Cristobal Says:

    So if the Chinese invaded the US, whites would respond by attacking blacks? I don’t think so buddy.

    And why are you making excuses for Iraqi on Iraqi violence? If a member of the Medhi Army decides to gouge someone’s eyes out that’s still his evil choice. Just because we left the borders open, doesn’t negate the fact that an al qaeda bomb in a marketplace is wrong. You can’t blame everything on the US. If the US could turn it off, we would do it in a second.

    And this UN force you keep talking about….I can assure you that most EU countries wouldn’t touch Iraq with a 10 foot pole. Who exactly is clamoring to bring peace to Iraq? Have any Arab countries stepped up with a plan? Sure its a great idea but…

  17. Patricia Says:

    But… ? Ok. I think no one here is supporting violence, nor saying is not wrong (and let me remember you, in the US there’s also violence every day, and plenty!) but lets not be naïve: “You can’t blame everything on the US. If the US could turn it off, we would do it in a second.” Would you? Do u actually think that if any Arab country step up with a plan, the US would allow it? They would consider it as a personal threat, a threat against their interests, and guess what? The US has the biggest army in the world, and the biggest budget for it too and that’s not coincidence, I think no other country wants to see the same happening to them. Yes! The US is not ready nor it is interested to lose the natural resources in the Middle East, what good would it be for the US to allow them to use their resources for them and become a rich, progressive country if they’re not under their control? Do you know any country like that? If they are not under US tutelage, then they are all f*ck3′ up and you don’t wonder why?

  18. David Says:

    Do NOT call me your buddy, Cristobal. History, not your or me, will be the judge of our respective positions. Yours: more unilateral force and sectarian division. Mine: multilateral negotiations and non-sectarian security plans. You’re not going to convert anyone intelligent, so please go spew at LGF.

  19. Ausama Says:

    Thank you Iza , Noor , Tracy ,Ellen ,Sarah H. , David , Daoud , chandni , Craig and patricia ,Cristobal , jimmy and the other jimmy … I’m sorry if I forgot anyone here … there are alot of comments … I’m trying to read them all and answer some of them .

    wether the american forces leave or not , it’s happening anyway most of the pretty houses are taken by militias or completely robbed and the US army or the other “security” forces are doing nothing about that . If i’m going to call the police ( which is ofcourse a theoretical thing ) they would do nothing , if i’m going to contact the US army unit ( if I could ) they would tell me they’re not responsible for anything and it’s out of their hands !

    then what are they doing ? you know what are they doing now ? they do patrols in 2 blocks and the back to the base … in these patrols they either broke into a nice house or they just do nothing … ( that’s what I saw and still witnessing in my area ) .

    They should listen to our real demands , we’re trying to act but they just should listen and stop making mistakes ( by the way making a mistake after mistake for 4 years is not just stupidity ! )

    Making full sudden pull out will hurt Iraq and Iraqis so much ,they can’t just ruin and leave !
    If you want some answers or some ideas to know from where we should start to make things better and to fasten the process so that the american soldiers could go back to their families,then I recommend you to read some of the solutions mentioned in Nadia’s Blog , I think it’s talkingaboutiraq.blogspot.com

    Please you should know that we feel sorry for what happened in 11/9 and for what happened in that university . I feel sorry for any innocent person dies everyday … I can’t express more than that here !

    I might try to understand why and who and what not but you shouldn’t expect the same thing from someone who lost a brother or a father or a wife or sister , so don’t judge people for being angry .. because they certainly feel angry for a reason !

    I’ll write more .. but not now cause it’s 3 :30 am
    Thank you

  20. Aareef (Sergeant) Says:


    The Iraqi insurgency is is simply a decentralized autonomi of tribalism and ethnoreligious conflict; there is no heirarchy in command. Albeit with a heavy hand, Saddam was to entity that kept the peace and order; by removing him we opened a can of worms. The Sunnis see us as invaders. The Shias see us as liberators that should go home; they want full power and retrobution for the brutality recieved under Sunni rule. The US military is the only thing standing in the way to keep this from happening; therefore, they attack us too.

    Be careful what you wish for Ausama. Pulling out of Iraq would lead to massive scale genocide. Insurgents are also to blame for your grandmothers house; they instigated this type of behavior from coalition forces to seek support from the population- only an idiot is blind to this- which side are you on?

  21. Omar Says:

    “which side are you on?” -Aareef

    Like an ape-shit President once said, and I quote: “You are either with us or against us”.

    What a juvenile mindset. Really.

  22. from Germany Says:

    Hey you all!
    Thank you for your response to my question, whether we can trust this project or not… (”…”)
    OMG! That’s a kinda horrible situation! I do not really know what to say! I think especially the grandmas house is something really adorable! And you Ausama told us, that it is one of your favourite places to be! I feel so sorry for you!
    I can hardly imagine a situation like this… it’s unbelievable that people, who came into a country to make it “better”, destroy a home of an innocent family, just because of maybe a tiny thought that there could live a terrorist!
    I hope that you and your family - especially your grandma - cope well with this horrible situation and that everything’s getting better, soon…!

  23. from Germany Says:

    ups, i forgot, to ask you something, that is really interesting for me:

    what do you - Americans or Iraqis … - do think of us Germans and pur country Germany? what do you feel in connection with the fact that our country denied to join Bushs war in 2003?

    hope, some of you could answer me? that would be really great!!!
    thanks ♥

  24. Nadia Says:

    actually, the German reaction to the war in Iraq is most respected, whether it was from the government or the German people.

  25. Jimmy Says:

    Omar which side you on the terrorist or the coalition? That ape shit president u talk about is probably one of the only ones that gave a damn about the ME. Even if there was some political interest we stay the course and want peace for Iraq. Should we have let the Saddam keep committing genocide and murder over 1 MILLION people get it? I guess its okay if your a Sunni. Sounds pretty clear to me which side Aareef is on. There are the ones that talk about peace and say USA is terrible criminals and dictators. Then there is the coalition that is running in front of buses every day to save one life at a time that is the truth my friend believe the media reports or what ever you like.

    Hmmm German opinion from an American to be honest i see you as neutral. I kinda see you guys as the fun beer loving country October Fest woot! More educated than anything trying to lay low because of the past war. Its just the way the media is very cynical no good or bad guys just who can we bash next. Any slip up on your behalf people would of called you Nazis, sad truth. It was probably in your best interest not to go to Iraq. Germans are good people with a strong culture thats my personal opinion.

    The time of pointing fingers and blaming each other needs to end . We have to stand with the Iraqis and get things resolved so they can move on with their lives and so can we. People can keep blaming my president, my people, my culture but until you get the balls to stand up to extremists the world will be run by Jihadists.


  26. Aareef Says:

    “what do you - Americans or Iraqis … - do think of us Germans and pur country Germany? what do you feel in connection with the fact that our country denied to join Bushs war in 2003?”

    You objected the war because you had illegal oil contracts pending in Iraq and did not want to get cought. You, France, Russia and China were accepting oil for food bribes to vote through the UN and lift the sanctions. To balance the trade from oil, you(and your buddies) were also going to sell weapons and nuclear technology to Saddam. You also objected the war because Saddam was going to bourse his oil in Euros instead of dollars; this would make your currency increase in value. When the coalition forces liberated Iraq and set up the CPA, all oil contracts were void.

  27. Omar Says:

    Jimmy, again the same mentality as demonstrated by Aareef (and the ape-shit President).

    I’m neither on the terrorists’ nor the “coalition’s” (of the willing lol) side. I’m on the side of the liberation movement, the Iraqi Resistance.

    This war was a massive terrorist action on a defenseless population and on top of that you let the terrorists come freely into Iraq so you can fight them there and not in the US. Do you regard Iraq as some kind of a playground? A petri dish for your sadistic experiments? How dare you chastise a native of a country you fucked up beyond recognition and killed hundreds of thousands of its population? How dare you?!

    One thing, I really hope that the ape-shit President and his supporters rot in hell.

    Another thing, I’m against terrorist actions and against the atrocities of 9/11. Iraq had nothing to do with that by the way.

  28. James Says:

    I get what your saying Omar I am curious who is the Iraq resistance? We did not know coming into this every terrorist from in the ME was going to converge on Iraq and wage a Jihad. Please forgive our ignorance of the Muslim culture we obviously thought pecae was more easily attainable clearly our fault.

    I know Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, I think thats an obvious fact now. The mentality that Saddam promoted could of cause 10 more 9/11’s so its important that we ended his reign. Is it really us killing hundreds of thousands of people or the Militias run by Al Sadr and these terrorist killing scores of people at a time.

    You ask me why didn’t we secure the borders but look who borders Iraq, Iran and Syria come on man you gotta be a little smarter than that we already know Iran is training terrorists to get them in Iraq. Iran has more to lose than Iraq does you gotta know their killing Iraqis at the expense of the USA?

    Democracy in Iraq is not just an Iraq issue its proving the USA wrong by the fundamentilists and making sure Democracy does not flood into other countrys and topple dictators. This war is being funded by all our enenmys and we are fighting them back the best we can.

    We do agree on a couple things this war was a bad idea and I am sure we both wish peace to the Iraqis. I will end my conversation there and hopefully I didn’t offend to many people on this site. I have pretty strong convictions and tend to stick by them just like you. Arguing about the past won’t make their lives better and neither of us will budge on who is right or wrong. So all I can really say VIVA IRAQ!

    P.S. watch my attach video if you understand the language let me know your thoughts on the legitmacy of it.


  29. Nadia Says:


    First of all, I need you to understand that you still get the Islamic culture in a wrong way… It would have been much easier to accomplish peace if what you call “jehadis” did follow the true instuctions of Islam, which are very peaceful indeed!

    Second, you say that the mentallity of someone like Saddam would have caused 10 more 9/11, I don’t quite agree but let me ask you this, you stopped one more 9/11 from your country and caused a massacre in another country, how fair is this??

    I do agree with you though about the impossibility of securing the Iraqi borders, you couldn’t fully secure your borders with mexico so we don’t expect you to do it with us” unless you decide to build another wall :D”.

    You know what the problem is? the US decided to wage a war against it’s enemies but unfortunatly you chose the wrong place to do it, and mean while, a whole country with millions of people got drifted in your losing war, both logestically and you lost your world support!!

    Finally, I think almost no one feels offended here, we are all exchanging opinions and ideas, and i think that this is what this whole series is about. I am talking about what I think of course!

    VIVA IRAQ! I second to that! and VIVA IRAQIS too!


  30. MarilynManson Says:

    I wanted to clarify that american presence in Iraq as HIV in human body, itl supresses vody imunity and permits various diseases..like Mehdi army,AlQaeda..etc
    I know when US drop out from Iraq massacres will be committed but on the other hand US is doing nothing it just delaying that from happening…The future is dark..hail Marilyn Manson :))

  31. Ausama Says:

    From Germany … I totally agree with what Nadia said , thank you .

    Aareef , it’s not me who let those militias to grow stronger , it’s not me who’s letting them do what they’re doing , and it’s certainly not me breaking into safe houses and kill people “accidently” !

    I want to live in peace , build my country …. I will stand with whoever bring peace to my country and so far neither “sides” are bringing any peace !

    I respect and agree with most of what Omar said , specially when he mentined that Terrorism is something totally different from resistance … we all here hate terrorism and what they’re doing of killing innocent people .

    James , I totally agree with nadia , I don’t think saddam would have caused 10 times more than 11/9 … it’s the American Media who made him look like that … sure he wasn’t good too … but at least his actions didn’t cause the death of 700 000 Iraqis in 4 years only !
    and if you ask me how about the opression during saddam’s regime I would say that it seems the people saddam was opressing afterall were those militias .

    I’m sorry but the main pupose for me here is to show you the truth about what’s happening , I’m not with or against .. I’m simply a witness about many actions done by both sides and unfortunatly me and my familly had our share of this continous violence .

  32. Omar Says:

    God bless you and your family Ausama. 3ira8eyeen a9eleen! shukran 3ala il videowat, khalli in7awil infatti7 3yoon il 3alam. salmilna 3al ahal.

    James, I saw the video. Really beautiful voice she has. I understood the lyrics, but you asked about legitimacy? What do you mean?

    Nadia, your voice is so much appreciated by many! Thank you so much for trying to help the situation in Iraq. God bless and VIVA IRAQ!

  33. James Says:

    Ausama, above and beyond this politcs hope things work out for you. I know things didn’t work out as many of us wish they did. I personally feel like I am running in circles chasing my tail when talking politics. So I can’t imagine how frustrated you guys are with the current situation. I am mainly glad you are showing your opinion and I hope our troops see this so they can see how things affect you guys.

    Nadia, your a sweet heart even if we don’t see eye to eye on somethings. I respect your balance and cool headed response. I would type more but just drained for the day, you win this round of our political debate lol. Viva los Iraquis!


  34. James Says:

    Omar ahh wrong one man this is the one I meant for you to check out. Hah I was laughing when I sent that one by mistake. Check this out pretty crazy wish there were more storys like this. I am hogging the board so last post promise.

  35. David Says:

    1) If the U.S. withdrew immediately, ordinary Iraqis would suffer
    2) A powerful United Nations effort must take the lead in Iraq
    3) The “we are where we are” argument for staying the course omits the question of how we got here. That will have to be returned to at a later date, and an honest judgment will not be kind to those who ran the occupation.
    4) Again, always be aware of the following when reading comments on this and other Iraq-related websites:

  36. Iza Says:


    Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t perceive the media to portray that it was Saddam who was in charge of the September 11, and yes, I am American. There was no indication, by the news media that Saddam was involved at all. What was reported to us here was that Saddam had WMD (weapons of mass destruction) which is what compelled Bush to invade your country. I didn’t agree with his reasonings then, and I still don’t agree with them now. And like someone mentioned in another comment on another video, it was Osama not Saddam, and that’s who Bush should have gone after.

    Nevertheless, Saddam is dead now, and from what I can understand, his death has brought some peace to some of your people. Please note that I did say some, since I do not know the complete story of your people…even the stories that you, Saif, and Adel are sharing, still do not paint the complete picture, but it does offer insight, and for that I can only be grateful.

    Your feelings against the American military who asked if this was a safe place after your grandmother’s house was robbed is certain understandable, but at the same time, I am sure he was not aware that your family was accused of being terrorists and thus your home and other personal family treasure destroyed. Had he known about it prior, would he have still asked you? Who knows?

    We are all humans, and we all fight for what we think is right. Sometimes, what we think is right actually isn’t, and other times, what we even think may actually not cover the entire story at all.

    I still applaud you all for sharing this part of the story. Everyone has their opinions, but I don’t think it’s fair to attack how one may feel. We may try to offer insight, but how you feel is how you feel. And I can only hope that sooner (instead of later), you and your friends will feel some kind of peace and happiness for the future that still lies ahead of you.

    Sorry, this didn’t mean to be so long, I just went on a roll :-)

  37. Iza Says:

    PS: I just realized I spelled your name wrong, Ausama. Sorry. :-/

  38. joe Says:

    my apoligies as a US citizen.

  39. Aareef (Sergeant) Says:

    “I want to live in peace , build my country …. I will stand with whoever bring peace to my country and so far neither “sides” are bringing any peace !”

    Enough said. Grow some nuts.

  40. Aareef (Sergeant) Says:

    “Sounds pretty clear to me which side Aareef is on.”

    …/….and what side is that ole’ jim?

  41. Jimmy Says:

    I want to say the side of the Iraq army how did I do?

  42. Ayesha Says:


    “and if you ask me how about the opression during saddam’s regime I would say that it seems the people saddam was opressing afterall were those militias .”

    Saddam wasn’t just oppressing those militias, he was oppressing free speech, human rights, civil libierties, religious freedoms, everything we take for granted in the West. If you ask me, Saddam actually contributed to these militias growing and thinking the way that they do now. This is because they were oppressed for decades and as a result, they are behaving in this extreme way now that they have some freedom.

    Over 4 million iraqis have left Iraq because of Saddam Hussein’s oppression, are you saying that they are militia like as well? They left because their fathers, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters were being executed and tortured for no reason. Some of his torture techniques are truely vile and can only come from a regime run by pyschopaths. Not only was he the devil in disguise in this respect, but he dragged Iraq back into the stone ages. Literary rates fell under his regime, hospitals, schools and universities have all deteriorated as a result of that illiterate thug. Of course all the while, him and his family were lining their pockets with money that was meant to go to Iraqis. He entered into wars he shouldn’t have where again thousands of Iraqis died. He was the least patriotic Iraqi around, finding it fun to punish his country and his people. He doesn’t even deserve to be called an Iraqi.

    Many people say that Saddam was the one that kept all the different factions in Iraq together with his iron rule. But I think it was he who actually created this sectarian division in the first place. He leaves a nasty and bitter legacy and I hope that 1 day, Iraqis can live together side by side and not make differences between them.

    Ausama, on many of your posts you seem to imply that Saddam was not that bad and life was okay under him. That may have been the case for you, but for many many many others this was not so. I don’t think it is right to take somebody and execute them just because of the religious sect they belong to, when they have committed no crime against anyone. You may have received immunity but not as many people were fortunate enough as you. Anyhow, this was no way to live life, regardless of your background and Saddam had to go because of the reasons I pointed out in the first paragraph.

    Thank-you and God bless Iraq

  43. Nadia Says:

    James, Me sweetheart??? :”> thank you :p I’ll be waiting for another round :D .

    David, we are not asking the invading armies to pick their stuff and hit the road in a couple of days, we know something like that is incrediblly stupid and would make stuff worse with the absence of a true Iraqi army to take charge… What we want is for the states to set a scheduel for the withdrawal of their forces and i mean a real scheduel not one like those president Bush comes up with ” we’ll be gone in 30 years”….. Ironically, today, the Australian prime minister annonced that it would be foolish to set such a scheduel because it would only encourage Al Qaeda in Iraq!!!! Call me stupid, but what the hell does that suppose to mean???!!! I am waiting for anyone to explain!
    As for the UN forces, It’s a MYTH…

    Iza, the American government and the Media claimed that Saddam and the Iraqi government were funding Al Qaeda’s attaks on the US, they even showed documents dating the times and places where Saddam met Ausama Bin Laden…. There was a strong attempt to connect the 9/11 attaks to Iraq in order to gain the public opinion on their side, to convince them that Saddam had mass destruction weapons and that he was “willing” to use them against the US “interests”!

    As for the excusion of Saddam, yes, and I am talking about myself here but I think most of the Iraqi people agree with me, I was very happy, I bought candy with my own pocket money and gave them to people in the streets, for free of course:P, :D, Saddam was by no mean good, he caused us to suffer big time and it would take a very long time to enlist how BUT this was not the way I wished for things to happen, I didn’t want a dectator to leave to find myself living in the wild where kids are afraid to leave their homes to go to schools” as if their homes are safe, i think you you can guess by watching this video” !

    One last thing, please guys, we are not here to attak each other, there is no point of that, so take it easy, just think of how boring it would be if we all agreed on the same opinions :p


  44. Omar Says:

    James, I’ve already seen that video a while back and I think it is a wonderful thing what the troops did there. This family will most definitely be indebted for them for their entire lives. I wish more kidnap victims could be rescued; too many are being killed AFTER the family pays a ransom.

    Although this family is extremely relieved, grateful and happy, they still, like other Iraqis in their situation, realize full well that was it not for the “liberation” we would not have to deal with this horrific situation in the first place.

    Anyway, I think if you and other American commentators here are willing to help the Iraqi people and the rest of the globe, then vote for Dennis Kucinich in 2008. He seems to be genuinely for promoting global peace and strengthening the relationship of the US with the rest of the world instead of alienating the states like this sorry excuse for a President has done. VOTE!

  45. Omar Says:

    “Literary rates fell under his regime, hospitals, schools and universities have all deteriorated as a result of that illiterate thug.” –Ayesha

    While I agree with most of what you said about Saddam, him not being a sweetheart etc., I have to disagree with the above-mentioned statement about the education… In fact, under Saddam’s rule illiteracy rates became virtually zero and people were sent abroad to get their degrees, ALL expenses paid by the government. Plus, ALL education was free, including university books (literature) and post degree studies… So you really do not have a point there.

    “I don’t think it is right to take somebody and execute them just because of the religious sect they belong to, when they have committed no crime against anyone.”

    You mean anyone that apposed him. Saddam was definitely not a sectarian man, this piece of nonsense has to be rectified. Anybody who was against his rule, be it Sunni or Shia or even if he was from Mars, would write his own death sentence with his hands by publicly stating that… Sorry to disappoint you here ;)

  46. Nadia Says:

    I totally agree with you Omar, he was no sectarian, It did not matter to him whether you were sunni or shiet, christian or muslim, communist or conservative…. All you had to do was say no and he’ll rip your head off probably half of your family with you and leave the other half to suffer from rejection because people knew that your father, uncle or even distant cousin was a convicted man, you’d have to leave your school maybe your house and of course needless to say, you can not dare mention the name of this person!!! All you had to do was say no.

    Education… I can not fully agree, from what i heard from friends, family, a variety of people, it was not that pink you know!
    Those benifits you are talking about were mostly directed towards non Iraqi Arabs, I am quoting a friend here” while Arab students were studying for free, givin pocket money from the government, given enormous facilities, some Iraqi students didn’t even have decent clothes to show up for college”…..I am not saying that education was bad , but it was not as good as you are saying either.

  47. Nadia Says:

    I totally agree with you Omar, he was no sectarian, It did not matter to him whether you were sunni or shiet, christian or muslim, communist or conservative…. All you had to do was say no and he’ll rip your head off probably half of your family with you and leave the other half to suffer from rejection because people knew that your father, uncle or even distant cousin was a convicted man, you’d have to leave your school maybe your house and of course needless to say, you can not dare mention the name of this person!!! All you had to do was say no.

    Education… I can not fully agree, from what i heard from friends, family, a variety of people, it was not that pink you know!
    Those benifits you are talking about were mostly directed towards non Iraqi Arabs, I am quoting a friend here” while Arab students were studying for free, givin pocket money from the government, given enormous facilities, some Iraqi students didn’t even have decent clothes to show up for college”…..I am not saying that education was bad , but it was not as good as you are saying either.


  48. Nadia Says:

    Oops, sorry for the double post :-S , my mistake!

  49. Ayesha Says:


    I wish I could believe that Saddam was not a sectarian man, really I do but I have heard too many anti-shia stories from people to believe that he was not sectarian. People’s relatives were being killed just because of their names…they did not oppose him they just wanted to live normal lives like human beings but they were taken and slaughtered. Sometimes of course people would ‘allege’ things against that person and for this reason they would be executed or tortured, no court or tribunal to ascertain the truth in this, just killed straight away. You must agree that this is not right, surely? And anyway, shouldn’t Iraqis be allowed to air their opinions on their political rulers in the first place? This basic human right of free speech was denied to Iraqis for so long, as were many other rights mentioned in a previous post and this is why I supported regime change (but not the terrible ill-planned aftermath) in Iraq. I’m sorry but to me, Iraqis were living like animals under Saddam, not human beings.

    I agree with Nadia in that we are not here to attack one another; I’m interested to know what you guys think and what you know from your experiences because I know that I certainly don’t know everything and this is why these discussions boards are a good thing.

    Well if illiteracy rates fell to zero in Iraq then that is brilliant news…saddam not being a ’sweetheart’…you can say that again; giant human mincing machines, feeding people to lions, pulling out tongues, paralysis etc etc, a whole book can be written on his torture methods! Thats not to mention him collecting the nation’s gold to use for some cause or other- what a joke!

    Watch ‘Saddam’s Killing Fields’ on Youtube if you’re interested in the oppression of Iraqis under Saddam.


  50. Ayesha Says:

    Oh yeah, and what about when he took a bunch of Iraqis, called them Persians and dumped them on the Iranian border? Is that not sectarian? What about when he made you declare whether your origin was Turkish or Iranian? what a joke!

  51. from Germany again Says:

    Aareef, please think about what you say.

  52. Nadia Says:

    I understand what you are talking about Ayesha, I come from a Shiet family and all what you are talking about happened to us but what we are trying to say here is that the same stuff would have happened to any sunni who opposed or as you said, didn’t fit into Saddam’s picture…. I have relatives who were taken when they were 16 and 17 simply because they prayed in the mosque “hosaynia” murdered and we were not allowed to talk about them at all, I am telling you it would take pages and pages to talk about the tragedy of almost every Iraqi family who lived under his reign.

    The fact that you heard much stories about shiet is due to the fact that there was more attempts to get rid of Saddam by them!!
    You must have heard about Al Daawa party, which is shiet, and don’t forget that the south of Iraq is almost all shiet and Saddam’s attacks were extremely severe there!

    Again, Saddam was a piece of crap, I couldn’t have been happier the day he was excuted but now we have to stop thinking of how it was and start thinking how to fix the hell that is happening now!


  53. Omar Says:

    “we have to stop thinking of how it was and start thinking how to fix the hell that is happening now!”

    Amen Nadia, amen!

    When I speak about the education system, I speak from my personal experience. It is true that some of the students didn’t even have money to buy decent clothes for college and I agree with you about the ridiculous benefits that were given to foreign (mostly Arab) students studying in Iraq. That was plain unfair. But again, the education itself was free, and if you managed to get a spot at a university abroad for your doctoral studies, then you would get all expenses (including pocket money and plane tickets) paid for by the government (all of this in the years before the embargo of course, but it was during Saddam’s days nonetheless…) Ask any of your relatives about bi3thaat dirasiyya.

    Again, I’m not defending Saddam’s horrible crimes here, although I believe that most Iraqis who are living the nightmare of Iraq (publicly or not-publicly) long for his days after feeling the effects of the dreaded “liberation”. I mean 650.000+ dead innocent people in 4 years time. This would shock even the likes of Saddam…

  54. adkay Says:

    Ausama, I am hearbroken that you and your family were forced to abandon your home. I’m also ashamed, because it was the government of my own country that caused this catastrophe.

  55. Ausama Says:

    Aysha and everyone :

    What I’m saying here is , Saddam wasn’t good … he certainly was a horrible dictator ( the prove is that he ruled for almost 26 years ! ) , I’m not here to argue about this … I’m here to show you the difference …

    Alot and lot of Iraqis started to say ” I wish we would go back to Saddam’s era ! ” … they certainly don’t mean to live that again … but it’s just an expression of how misreable we are now !
    ( and I think that’s how I sounded )

    and please don’t let anyone convince you that now is much better than before … and by this again I don’t mean saddam was good !

    well said Omar and Nadia , Saddam is gone now , he’s dead now.
    We must look to the future and start to fix things .

    Thank you

  56. Ayesha Says:

    Hi Nadia and Omar,

    Yeah I have heard of Al Dawaa party, I don’t know much about them but what annoyed me is that why shouldn’t there be opposition parties in Iraq? What I’ve been trying to say is that every aspect of Saddam’s regime was wrong wrong wrong. You’re both right in that we should move on but I just wanted to address an issue brought up by Ausama that it seems that it was the militias that Saddam was trying to suppress (see previous posts).

    Of course we should move on but you can’t just forget 30 years of terror; and like with everything in life, you need to look back and learn from your experiences and mistakes. I want all Iraqis to remember Saddam’s regime and think never again will we allow ourselves to be ruled by such a brutal dictator. We are humans, not animals and we demand human rights and equality.

    Of course the situation now is not favourable either. That doesn’t mean we should go back to a Saddam like rule. Both are bad, like being between a rock and a hard place. I would find the living conditions in Baghdad now unbearable, but it is worth remembering that going from 30 years of an oppressive dictatorship to sudden democracy and freedom was never going to be a smooth ride. Of course the Americans knew about this, they wouldn’t be able to eradicate all the radical elements and the insurgency post-Saddam, but they would and still can mitigate the situation yet they choose not to and it seems that the US government actually wanted the chaos that’s going on in Baghdad right now to happen. They don’t hide the fact that there hasn’t been another 9/11 in the US since their war on terror started, whereas there is a 9/11 happening everyday in Iraq…anyway, I think you get the picture!

    Nadia, my Iraqi sister, I’m sorry for what happened to your family, its tragic that so many Iraqi families have been affected unnecessarily…like you said, you could write pages and pages on it…

    God bless you all and God bless Iraq!

  57. lelly Says:

    Wow.No one can blame you for feeling angry and upset about this.
    These American soldiers, they dont know anything about iraq and its culture, or even see the people as people like them.
    It makes me so mad and upset watching this, I can only imagine what you feel.
    Please try and stay peaceful.
    Best of luck and good wishes to you and your family, and all of Iraq.
    I had to laugh at that soldier - he attacks your house and blows up the doors, and then he’s like ” So, nice, safe area, hey?”
    I mean, WTF? Stupid idiot.
    Good vid, peeps.

  58. Nadia Says:

    Thank you Ayesha for your compassion, I wish things could have been better… We lost in this war as much as we did with Saddam, that’s why things can’t go on the same way, we need a change!

    Ausama, I understand what you are saying, I had a lot of arguments with non-Iraqis about this particular point, Saddam or the invasion… They both SUCK, I hate them both, it is as simple as that, I don’t have to make a choice between 2 things I hate… If it was up to me now, I’d wipe the past 30 years away and give the Iraqis the chance to build their country all over again. Unfortunatly, I am no God, so I can’t do that… All I hope for is that we can erase those paainful years from our hearts but not from our minds and start a new life!


    P.S Ausama, you are a med student, which grade?? we are having our practical exams now here in Cairo, did you start yours?? good luck!

  59. Ausama Says:

    Nadia , I totally agree with you .. you pretty much say everything in my mind !

    I’m in my third year , we’re having the 2nd course written exams , but in a week or 2 we’ll start our practicals … the medicine is going to be tough !

    Cairo that’s wonderfull , what year are you ?

    Take care , and good luck with yours

  60. Nadia Says:

    I am a 3rd year too :D, We don’t have 2 courses here, I have to take my tests on the whole year :( and we also do the practical first, I’ll finish mine tomorrow then have a couple of weeks before the written.

    Good luck with your exams, hope they’ll take it easy on you guys, a couple of nice exams won’t do you no harm :P

    Take care and stay alive!


  61. adam Says:

    Hope you lads make it through everything ok.
    Stay strong and teach others.

    I will say a prayer for you.

    Prayers from Australia

  62. billwilson71 Says:

    US Forces don’t just shoot for no reason. Who was on the other end of their rifles; were they armed? Why were they in your grandmoms house? You seem to have money and privilage, expensive camera equipment. You are not scared… Why? Are you a terrorist???

  63. Mais M. Says:

    Hello Ausama,

    I watch your clips on youtube on a regular basis and today I saw in Current TV a program about your website and how great your group is. The interesting thing that the commentor said that they contacted the coalition forces to see the reason behind the assassination of your uncle. That clip is incredible and each time I see it, I cannot prevent myself from crying. It is a flashback for me to all of the sad and terrible memories when I was in Iraq. God help you all and I wanna tell you that many many people in the UK watch your clips. Keep the good work and be safe.


  64. Bobby Says:

    Ausama, I feel for you and others like you over there. I am totally against the occupation of your country. Me and my father have almost came to throwing punches just having conversations about the war. It pisses me off. I refuse to join the service. Just know that there are many like me over here in the States. I just like how our government picks and chooses where they send troops to defend “humanity”. What happened to U.S. involvement when the Turks invaded Cyprus and occupied the north, there were plenty of missing people after that. People were left homeless, and other families moved into their homes. I know people there that lost family memebers during the invasion. I went there and I was hated on, and the thing is I felt for them. Basically, we shouldn’t be there. Throughout history occupations have always failed, this one will be the same, and only make things worse. -Bobby

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