Episode 17 of 45 - “Hubbly Bubbly”

Saif says that there are three things in life that he can not live without. One is his guitar and we got a taste of his playing in “Abudullah Leaves.” The second is Noor - his wife and soulmate who we got to know in “Saif Heart Noor.” And today’s video is a tribute to the third love of his life. Enjoy.

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23 Responses to “Episode 17 of 45 - “Hubbly Bubbly””

  1. Maria Says:

    what happened to the video? it says “the video is no longer available.” is there a computer glitch???

  2. Noor Says:

    yes, that’s what it says here too.
    “The video is no longer available”

  3. laca Says:

    Hi guys, I haven’t found the video on Youtube itself. Pls fix it.

    I found this site only yesterday, I watched all the videos, and all are great, I was very excited to see a new one. I was thinking a lot before too, how the life goes on in Baghdad. I’m so sorry of everything that happened there.

    My heart is with you, from Hungary.

  4. laca Says:

    It’s working now!

  5. Noor Says:

    Aha, ok ok
    so, that’s your 3rd favorite thing… shisha
    well, enjoy!

  6. James Says:

    Dude I will match bowls with you any day of the week. Haha

    Much love and respect to you man.

  7. Nikki Says:

    Heh! I love to smoke hookahs, unfortunately I am forced to leave the US and go to Canada to smoke them, because only 21 and over clubs have them!

    I don’t think anyone blames you there though, it’s a very relaxing thing!

  8. lelly Says:

    Hahahaha. You just keep saying”Hubbly Bubbly- its my favourite thing. I like to smoke it every day” over and over!

  9. Tracy Says:

    LOL! … Hubbly Bubbly sounds like a brand name for gum.

    OK, so tell us more about shisha. Does the smoke have a flavor? Do you inhale and hold in your lungs or just in your mouth? Can you blow rings?

  10. Zaid Says:

    Hey Saif…..

    Are you singing Blues or what ….?!!!!
    I think its a song for ( James Brown ) or ( Ray Charles ) am not sure , is in it ?????!!!!!!!!
    hehehehehehe.. …

    His Hubble Bubble is always awesome , taste and smoke density are cool but he ‘d never given me some lol.


  11. ... Says:

    Hey evrybody…
    I’m a girl from Germany and just wanted to tell you how much I’m thankful for those who iniciated this really wonderfull project! I think it’s so important to get to know, what’s going on there in the Iraq and it really makes me so sad to see what those innocent people have to cope with everyday!!! It’s just horrible!
    I hope the best for all those innocent and may God bless them and their country. I truly hope that they can live a better life, soon.
    Some people asked me, whether this project is real or just a fake? I mean I’m convinced, that this is a real project, but could you please assure me someway? That would be great!
    All the best!!!!

  12. Mike Says:

    People here (in the US) usually call them “hookahs” if they even know what they are. I own one that I haven’t used in months, but hookahs are great. Especially banana flavored shisha, that’s my favorite.

  13. Karenne Says:


    Karenne from Chat the Planet. This project; video’s; people are all very very real. Check out Chat the Planet’s website and the bios of the team that brought this project to life (they are here on the Hometown Baghdad site). Also, the foundations that funded the project. We are real. A small, but very dedicated team of people who want help build bridges between people and inspire empathy around the world. Thank you for your kind words; for “getting it”; and taking the time to tell us. Help spread the word!

  14. Priyanka Says:

    actually man… haha i smoke hookah too! ITS SOOOO G DAMN ADDICTING! LOLZ

  15. Saif Says:

    If anyone wants to smoke my superb Shisha ( Hubbly bubbly , Hookah ). you can make a small journey to amman ,Jordan. and he/she is welcome to stay in my house for anytime needed.

  16. lelly Says:

    Oh yeah,Saif, just a very small journey, eh? :D Im guessing you have a special secret recipe or something…
    So, you don’t live in Iraq any more?

  17. Saif Says:

    I am not in Iraq. I am in jordan, It is a safe place, you can come here. There are alot of tourism here. like Petra, Wadi Rum and Aquba.

  18. Mike Says:

    Saif, have you had any luck in becoming a dentist, like you mentioned in a previous video?

  19. Patricia Says:

    Saif, I’ll take ur word, hehe! Someday… someday I will love to smoke ur superb hubbly bubbly ;-)

  20. Priyanka Says:

    i want some hubbly bubbly. lolz but jordans kinda far!!!

  21. Björn Says:

    Hi all, just want to join the chours and say:great work! Ypu guys make a very important contribution by bringing people together by sharing everday life experience. To you brave boys and girls in Iraq who carry on your daily lives in spite of bombs and other threats, I only hope there will be peace for you soon.

  22. Kate Says:

    No way, Saif!

    I’m going to be in Amman this summer with a friend of mine from university! We should DEFINITELY get together.

    Kate in New York

  23. Saif Says:

    Sure we can meet eachother.
    Take my e-mail adress from the manger of this website Mike, and e-mail me to give you my contact details.
    Thanks and you are most welcomed.

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