Episode 15 of 45 - “Kiss and Tell”

Dating in Iraq has gotten some interesting coverage in the press. And it has been picked up in the blogosphere as well. Here, Hometown Baghdad adds to that with stories from the lives of Adel, Saif and Ausama. And again, the footage with Saif and his wife was shot after they were engaged.

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31 Responses to “Episode 15 of 45 - “Kiss and Tell””

  1. Zaid Says:

    This makes me remember the ((Old days))
    Any thing might be happened in Iraq…whatever you think , you would find it there.
    Saif did the Apatchi break your sentence??!!! why didnt you continue!!!

  2. bedlam Says:

    Why did the chopper come just then! Stopped Saif from continuing…>(
    So the iraqi girls are very conservative eh? aww, you guys are sweet

  3. Amelia A. Says:

    Ausama, you should not be so shy!

  4. Sara H. Says:

    Aww Ausama I think you are so cute, you definitely should not be shy! I bet lots of girls like you! ^_~

    Wow… Saif. Hmm I’m interested to hear the rest of the story.

  5. Noor Says:

    ummmm, No comment this time.
    but interesting.

  6. Tegan Says:

    Ha! He definately kissed her.

    Dating in Iraq sounds much nicer than in Australia, Australian men are definately not Gentlemen!
    Growing up with my parents Eastern influence and the ethics they enforce definately made dating an Australian boy a shock to me.

    I’m not sure what my point is here, but i think it’s that … It’s interesting to see what difference cultures perceive as what is “good” and what is “bad” with things like dating.

    It’s nice to see some real Gentlemen, if only you weren’t all on the other side of the world.


  7. Ausama Says:

    Amelia , Sarah … looool thank you :)

    Well , it’s not only me being shy … it’s because here for me I think that if I’m going to have a girl friend then this means commitment in the future , because I don’t want to lie on a girl .
    and so far I’m not ready to do any commitment .

    however that doesn’t mean that I don’t make friendships with girls , on the contrary I have alot of girl - friends in college and familly friends !

    oh and I guess what Noor wanted to say by ” ummm ” , I guess she was about to say that our society , our community is conservative and for me I would also mention that it’s getting even more complicated , that’s why it’s not always “okay” with the concept of dating ….and etc.

    hope you all enjoy the different point of views :)

  8. Konfused Kid Says:

    It’s interesting that the cutest one is the most shy one….
    oh btw Sayoofi I would just like to say that this was very brave of you to do and almost phenomenally audacious. I don’t know how you got her to accept this and how you just openly declared you having pre-marital loving, all I can say is that you are one brave dude! Respect….
    p.s. You still need to wear a shirt, though :P

  9. Tegan Says:

    Do girls ever ask the boy on a date in Iraq?
    And, what would be your reaction if a girl did?

  10. Peter Says:

    Adel, Saif and Ausama - I am writing from the U.S. and I have to tell you I am so glad I found your videos. I will check them regularly and I tell everyone I know about them. You are very brave to share your thoughts in these videos. Although I haven’t met you I feel that you are my friends. I think of you often and I pray for your health and happiness and safety. I am so saddened by the situation - this war. I will think of you and hope someday we might meet as friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    - Peter in Athens Georgia. - I will write again

    P.S. Adel I like your music. That’s what I do too.

  11. Zaid Says:

    Dear Tegan…
    About your Q. , Yeah some of them do that and might not be shy at all , but on the other hand there might be a guy who is trying his best with much as he can , then , she refused his request about any date with her .
    For a reaction about that , not same for all coz some one would get hot and the other would feel shy , its not a big deal …… Its a huge colored culture , but For Me and Saif (Saif before he had known Noor ) we would be so happy …

  12. Habib Says:

    NAWOOZO-BILLAH!! Premarital sex?! Hai Allah!!!!!! Iraq?! Where is the culture and Islam in the Middle East?!….shit go ahead America take over Iraq! For nothing the freedom fighters are fighting to liberate Iraq.

  13. Tegan Says:

    Thank you for answering my question, Zaid!

    I’m sad to say I don’t know enough about Iraq. Most of my friends are Arabic, Persians and Turks but we are from Turkey, Iran and Lebanon! I have not met many Iraqis in Australia, so it’s wonderful that I can learn about it straight from the source on this website.

    Haha, but you and Saif definately remind me of my brothers!

  14. Noor Says:

    Hello Ausama,
    yes, that’s what i meant, but i didn’t want to go into details, because i don’t know how “opened” the Iraqi society is….
    It is not always easy to do things like that where people around you reject it. I mean don’t you face conviction from others?
    Looking forward to the next video.

  15. Tracy Says:

    I liked this video because there was a lot of humor. I notice you guys have kept that despite everything and I think it (humor) is necessary for survivial.

    Adel, good job on being a gentleman but of course we know the answer! LOL. Too bad the camera didn’t zoom in so we can see you blush :)

    Ausama, I agree with Sara, you’re quite cute with no need to be shy. But I’m shy, too and one can’t always help that. Some people find that quality even cuter anyway, so be yourself. I also understand that you aren’t ready to commit. (This is a famous line among American guys although they don’t have a good excuse. LOL.) … I’m sure when the right girl comes along you’ll be ready :)

    Saif - Wow, very brave to admit such a thing in your part of the world. On one of the videos at chat the planet.com some Americans were speaking with young people of a predominantly Muslim country. One of the people said, “We don’t have pre marital relations here because it’s forbidden.” … One of the Americans answered back, “Are you just saying that because your parents are watching?” Of course everyone laughed.

    Many Americans are Christians and for us pre-marital sex is also forbidden. The churches are against it and most parents preach against it (my parents did.) … Still, most people here have pre-marital sex before marriage, even though they are not supposed to either. That’s no surprise I’m sure… While most people agree it’s wrong it’s certainly not dangerous to admit it here.

    I love the end of this video. If only a helicopter would fly over and prevent me from discussing difficult topics as well. ;) My husband would say, “How much did you spend shopping today?” And I’d say, “Ummm…. I spent…..” - SORRY! HELICOPTER! CAN’T TALK! :D

    Salam guys. {HUGS}

  16. Sara H. Says:

    I’m actually an Iraqi American, so I totally understand what you mean. And I find it very admirable that you are not willing to lie to a girl when you are not ready to commit, just for the sake of having a girlfriend. I hope there are more guys out there like you :) Btw, I also like the fact that you are a little shy, because I am that way myself haha.

  17. bedlam Says:

    BWhahaha, Ausama’s line made me laugh “because I dont want to lie on a girl”
    Ah, innocence. ;)

  18. Priyanka Says:

    one ?……. do u guys have one nite stands… like does it ever work? haha well um but anyways ya ausama ur sooooo adorable. u probly do get gals but they dont tell u. lolz


  19. lelly Says:

    Priyanka, the definition of getting girls is that you definitely know about it…lol.
    Anyway, cute video.
    Adel, I don’t think you kissed the lady, cos most men never fail to boast about things like that!Never mind, there’s always tomorrow.
    Ausama, youre very sweet, Im sure lots of girls think so. To stop being shy, stop thinking about what theyre thinking of you and think about what you think of them. ( If that makes sense, tee hee)
    Saif you have a lovely lady- treat her right. She’s lucky too.

    Keep up the good work peeps.

  20. Ehab Says:

    HI ,

    nice Vedio about Iraqi Guys in iraq and they life also ,need more like this vedioes to explain the iraqi Guys abd girls problems.


    Ehab -Slovakia Rebuplic

  21. Ausama Says:

    Priyanka , lol.

    Lelly , Thank you .. I’ll try to do so .. ;) .
    appreciate it :) .

    Ehab .. we hope that we could reflect more about our real lives, infact these series is suppose to be all about this .

    I’m also here to answer any one about anything , incase some people have questions about the vedios or about our lives.

    Thank you

  22. lelly Says:

    *raises hand*
    I have a question! What is the time delay between when these videos are shot and then put on here?
    Cos I notic

  23. lelly Says:

    *raises hand*
    I have a question! What is the time delay between when these videos are shot and then put on here?
    Cos I noticed Saif said he lives in Jordan now, but the video he posted that on was in Iraq before he got married.

  24. IRAQI Says:

    iraq is in bad shape because of the stuff you do! take sides take charge do something don’t sit there and cry over dating you guys SUCK i hope everything gets better in iraq…. inshallah!

  25. Habib Says:

    I WAS CENSORED!!!!!!!!OMG…….
    I agree w/ u IRAQI

  26. omr Says:


  27. Annie Says:

    PDA! PDA!! -runs away- jk ;P lolz

    CONGRATS SAIF! ^_^ Wish I was there to see the wedding :x
    I’m hoping that the pre-maritial sex was with your present wife

  28. Annie Says:

    oops.. O.o that wasn’t supposed to be an angry smilie.. lol

    gee.. it puzzles me when i say something.. it gets censored.. and really.. I don’t see anything wrong with what i was saying.. oh well o.O. -point forms- if that doesn’t work.. broken English :x

    Adel: You cheater :D you didn’t say yes or no

    Ausama: You don’t seem that shy. You don’t know shy until you’ve met me. Then again, I’m more like.. terrified of people

  29. Jeffery Haas Says:

    Adel and Saif what matters most is to love and be loved, sex or no sex. With the possibility that your lives may end at any moment the temptation is strong to taste all the sweetness so I do not believe that any of you are wrong to have feelings. For those (both Middle Eastern and American) who glory in this war the sweetness for them is the taste of blood. I do not believe the God of any faith wants blood to taste sweet. The sin of murder makes all others pale in comparison.

    I know that terrorism is very real, but I feel that our leaders actions have made things worse instead of better, even as our soldiers individually try to do good wherever and whenever possible. Their plans are made for them, their orders are given without proper planning or thought as to the consequence and thus it is difficult to clearly define our mission.
    This is the makings of our tragedy in Iraq.
    Where it should have been liberation and well planned reconstruction it is instead a growing infection.

    I know that our government has made some terrible mistakes, and I hope that there is a way for our leaders to right the wrongs that have been committed.

    My prayers for your people are the same prayers I have for our soldiers.
    May you all come home again, safe, sound and in one piece, to rebuild your lives and cherish true happiness and the peace that comes with health and strength.

  30. Nadya Says:

    The Iraqi guy that I am currently dating just forwarded this site to me - this is awesome! You guys should be so proud of yourselves! Adel - very cool, man! Ausama - you are the cutest, my first words when I saw the second episode with the salad were: he’s so shy and cute, I bet he’s a really sweet person! Saif - so impatient, such a passionate, driven person, reminds me I need to go to the dentist soon:) As somebody said above, I already feel like you are my friends, just by watching you, guys. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for everyone. Let us know if you ever need any help with anything at all. I am from Bulgaria but I’m currently working in the US.

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