Episode 11 of 45 - “Saif <3 Noor”

So far, we have seen Saif upset and sad, saying goodbye to a close friend, but here we see him in a happier light…we see him madly and deeply in love.

Update: Much of the footage from this video was shot after Saif and Noor’s engagement.

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We also get a peak at how the war-zone has affected his relationship with his fiance, their engagement and the amount of time they can spend together.

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54 Responses to “Episode 11 of 45 - “Saif <3 Noor””

  1. Zaid Says:

    Really Coooooooooool …. Saif ?? Life is what ???!!!!

    Both Saif and Noor are sooo dear to me , they have been suffering that period espcially when Saif had to be her body-guard for about couple of years till graduation , But thank God they have got eachother at the end coz they both are wonderful and look like (Canary bird)… sorry only noor is Canary but Saif is a poultry hehehehe.

    I miss you guys
    Wish You all the best

  2. Noor-A-Saba Says:

    omg…my nickname is Noor :-P lol….awww poor Saif, I hope things will get better for you and Noor insha-Allah.

  3. Noor-A-Saba Says:

    PS I hope you don’t mind Saif, but why is she going to Dubai?

  4. Dana Says:

    This is a realyl nice video, Saif I hope everything with you and your fiance will go well, you deserve it.

  5. Karenne Says:

    Are you together now? Are you properly engaged? Us girls like a good love story…

  6. bedlam Says:

    You lucky guy. All the best.

  7. Mike Says:

    I wish Saif all the best with his engagement. I’m sure even if life is shit in Iraq right now, life for Saif will be good with his fiancee, and eventually life will be bearable in Iraq too probably within a few years of deoccupation and international stabilization.

  8. ben Says:

    I’m disappointed that you have decided to censor something as simple as “shit” and “fuck.” I liked this series becaue I felt it was giving me an uncensored view of the real people being hurt by this war. The fact that you cut out mere words, though, makes me wonder what else you are censoring out?

  9. Tracy Says:

    Awh, Saif - I hope you 2 are reunited soon and that your parents can meet so you can be properly engaged.

    So in Iraq it is OK for men and women to date and talk a little and they do not have to wait for arranged marriage - but the proper way to get engaged is for the parents to agree? Is this correct?

    I am reading a book right now called The Kite Runner about Afghanistan and though it’s a work of fiction, I think the cultural details are accurate. Anyway, in the book the man, Amir, meets a girl named Soraya that he likes and eventually wants to marry so he has his father meet with the father of Soraya.

    One thing about this video - I was so surprised to see the food in the restaurant looked like an American restaurant. Very nice (and tasty!) looking. What kind of food did this restaurant specialize in?

    I also did not know about the 8 pm curfew. That must really limit when and where you can go becaue you have to allow enough time to be back home.

    Keep up the good work. Best wishes.

  10. Iza Says:

    I really appreciate what you are doing - i mean all of the videos. People from the US and Europe have no clue how your life looks like and what you have to go through. I hope everything is going to be fine. And I feel ashame for my country, Poland, that they sent troops to Iraq.

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  12. nuh ibn Says:

    As salaam alaikum.

    Masha’Allah. This is wonderful work. Jazakallahu khairn for sharing your wonderful family with the rest of the world.

    Ma’as salaama,

    nuh ibn

  13. Sean Says:

    Thanks for posting the video. You make a great couple and I wish you the best. You do not deserve a shit life, and I hope things get better soon.

  14. Jimmy from Canada Says:

    Wow. I found myself crying after I watched your clips.

    I hope you well.

    Keep us updated. Thank you.


  15. AmedJones Says:

    good luch Saif, InshaALlah you will meet up with your gurl at Dubai, Iraq is a rough country and stating a live there is not option.. just gotta wait for the paper and take off with your gurl

  16. Igl Ivrn Says:

    hmm…well it’s good for them, but this doesn’t rationalize or legitimate the war.

  17. Ali Maliki Says:

    She’ll be dead in the morning by a car bomb, so he better get some action now. But I heard the U.S. soldiers are handing out candy, so maybe he can get a candy bar out of it.

  18. Rick S Says:

    This is awesome stuff, I’m Jewish, I’m from Milford, NH, USA, lets get this country what it deserves, some peace

  19. John Says:

    Saif, If you can get here to Canada, you can begin a normal life with Noor. There are many Canadian viewers of your series who would like to help you, including me.

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  21. Wisam Says:

    Alginate is an impression material not compression material. I am a dentist too. Why sh*t hasn’t been translated ?
    BTW, I graduated from the same college at Bab Almuaddham. I am glad to be out of Iraq :D

  22. stewy Says:

    All my best wishes for this sweet couple

  23. Omar Says:

    Keep your head up, Insha’allah everything will work out! :)

  24. Josh M. Says:

    Saif leave some of the pretty females for me, lol good luck you two look very happy together. And that is what will get you through the sadness.

    Take care
    Josh E. Windsor NJ

  25. Dean Says:

    Ben, give it a rest. It’s not like you can’t find other places on the net to hear your favorite words. I appreciate their effort at civility. Nice video.

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  27. kaschubisches gedankengut Says:

    das leben in baghdad…

    Medium: http://www.youtube.com
    Link: http://www.youtube.com
    wie menschen in bagdhad leben, kann man beim hometown baghdad sehen.

  28. Saif Says:

    Ben, Don’t be disappointed because they censored me saying s**t or f**k. because the aim of the movie not to hear me cursing but the goal is to see how I curse because of the stuation.and believe me nothing were censored more.lol.

    Tracy, Thank you for your nice comment. and I am sure you got the point of the movie, is the aproximity of our culture from your culture and the persons are the same every where.and this resturant is one of the famous resturants in Baghdad in a high class nieghbirhood, It serves very delicious dishes. and I thin I was eating GORDON BLUE, with cheese and mashrooms.I can tell what had happened to me but what do you think I let you watch the series and see. ??? lol.

    Nuh ibn, Thank you. I had to share it. because it is a patroitic thing to do.

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  31. USA! Says:

    So happy for you two, I hope to hear more from you two. Don’t wait for her to come back from Dubai, go look for her, find her, marry her and move to America, we need cool people like you here.

    Saif, peace to you and your family…! :)

    The coolest Iraqis I’ve seen!

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  33. ~Static~ Says:

    You’re right, sometimes life is s**t. But it also is wonderous. I hope you marry your soul mate & find happiness and I also hope Iraq becomes a safe place for you & your family soon.

    Good job, I like what I’ve seen so far.


  34. USA Says:

    This war is really disappointing to me.. I wish that the rest of the country could see how ridiculous it is. We’re ruining lives. Osama was the cause of 911, not all of Iraq. Cmon George Bush, gtfo of Iraq with our troops. We’ve done enough! Btw, this video is sweet and I think that everyone should show it to everyone they know and maybe it will help end this useless “war on terror”

  35. Robert (Rami) Says:


    Say hello to Nizar - my brother-in-law. I barely saw him in film #9. I know he is out of the country for now.

    My wife and I met in Baghdad and finally married in Turkey. We had a difficult time with a formal engagement also.

    Good luck.

  36. bedlam Says:


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  38. Zaid Says:

    Hey Tracy hope you are great ….
    If I compare Iraq with Afganistan there would be so many differences , am saying that not bcuz Iraq is my country and I love it , but , in Iraq you can find evrything even a night-club , water skiing ( as i was doing in Tigris ) and many many other ordinary things .
    But for sure , I understand how you might be surprise when you see a westren food , coz whats going on and whats being revealed and transported on TV from Iraq to the whole world about blood , fight and other bad things makes people think that Iraq HAS and HAD nothing , and thats not true .
    By the way , our food at home half eastren half westren ( comsee comsaa ) Me and Saif really like to cook hotdog in my house in the ( fire place ) …( with out let my father know what we are doing ……heheheheh ).
    Zaid AL_bender

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  40. MK, Canada Says:

    you guys are my heroes!!!!! i think the videos are fantastic insight into the life of civilian iraqi’s.

    im kind of disappointed though that this is episode 11 of 45?? only 45?!??? i think there should be wayyy more!! keep it up

  41. Priyanka Says:

    omg… thats soooooo sad man! well my ex bf and i were seperated. i went to india but had to come back to america…. it really didnt work out the distance and all and he is like 20 and im 15 so we split. it was hard for me… and really hard for him cause he wanted to propose so bad…. w/e. life will go on. So good luck Saif. Hope for the best


  42. Average_Joe Says:

    My heart goes out to you guys. I really wish the USA was able to improve the situation over there. Watching some of the vids “American bullets, other guys bullets, we can tell the difference between the gunfire.”

    Many American citizens honestly don’t understand why the insurgents fight back. We really don’t, we have no idea what their message is, we have no idea what their intents are, nothing.

    What we know of them, the average person in the USA, is that they only want death for people foreign to their cause, and that they want Americans dead. Pretty much, that sums it up.

    US citizen=filtered media, propoganda. When you look at how filtered the mainstream press is, you get an idea of what the news was run like back in Auschwitz circa 1938. Really, no BS here.

    Third reich! Sig heil! The US has become very similar to what we all hated back in WWII.

  43. Tracy Says:

    Saif - Thanks for replying. Cordon Bleu is delicious! I think it’s actually a French dish, but we have it here, too. And for sure I will be faithfully watching to see what happens next! :)

    Zaid - I understand that Afghanistan and Iraq are completely different (especially after I have just finished reading the book The Kite Runner).

    By the way, I love to read non-fiction and fiction based on real life. Do you have any books to recommend which you think would be a true picture of Iraqi life?

    It’s true that the majority of what Americans know of Iraq is from the news but I think you are all changing that with Hometown Baghdad.

    Funny about the hot dogs! :) Do you eat them in a bun? Ketchup? Mustard?

    Stay safe!
    Tracy, USA

  44. Ahlm Says:

    Hi Saif
    I am a dentist too, graduated from the same college about 10 years ago, Till this movie I liked all of you and felt sorry about you all and about my country of course, But to be honest with you, this movie doesn’t reflect the real tradition in Iraq, the love is great and I loved before and got married, But I don’t accept other people to see me kissing and huging my lovely woman, I am not religious person I am noramal Iraqi man left Iraq only 2 years ago……

  45. Zaid Says:

    Hey Tracy…
    You have made me eating an extar dinner , bcoz of speaking about hot dogs with bun and ketchup , yammiii , ( If I were Elvis Presley , I would sing ..you aint a nothin but a hot god ) hehehe.
    Talking about books , Iraq has a very long history and wild present , there are many books but I do recomand you to do two things so as to know things some what different from most people see or watch , the 1st thing is to read that nice book called ( Animal Farm ) by (George Orwell ) , it is based on major events on novels from the Soviet Union during the Stalin era which gives you some ideas about what have been working in Iraq while Saddam’s regime was holding the life in Iraq , as you’ll find out that they all the same Saddam , Stalin and Hitler. And the 2nd thing is to stay over here ( this site ) and keep watching more as you are doing so .
    By the way I like your name so much coz it makes me remeber the wonderful singer ( TRACY CHAPMAN ) .
    by the way do you play guitar or sing ??!!!
    Zaid AL Bender

  46. NovayaH Says:

    Hey Saif!

    I just stumbled onto Hometown Baghdad tonight, and all of the videos are very touching and gives a completely different perspective to what is going on. The work you all are doing is phenomenal, so I want to throw a compliment to you and everyone’s courage in making these documentaries.

    That said, I really hope you see Noor soon, and are able to have your two parents meet. I’m sure your wedding will be great and have a happy future together!

    I’ve also forwarded this site to several friends, including my boyfriend (who is Assyrian — his dad, grandma, and other family are from Baghdad themselves). I’m praying to a quick end to the conflicts. All the best.

  47. Tracy Says:

    Dear Zaid,

    You have a good sense of humor! Your Elvis joke made me laugh :)

    As for books, I have read Animal Farm many years ago. It was required reading in high school. I also have the movie. I will either watch or read, this time keeping Iraq in mind for a new perspective.

    Thanks about my name. I never loved my name because in the United States “Tracy” can be a name for a male or female. I always wanted a more feminine name. I do like the singer Tracy Chapman though. My favorite album of her’s is “New Beginning”. I like so many songs on that one. She writes beautiful, touching lyrics (not to mention the voice/music are great, too.)

    As for my (lack of!) musical talent - I like to sing but only in the shower or in the car by myself. I know my voice is not very good and I don’t want to torture other people.

    My Dad is a very good guitar player and he plays every week on stage at his church. He tried to teach me a few times but he’s not very patient and I’m a slow learner so it didn’t work out. :) I do own a guitar and a video called something like, “Beginner’s Learn to Play Guitar”, but I have only tried to learn a couple times.

    Maybe music is not the talent God gave to me, or maybe I’m just not trying hard enough :)

    I pray you are all doing well.

    Stay safe, friends.


  48. Zaid Says:

    Tracy …………
    I know that , but when a name is for both genders it would be better and so nice , coz as how sweet it is , makes people use it for both male and female , for me , I see name on its music or meaning and when it contains both then it would be great name , I like your name but I like my name more than any other name hehehe.
    by the way how old are you .. learning music is better with decreasing age , you can learn what you like , I see that God has given you a talent which is (being cute).
    any way keep working and send my regards to ur daddy and if he plays country music , so send him an extra regards lol
    Keep smiling

  49. Tracy Says:

    Dear Zaid,

    Well, thank you about my name. I don’t usually get compliments on it.

    Your name is also nice. Is it the same as Sayid or Sayeed or are these differnt names? I’m thinking maybe the spelling can be changed since it’s being translated from Arabic?

    Your name reminds me of one of my favorite TV shows. Do you have the show LOST about an airplane that crashes on an island? There is a character on the island from Iraq named Sayid. He is one of my favorite characters. (The actor is actually Naveen Andrews who is of Indian decent.)

    As for my age - I’m not a young girl! I just turned 28 years old at the end of March. I am married to my husband, Carlos for 9 years, who is originally from El Salvador - a small country south of Mexico. (You can see my love for culture!) … We have 2 sons. Nick is 8 years old. Julian is 5 years old.

    How old are you?

    You’re right that learning an instrument is easier at a younger age. The same is true for learning languages. I’m fluent in English (of course), but my second language is Spanish. I am nearly fluent in Spanish. I love languages very much. I know a little bit of a few other languages - but just a little. Sometimes I wish I could learn Arabic. I wonder how much space is in my brain though. What if I forget my Spanish? :)

    I will tell my Dad “Hello from Zaid” next time I speak with him and then he will think I’m crazy. So then I will have to explain I’ve been talking about him on a website called hometown Baghdad :) … He doesn’t play country music though. Is that your favorite? My Dad prefers Rock. He grew up listening to The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Eric Clapton, etc.

    I like all the music my Dad likes but mostly I listen to pop and hip hop.

    Keep in touch.

  50. Robert T. Says:

    I admire you guys and have been touched by your stories. Keep them coming. But how do you weigh the danger of making and posting your films? Afterall, you reveal your names, your neighborhood, your faces, and your sympathies.

    I wish you health and happiness.

    Robert T.

  51. pligg.com Says:

    Young Iraqis in love in Baghdad…

    23 year old dentist in Iraq finds the love of his life in a war zone. This video was shot entirely by an Iraqi crew in Baghdad….

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  53. Aseel Says:

    Hello Saif, Usama, and Adel,

    Actually, i’m so proud of you guys, I’m a grad student in biology in Canada, I left Baghdad in Jan 2006, to come here as a scholarship student…i was crying when I heared the kids talking about the injured man who was crying… i agree with you it is shit…… anyways, God keep you guys, nice english skill guys.


  54. Saif Says:

    Hey Aseel ,
    Wassup ?
    Thanks for your interest in our show.
    Don’t cry because you left you country but cry because you don’t have a country anymore.

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