Episode 9 of 45 - “Iraqis Shooting Each Other”

Making a documentary in a war-zone is inherently dangerous. Film crews in Baghdad are a target. And our producers in Baghdad were not always able to be with the subjects. And this episode uncovers how we dealt with that problem.

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30 Responses to “Episode 9 of 45 - “Iraqis Shooting Each Other””

  1. Priyanka Says:

    omg….. new video!!! but shit…. we cant access this at skool. its youtube.


  2. Priyanka Says:

    i finally watched it! its good! haha i thought at 1st this was like u no… guns. i guess not! hehe

  3. Daoud Says:

    This one might be my favorite so far. It’s subtle, but your senses of humor come through very nicely. The video editing also communicates the atmosphere of you guys at play.

  4. Priyanka Says:

    yuppies thats wat i thought


  5. ahdamer Says:

    The lack of reporters in Baghdad is being a serious problem for Western broadcasting companies. As all professional journalists end to be targeted and leaving the country, now it seems that the new trend among broadcasting corporations is using young Iraqis to personally report their lives. Let´s say that BBC could be doing that since long time ago and hiding their commissioned collaborations under the shape of bloggers´contributions.

    Young Iraqis can get inside situations foreigners never could and they are now doing what the rest of the world want to see from the sofas of their safe houses. Iraqis are treated as cheap workers for very dangerous works that are incredibly well paid outside Iraq, but Iraqis can not even guess how trendy is a new vision of Iraq…

    Will the organization of this blog really change the lives of those who are risking their lives to make these reports? I mean, it is not just giving them some cameras and fame as if they were the “colonized natives aborigines,” we are speaking about human lives. I really hope you will find for those people and their families a permanent resident status outside Iraq. If not, I suggest taking really mature Iraqis for your project. If not, it could seem very opportunistic.

  6. Purushottam Says:


    Thanks a lot for publishing these. I was wondering what was happening to the Iraqi middle class after the imposed ‘war’. This helps a lot.


  7. Rob Says:

    I found this series today, and I’m really excited about it. I have some friends in Iraq, Iraqi friends I mean, and I’m going to pass this along to them, and to my American friends as well of course.

  8. Saif Says:

    The work in this episode is amazing. the direction, the montage, and everything.

  9. mike Says:


    Thank you so much for your note. You raise a really good point that the Iraqi participants and crew risked a lot to make this series. It was never our intention to exploit this risk for any kind of gain. Hometown Baghdad was created by an Iraqi-crew and an American organization to address the way that our media was dehumanizing and marginalizing young, everyday Iraqis. So the project was undertaken as a joint Iraqi-American effort and our Iraqi partners had final word on every decision regarding safety and exposure.

    We don’t expect to solve the world’s problems simply by helping Iraqis reveal their lives. We hope with genuine sincerity to bring humanity and compassion to the forefront of the media that surrounds Iraq and Iraqis.

    And if you ever have any more thoughts or concerns, please don’t hesitate to leave more messages or contact me at my private email which can be found on this site.


  10. Saif Says:

    I think you made me more proud of myself. Because I am posting an untold story, all you see in media is blood, turban and bomb. but the true story of tolerance, living in danger, intention to do things we are born to do and most important thing is go after our dream.so I just want to thank you for this great note.

  11. Daoud Says:

    Here’s another good website in addition to the one I posted earlier.

    Be safe and strong guys. Iraq will be back - secure, independent, and beloved among nations for your resilience.

  12. Priyanka Says:

    u guys… i totally agree, in america our press is sooo filtered,. i must say to country is sinking it=n its duties…. i hope iraq makes us proud…


  13. Saperna Says:

    Just wanted to say “thank you”. I love your videos. I myself have a new eye of what the youth in Iraq face. No I can not imagine living that way. Thank you for bringing light to my world that even in war we can love, live and have hope for our future.

  14. Priyanka Says:

    and u no wat else sux…. i have to make this web site for html class about saddam hussein. and i hate the guy….

  15. Saif Says:

    Thank you people for this interst in the series. I think we all can make a change by advertising,posting comments and rating on all the related website of HOMETOWN BAGHDAD. thank you all.

  16. Tracy Says:

    I love the play on words and the editing is terrific. This could be something on MTV. I hope some big “shots” ;) are paying attention and can give your films the exposure and audience they deserve.

    By the way - I love just as much to hear you guys speak English with such a lovely accents as I love to hear you speak your native language. Is it Farsi or Arabic? (Excuse the American ignorance.)

  17. Craig Says:

    Hey guys,

    Great work here! A really informative and interesting series. Thanks for educating us.

    Can you educate me further? I was wondering what camcorder that is? I am about to begin making travel videos somewhat along the lines of what you are doing and am camcorder shopping. The quality looks good, so Im curious.

    Keep up the good work!


  18. bedlam Says:

    ausama is so sweet, lol

  19. Rick S Says:

    This is just awesome

  20. Ausama Says:

    Tracy thank you so much .. I really hope it would be on MTV as well and about the language, It’s Arabic , languages in Iraq are Arabic and kurdish only , and since we’re arabs then we speak arabic.

    Craig ,thank you too .. the Camera is Panasonic 3CCD PV-GS500 , it’s very nice .

    Take Care

  21. Ausama Says:

    bedlam thank youu :) , appreciate it

  22. ahdamer Says:

    I really respect you and I feel very sorry for your situation, even though I feel you are endangering yourself and your family and I do not think this is something to be proud of. But it is your decision, of course. I wish you all the best and to your family.

    You said that your “Iraqi partners” had final word on every decision regarding safety and exposure… but my point is not that. Your “partners” are very young people and because of that and their specific situation they are not able to see the whole picture. Just a few digital cameras and some ephemeral fame on YouTube should not be a cheap prize against their safety, even if they do not care.

  23. Tracy Says:

    Ausama - Thank you for answering my question.

  24. lelly Says:

    :D hahaha - ausama is that you dancing around in front of the camera? you’re so sweet.
    nice video peeps. nice cameras.

  25. Ausama Says:

    Lelly , that was me celebrating the winning of Italy’s football team in the last world cup ….. ! ! !


  26. lelly Says:

    hah! EN-GER-LAND!!!
    Why does everyone support italia? Whats so good about them?
    Thanks for explaining the crazy dancing, Ausama

  27. BaghDaDia Says:

    I just want to say although the video u guys are making are very sad but it makes me feel like I am back home..It tells the truth the madia is heading plus I can see BAGHDAD el7beba..Honestly I feel really bad about what’s going on and how everyone in IRAQ is suvering..aLLah ekon wyakom inshaLLah..God bless everyone in IRAQ..Also I just want to say that I am very happy and proud to see how breave are the men of my country..

  28. Annie Says:

    I loved this episode ^_^ one of my faves.. especially because it’s so light-hearted :D and I’m so happy it’s on this site.. ’cause i hate having to post what i want to say in more than one comment on YouTube :x lol. Favoured it on YouTube :D

    The comments made were hilarious.. :D:D:D:D:D I couldn’t stop laughing after I watched it :D

    The whole celebrating part was random but hilarious ^_^ Kudos to you Ausama!

    I’ll be honest here.. the title sure had me fooled! Lol

    P.S- It still makes me laugh :D

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