Episode 8 of 45 - “Last Resort”

A side of Baghdad that even most Iraqis probably don’t ever see…
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Also, Hometown Baghdad was featured on All Things Considered, a program on NPR (National Public Radio in America). Listen to it here. For those of you outside of America, NPR does incredible work. The quality of their reporting is remarkable. And they made special mention of a conversation between Ed and Zaid in the comments of this blog. Kudos to you guys! So everyone please continue to watch, continue to think, continue to talk, continue to spread these stories from Iraq.

In other news, “Symphony of Bullets” was made popular on Digg today!

43 Responses to “Episode 8 of 45 - “Last Resort””

  1. khalalolo Says:

    n ice house and nice swimming pool ………..have fun guys .you need abreak ……..lolo

  2. khalalolo Says:

    have fun guys you deserve a break

  3. Esaul Says:

    I just heard about the series and this website yesterday on NPR and wanted to let you guys know that what you’re doing is beyond any form of expression. I cannot even come close to understanding or knowing what it is that you guys go through every day. The only thing that I do know is that sadness, madness, destruction, fear, and pain have counterweights and you are a vivid example of what courage can accomplish.
    I send you my warmest regards and big bear hug from the city of Mexicali, Mexico on the US/Mexico border. Paz hermanos!

  4. Priyanka Says:

    ooo thats kinda cool cause i mean i love to swim. but that pool in the video was freakin huge!

  5. Priyanka Says:

    o btw ausama, i was wonderin, where do u guys by ur clothes? i mean do u guys have bazaars? or like pre war, did u have places like i dunno Adidas, puma, or lacoste( i say lacoste casue in india, its pretty cheap). so was shoppin like american malls and indian malls?

  6. Ausama Says:

    Priyanka ,

    This pool is small compared to the real swiming pools we have in town , unfortunatly we can’t go and on the other hand , there’s no body left to take care of those pools anymore !

    for me , I used to go to a club where i spend some time with my friends may be play tennis … and then go to the pool which is part of the club.

    I hope they have a picture of that club in the archive here cause it was next to the studio .

  7. Saif Says:

    I am proud of the Iraqis, Do u know why ?
    They are struglling to get ” as normal as possible ” life .
    I am really proud of us.
    Please everyone who enters this site help us by any means you find them possible to get through this crisis. A nice word may be enough. Thank you all.

  8. mathilde Says:

    I read about hometown bagdad in the French and German press. it’s just a great project, it’s great you guys let us outsiders have a glimpse at how it feels to be at war. cuz as a European I just dont know what it is, so I cannot even imagine… though I envy you for swimming outdoors in march!!!

  9. Priyanka Says:

    now um just one more question…. were u guys ever mad at america as a whole? like were u ever cursing america and its ppl for adding fuel to the fire and giving more oppurtunities to add to the civil war?

  10. Daoud Says:


    You can visit this website for interesting dialogues between Iraqi college students and American college students.


  11. Priyanka Says:

    oo… dude i already checked that out. but thanks…

  12. Fady Says:

    I don’t think we should blame a whole nation, in a generalized matter, for the consequences of the acts of some individuals, American, or Iraqi, for that matter. I think we should make a distinction between the American people and the American administration. We cannot hold all American people responsible for the idiotic acts of their politicians. Besides, people have their own individual opinions; as you know, not all Americans were pro-war and not all of them were against it, and it’s the same here in Iraq.


  13. Priyanka Says:

    haha ur rite. i was most certainly neg-war….


  14. bekah Says:

    Thanks so much for doing this!!! I am American and have been anti-war since Day 1. I am so glad that you guys made that comment about distinguishing between our people and our administration, because our administration is why so many countries hate all Americans. This is a really big insight into what the war in Iraq is really doing, and I wish that George Bush would take the time of day to see this side of things. When I saw the first clip, I started wishing that I could email it to him a billion times. This is really touching, and I wish you all the best of luck, and hope that our troops pull out soon.

  15. bob Says:

    The footage and episodes you shoot are great, and remind us in the US that you are not our enemies. Hey, you’re friendly regular guys. I wish I could drop by and have a nice chat with all of you.

    Please be patient with us. The process is slow, but we’re trying to deal with the president as he turns the USA into a dictatorship. If it was up to me, I would send Bush and Company to the Hague to be tried for war crimes… and that may happen.

    Greetings from Hollywood California. Hope you can visit us here one day!

  16. theGreek Says:

    Hello guys, thank you for making this website…it is incredible. I was born in Greece, but have lived in the United States for 20 years…the only thing we hear about Iraq on the news is body counts.
    Seeing it from the perspective of people trying to live their day to day lives is amazing and I hope you can continue making these videos.
    I am sorry that you have to make them; In a better time, there would have been no need to tell your story.


  17. Priyanka Says:

    the greek? omg i love greek food. haha but anyways. i guess i agree that we do not have to agree with EVERYTHING the gov does…. um ausama, saif, and other iraqis… one question…. do u guys watch bollywood films still because its not only popular in india but all over the middle east. is that true?



  18. Jeffrey Says:


    After watching all 8 posted videos so far, I have only thing to say:

    Are you guys crazy?

    Get out by any means possible. Now! I don’t want to see a video with one or all of you dead or in Abu Graib or whatever.

    Anywhere is better than where you are.

  19. mustapha Says:

    lots of anti-american government thoughts here….please tell your better alternatives. I enjoy reading varied perspectives but wished they could be phrased in the positive instead of most always the negative.

  20. Ausama Says:

    Priyanka ,

    Yes most of us watch Hollywood Movies, Series … and we watch arabian movies as well ..but 2 be honest .. I watch American Movie ,series and programs much more .. simply cause I like them , and Because I honestly feel like I’m living through these .. and may be hope one day to live like the lifestyle i’m watching on tv !
    by the way I was just watching “Prestige” on DVD .

  21. Priyanka Says:

    on dvd? haha thats sooo indian. like there r illegal copies of the movie in india released during the time the movies are on the big screen. hehe see u guys r sooo much like my home country. lolz. real cute.


  22. Priyanka Says:

    yo mustapha (that means friend in hindi)

    dont get me wrong hun. i mean i dont no much. im 15, a student in america. and i wanna study foreign policy. lolz actually rite now im reading the history of afghanistan and a persian book by ferdowsi and poetry by rumi. but whatever. im american. i dont… u no hate america. im just not sure if america has the right to knock down a leader… u no? i mean who r we? GOD? naw… i didnt think so. how bout u guys… wat do u think of america….

  23. Daoud Says:

    Again, sorry for talking politics on a site that does such a great job of showing Iraqis trying to live their lives in such difficult times, but I found a great site regarding the “Oil Law.”


  24. Priyanka Says:

    um hahahhahahahahhahahahahahyahahahahh :)

  25. Priyanka Says:

    but ya daoud there is this book im reading now. its called the iraq study group and its compiled of suggestions to the gov by active members of congress. read it. its kind of cool but u no the stuff in the book contradicts wat they said perviously. for example, there r 10 pages about wat america should do to iraq, then it says in the last sentence that america shouldnt do anything…. i mean it totally contradicts wat they said…. :). but u no… i really dont no where my stand is on everything cause my parents r like “ur only 15, y do u care?” but i think the youth should care. after all, we will rule this country soon. its our world. wat do u guys think?>


  26. mustapha Says:

    I too studied university in America. I do not think the US has the right to knock a leader who was appointed by that nations people. However, Saddam was a despot and a real dick to the Iraqi people in general. So if not for the US, who in the past 100 years celebrated colonialism but seem to now be into ‘nation building? whatever that means???’, who else would have stood up to this bully? Hopefully, we as a worldnation will take action together for the right reasons….

    Remember to get both sides of the story before you judge….


  27. Priyanka Says:

    ya…. i mean i guess… here in america there is both sides. thats the good thing but u no wat is sooooo F***ed up> when i go to the airport, ppl r staring at my family… they take my mom to a special room and check her cause she keeps on beeping through the metal detector((her wedding necklace and gold rings always set off the sensors) but i hate how racist america has become to…. brown ppl i guess. haha. i mean i cant wait till the day i can walk in that airport as a normal person


  28. mustapha Says:

    I feel the eyes on me in public as well. Hopefully, the people at the airport treat your Mom with respect when they have to search her. They take her to the special room so they can respect her privacy. America like any other country has always had a racist streak. You just see it more in now in the media. Remember that the silent majority of people are fair, non racist, tolerant and understanding individuals.

    Never stop believing in the goodness of the human spirit!!!

  29. zaera Says:

    Hi guys

    I’m from singapore and I came across your videos in youtube and I have to say that you guys are truly brave to have it featured in the web and give the rest of the world viewers how iraq is as you have seen and live through it.

    So thank you so much for giving me a glimpse of how life is in there thus making me understand more about the harsh realities that Iraqis are facing. I wish you all the best and may God protect all of you and if you do have a chance to leave the country, please do and do come to singapore. We’re a pretty peaceful multicultural country always open to foreign talent.

    Peace and God Bless

  30. Priyanka Says:

    hahaha….. so ur wat…. in an indian in america. how bout u?

  31. KoRmAc07 Says:

    Hey Guys
    I’m from Ireland and I saw you’re video on you tube and well to be honest I was dumb struck !!!You guys have so much courage ,strength ,integrity and much more … My heart bleeds for you guys really I had tears in my eyes while watching your vids !!!

    And what amazes me more is when I came on here and you’re not even bashing Americans that is really cool of you … I find myself hating them at times and luckily for me I’m from a small insignificant country in the west and with no natural resources [ unless you count cow shit we have allot of that lol ] but it’s very sading to see ppl like me caught up in this mess that the Yankee government made of your country … A country that always preaches about freedom and human rights but in the end always considers American life must more valuably …All people are equal but some are more equal than others !!!

    Big hugs for all you guys from Ireland O0O0O0O0O0O0O

  32. Tracy Says:

    That pool and home are beautiful - and probably even more so for you. (An oasis in so many ways.) I’m happy you guys have found a place to relax a little.

    I featured your videos and site on my blog about a week ago and everyone was really moved. Keep doing what you are doing. Word is spreading.

    Stay safe.

  33. olla Says:

    Ausama, thanks for being part of this documentary. Your mom seems like such a nice lady! Here in the USA all they tell us on the news is about how many people died today, and whether it was the sunni’s or the shites that did it. Being part of this documentary helps us Americans realize that although you live on the other side of the earth, you enjoy the same things in life, and you go through the same struggles. We are all human after all.

  34. MEYAS Says:

    I have seen your films up close three times going on four now and I would do it again. For all of the mistakes made by all of the people who were and are now involved in this war, the fact that the cold hard grip of a brutal inhuman despot has been broken and your great people can have a new and bright begining. Like I said ” I would do it again” with pleasure. Each time I come to your country I feel the grand history and the rich vibrant sociaty that seems to be waiting just under the surface, straining to break free like I thought it would in the begining after the first war was ended. Now I see good men serving their country and trying very hard to rid you of the murderers still present. I just feel that these people are stiefuling that which Allexander the Great felt so much for that it caused him to stay there out of all the other lands he had freed/conquered even over his home land. So many other Americans have felt this also I am sure, thats one of the reasons we keep coming back in stead of retirement, we see that greatness in the people who are just the average joe and joeset. Like we are doing and are doing for our American brothers and sisters “although some would probably not think so” we fight for those average joes and joesets so they will have that chance to just live without having to carry a rifle and the chance to let that which is just under the surface. American Soldier

  35. Michael Says:

    Your blog was just shown on the main UK News TV, I expect you will get quite busy now.
    Keep us updated, it’s important that the British people understand the chaos Bush and Blair have caused in Iraq by illegally invading just for the sake of oil.
    Keep safe.

    Michael (UK)

  36. maria ziegler Says:

    What can I say? When tears well into my eyes, and my heart is
    close to breakpoint.
    And all words I can think of are: IT IS NOT FAIR!
    How did America dare, to so called free us from Saddam.
    To bring us DEMOCRACY, that the Americans themselves do not know anything about.
    How did they dare to destroy our lifes, our country and loot and destroy our inheritance of one of the oldest civilisations , Sumeria
    all for oil, all for oil, all for oil

  37. maria ziegler Says:

    I just cannot moderate the truth and my feelings about this truth

  38. maria ziegler Says:

    So much I admire the bravery of people whose whole life is thrown to smitherines. People that have lost the possibility to live their lifes in peace and happiness.
    People that have lost everything, especially their own country.
    And what for?

  39. Ausama Says:

    Olla , MEYAS , Michael and Maria … Thank you so much for your nice words and true feelings, I know i’ve been saying those words and the ” thank you ” alot , but beleive me each time , it’s something different for me !

    Michael I’m so happy it’s on the news , I really hope more people would be watching our series …. it gives us lots of joy when we know that more people are able to watch !

    Maria … you’re also brave to say what’s in your heart, what do you really think … I know that alot of people are trying to change this … and i’m sure you’re one of them .

    Thank you
    Please Keep posting I’m reading them all !

  40. Annie Says:

    It’s great that you guys keep your sense of humour in all this :) even if it’s dark.. but it does help you through all the stuff going on.

    Anyways, you and your friends are fortunate to have that one pool that you can feel safe at Ausama :)

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