Episode 7 of 45 - “Symphony of Bullets”

Episode seven is here. Gunfire has become the soundtrack to life in Baghdad…and owning a gun seems like a necessity. My close friend and Hometown Baghdad producer extraordinaire Fady once said that at this point standing on a street with a gun in Baghdad is safer than standing on the street with a camera. Please let us know what your reactions are both in the comments on this blog and on the comments on youtube. And help these stories spread by Digging this video here.

From now on, our episodes will debut here at the same time they appear on Salon.com. Youtube also will begin featuring our videos in a more prominent way. This is so important for us because these stories are beginning to reach a bigger and more mainstream audience. I want to see how these extra viewers react to the lives and struggles of Adel, Ausama and Saif.
Update: I had to switch out the youtube with a new version in preparation for their publicizing this video. So please watch it again at youtube and leave comments, favorite it, and rate it. Thanks!

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31 Responses to “Episode 7 of 45 - “Symphony of Bullets””

  1. Amelia A. Says:

    Amazing - this is the best episode yet!

  2. Mohamed Nagi Says:

    It is amazing, but I particularily loved Ahmed Ghassan’s Umberella/shotgun. It’s the shade of hope in the darkness

  3. jimmy in italy Says:

    The world is a mess…Our selfish ways have gotten out of control and not just in America…The world…its wants have taken over vs the needs to survive..!!! Always it has been the strong/rich who can overcome the salvation of happiness…but each country has its devoted poor and often not out of choice…but greedy selfish individuals willing to step on you to get ahead….Watch your back you guys…keep up the great work and stand tall for your cause…

  4. Derek Rogers Says:

    Fantastic! My heart bleeds for all of you. Your videos bring it all home.
    Please don’t stop. We all need to hear.

    Derek in Toronto Canada.

  5. Ahmed Naji Says:

    Hi Mohmed, I admire your positive support. It is indeed HOPE what we need.
    To all the friends, thanks for your support.


  6. Andrew Terry Says:

    I agree with Amelia - best episode yet. You guys are doing a better job of telling world about life in today’s Iraq than all of the world’s “journalists” put together….

    Stay safe, and keep sharing.

  7. Zaid Says:

    Hands up ….you have the right to be silent .. lol
    I had never known that Saif had that GUN till that moment you are watching .
    Its important to have a gun in Iraq , not necessarily the same of which Saif holds , unfortunetly we have to learn how to use such god damn things , coz it might be needed at any time , kill or be killed by a person who worths less than an insect .
    Iraq looks like an OLD TEXAS
    As you Said M we need more HOPE
    Best Regars
    Zaid Al_Bender

  8. tyler in seattle Says:

    Great work. Ive been wanting to see what its like there from someone with a similar sort of perspective and not just the commercial media or politicians. Keep it up. Stay safe. (?)

  9. Karenne Says:

    Hey Ziad & Saif - check out Sptrossi on youtube …

  10. AJ Says:

    Excellent work. Stay safe… you’re in our prayers.

  11. Sascha Says:

    Seeing this, I´m still stunned, speechless and feeling terribly helpless about the mess that is going on there. I want to scream and shake those barbarous politicians, pretending to do the best for their country. This isn´t good for anyone except the upper management at arms manufacturers. Hope and praying may help the people outside Iraq, but everyone whose directly involved in this need this war to stop. Nothing else.

    You´re doing the right and a damn brave thing, guys. If you need help from a german fellow, just send me a mail :o)

    Best regards from germany.


  12. Saif Says:

    Hey K, I check this on youtube but I didn’t get it, Can you explain more for us …thank you

  13. Saif Says:

    Ohhhhh K thank you for this video.
    You know I didn’t see this video it is great.
    I miss my friend Ramiz ( Mezo ).

  14. adontai Says:

    I feel like a boy who was born blind and then at the age o 24 given the gift of sight for the first time.

    Thank you for giving me eyes to see!

    I send my love and prayers!


  15. Ausama Says:

    I remember that day , It was so hot … and the camera man asked me to turn off the fan so that we can tape with a better sound enviroment … it was a hard decision to make, because it was one of the rare hours to have electricity ! :-P

    Oh and by the way ,that day was really calm … those bullet sounds were peace of cake , there used to be days were it wasn’t accessible for us to even reach the garage !

    Thank you all for your feelings

  16. Zaid Says:

    The Gambler ……. My favorite song

    Regards to Ramiz …
    wish him the best ,

    Zaid Al_Bender

  17. Nadia Says:

    Hey guys,
    I just wanted to say that you are all the bravest group I have ever seen, It is total hell to live like this unable to pass your doorstep to your own garden, my heart is with all of you. I am half Iraqi and young people like you are those who make me able to hold my head up high every day and say it out loud “I am Iraqi”….. I wish you all the best and I really hope that saif got to go on with his career in a better enviroment, Adel your music is awsome, keep up the tunes coming, I listened to your song and I wish I had guitar skills like yours but I play only the piano :p Ausama, you are such a fine young man, wish you all the best through the rest of your life hopefully in a safer Baghdad…..And for the production team, those in Baghdad “Fady” and those outside”Mike”, thank you for giving us the oppertunity to show the ignorant world how it is really going there without sparkly “life is good” glitter….. Wish you all the best and I am willing to do anything to help you if there is anything us fans can do, I live in Cairo, so if any of you is willing to pay a visit to the pyramids I am here:p

  18. Saif Says:

    I want to tell you something …
    I think we ( IRAQIS ) should have the tolerance and the ablity to live with eachother because all the killing and the problems in Iraq are caused by people can not understand living with other people who have another political points of view. So killing the only way for them to make dominancy.

  19. Saif Says:

    Help us to end this bullet symphony, by helping us putting the RIGHT people in the RIGHT place.Not like the chairmen here.

  20. Dana Says:

    This video was great, I wanted to laugh and cry and the same time.

    These videos are amazing, keep up the good work, and may God be with you all.

  21. Melanie Says:

    Very good use of the background soundtrack; music is so good for evoking/enhancing emotions. The episodes are getting better.

    Thank you for continuing with this great project.

  22. Mike Says:

    I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like to live with a symphony of bullets and having to take up guns just to defend myself.

    Remember, since the U.S. invaded Iraq, it is not just Iraq but places all over the world and especially the Middle East that have faced serious social problems, so at least the Iraqis are not alone in their suffering. What strikes me about many of these videos is that the people are so resilient and also capable of ironically stepping back from their suffering and sometimes even making light of it, to make the burden more bearable.

    Clearly the people in these videos are attached to the beauty of their country and human life in a way that comes from struggling to live.

  23. Nadia Says:

    exactly, this is what makes the difference…… It is the way you see ppl living under this kind of preasure with all this danger but at the same time they are able to wake up every day and live their lives and at the same time have a smile on their faces, make fun of it…..

    This is what makes us really appreciate the human nature of Iraqis…..

    Because if you come to think about it, those people have been living under these conditions for the last 17 years, it’s not only since the military invasion 4 years ago…
    I mean, we complain about our political systems because we are not totally free to do what we want, because we dont think it’s a free country but if you look at Iraqis, I can’t imagine how it would feel to have someone threatening to cut your head off if you simply show any sign of a political or religious view….

    Long lives Iraq.

  24. Lisa from philly Says:

    Hey Ausama, Adel and Saif, and anyone who helps make these vidos possible. Just want you to know that I think it’s amazing what you are doing. I can’t thank you enough for being so brave and getting the message out. I wish there was more that I could do besides say thank you, and try to spread words of peace. Take care of each other. -Lisa

  25. Ken Krauss Says:

    What you are doing to show the truth is amazing! I have this video on my blog, though I don’t get many views. I want to help spread the word. Everyone in America should see this, and ask themselves what we have done to this country.

  26. lelly Says:

    ah, music and war. Funny how the two go together, yet are so far apart. Good luck, great video. :)

  27. Annie Says:

    The music that you guys put with the video.. made it bittersweet..

    I hope so too Adel.. I don’t think you’d survive long if anything did happen.. and the name you gave the sounds of bullet shots.. eh.. i can’t even figure out how to describe what i think of it.. symphony of bullets.. huh.. -ponders-

    I’d hate to mess with you Saif.. lol. and your friend’s ‘gun’ is soo terrifying! (of course I’m just kidding :P lol)

    You’re always smiling in these vids Ausama.. that just plain fascinates me. lol. Kind of disturbing that you guys can now tell the difference between bullets.. AND.. even tell who they’re from.. O_o

  28. indio saquarema Says:

    vcs inves de estudar tinhan que estar ajudando seu pais se libertar destes porcos americanos que entraran awe para roubar matar …matando civis absurdamente aos olhos do mundo……….~~~~~morte aos americanos e viva o terrorismo ….viva a liberdade do povo iraquiano ….luten para se libertar morran por isso…..sabendo que mais tarde seu pais sera liberto e lutem pela democracia a melhor forma de governo……..sou do brasil e desisto nunca………fuiiii

  29. Anna Says:

    Great video, really, the best insofar… and by the way I liked them all!

    Does anyone know which music they used for the soundrack? It was so great, but unfortunately I know nothing of classical music…

  30. J.E. Sprenkle Says:

    Why haven’t any of these videos appeared on any of the nightly news extravaganzas?

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