A new song from Adel!

Adel just sent me a new song that he has recorded. It’s called Blood River. As you might suspect with Adel, it’s a shredding metal riff. I think it’s pretty awesome and hope his band can record it one day. There is something about Metal that makes it one of the most internationally popular forms of rock music. You never hear about Japanese or Iraqi emo-heads. But Metal seems to be huge everywhere. I don’t know what it is. You?
Click on the picture to hear it.
Update: Adel sent a redone version of the song. Check it out below. If you want to hear the previous version, it’s here.

Adel with guitar

And I would love for someone to write a bass part or a guitar solo to go over this rhythm section. If anyone sends me something, I’ll combine it with Adel’s part and post them to the blog later. Imagine a metal song co-written through the internet with an Iraqi…let’s do this.

And if you haven’t heard it, check out this song from Saif and his friends that I posted a while ago. Read the full post here.

10 Responses to “A new song from Adel!”

  1. Priyanka Says:

    love the song. its cool.

  2. Haytham, Florida (lebanese) Says:

    Dear brothers and friends,
    I grew up in a civil war shattered lebanon, and your videos brought me back a lot of old memories. Only people who live through wars know how it affects people’s lives- electricity shut off during the final game of the world cup, fighting locking you at home, fear on life every single day, forbidden salads by crazy extremists, culturally ignorant foreigners,…
    I feel your pain, and I salute your so-spontaneous work.

  3. Lai Says:

    never heard of Japanese “emo-heads”? have you been to Japan?Clearly not. What an ignoramus, this whole thing is a farce, it’s funny how americans are so bad at spotting BS.

  4. bedlam Says:

    lol, Iraqi emo-heads would be hilarious….:D

  5. Nitrouso2 Says:

    Hey, everybody, calm down. Emos of all cultures are hilarious (plus, sometimes they can be really touchy, which makes them even funnier, y’know?).

    I dig Adel’s tune and his energy, and the fact that he’s playing and trying to get his tunes out there under really, really crappy circumstances. Music is a common bond, cultures notwithstanding. Maybe me and one of my boys can throw some bass & drum parts his way from SoCal.

  6. Mike Says:

    A farce?

    If it is these guys are damn good at it, lol.

    I like what they are doing here. I might take a crack at adding a bassline or drums to one of Adel’s riffs.

  7. Michelle Says:

    My boyfriend and I will write some stuff to add ^_^ I think it would be a beautiful thing to have people write a song together from across the globe - it would really have a sense of world unity, wouldn’t it?

  8. Forrest Says:

    Wad is going into the studio and we’ll be more than happy to give him the rhythm section & anything he needs to make this song happen. What is the arrangement? If Mike or Adel can tell me what specifically you need to make this happen, we will be totally accommodating.


  9. abraham Says:

    awesome… just awesome… good job guys. my name is ibrahim and i’m iraqi too and i LOVE metal. good luck guys i wish you all the best

  10. Annie Says:

    I don’t know what makes metal attractive either :P mom would think i’m crazy if I listened to that stuff.. :P

    Good song :)

    Note: I’m not a metal listener

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