Episode 6 of 45 - “Abdullah Leaves”

Episode six of Hometown Baghdad is up on salon.com. Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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34 Responses to “Episode 6 of 45 - “Abdullah Leaves””

  1. lamusediffuse Says:

    Congratulations for your blog. It is just simply what the world needs. Some of us outside Iraq really care about you Iraqi people, your culture and your daily struggles. We do what we can.

    Our organization is currently participating in a World-wide candlelight vigil to remember the looting of the National Museum of Iraq. We would really wish all of you joining our initiative and spreading the word.

    You can find more information and related links at http://e-artcasting.blogspot.com

  2. Karenne Says:

    I was told here at Chat the Planet HQ :0) that throwing a glass of water was traditional when saying goodbye. Noone could adequately explain what it was all about…. perhaps you could, Saif?

  3. Tilli (Mojave Desert) Says:

    Sometimes you may not get comments from us viewers.

    Because we cannot find the words.

  4. Saif Says:

    Hey K, Look there are 2 traditions in Iraq regarding travelling. First one is to throw a glass of water, which means that we wish a happy return for the traveler. The second one is to throw 7 stones beghind the car of the traveler and it means we wish the traveler won’t come back (lol). That is all superstitious …

  5. ZahraĆ” Al Rawi Says:

    i wish if these days return back !! saif u remind us of everything thing even we didn’t and will not forget it … :(

  6. Zaid Says:

    Hey ……..
    Was a great day , Abdullah is a wonderful guy he is smart and faithfull .
    I still remember that day accurately , Saif do you !!!??
    Fazon , it is nice saif coz I havnt watch my self and you playing guitar like this via a clip , I hope we could do it again in IRAQ , but before having children….. lol .
    Hey Karenne , how are you ? hope u r great ..
    above what my friend Saif said , In Iraq people believe that the water is something GOOD to be dealing with , so they do as Ahmed did as Best wishes .
    By the way I dont believe is such thing , lol , I think Saif doesn’t do that as well lol .

  7. Saif Says:

    Yeah Z, I do remember that day, how could I forget, but you know something , I spent most of my life in goodbying BEST friends, ( Maher, Mustafa, Abdullah, Zaid, Tayf, Taha, Muthana, and other friends ) so I think now it is easier for me to split with a friend. lol … You know that it is so hard to say goodbye to a friend especially that when he/she buys a ONE way ticket.It is hard, so hard. GOD gathers us again INSHALLAH …

  8. Mohamed Nagi Says:

    This episode is amazing, it’s really touching. In 2 minutes, you see a full theme, and your skills in the guitar,Saif, are TOP.

  9. Mohamed Nagi Says:

    God bless

  10. Saif Says:

    OMG I remember those days… When I was in Iraq, you can check the streets how they are empty. that was in the middle of the day. Ghost city.

  11. Maryann Says:

    Thank you for sharing your lives. We (in the US) rarely see images of daily life in Iraq and it’s hard for me to picture you all. This gives me a feeling of closeness to you that is hard to define. It is also hard to allow myself to feel this feeling since it brings up my grief about what has been done to your country with my tax dollars. I am deeply sorry for this.

  12. Mustafa Alkaissi Says:

    good job saif and i swear i was abou to tear when i watched this episode,caused i remebered how all our families r away and seprated in different countries and god knows if we can see them in future or not,anyways i am waiting for more,,,good luck and keep us update.

  13. Karenne Says:

    You guys made me laugh so hard this morning when I logged on! All these years people have been throwing stones at me and I thought it was because I was a princess :0)

  14. Saif Says:

    Yeah it seems funny. but that is the tradition …

  15. Zaid Says:

    lol… Yeah its funny .

  16. Zahraa Sameer Says:

    heheh how cool karenne….i watched the esposide…its true that its so hard 2 say goodbye 2 ur friend..the one who u lived with and shared bad and good time together…but this is reality and thats wat will happen 2 everyone of us sooner or later…jus leave guns guyz..its dangerous…;)

  17. Nathan Says:

    I really like this site. This “episode” could be touching for almost anyone who watches. I can relate 100% to the feeling of parting ways with an amazing friend, to grow up a little and to know that things will never be the same way again.
    Good luck to all of you, not just the producers of these videos, but to everyone in Iraq. Good luck.

  18. olla Says:

    I just want to thank the participants in this documentary. I am Syrian but I was born and raised here in USA. I have decided to leave this country, and go back to Syria and work and live there. I know I won’t be making the money I am making here, but you know money isn’t everything. We need to stay in our country and help build our country. I love the Iraqi people, very nice, friendly, and educated. I met a great Iraqi family two years ago in Syria, the parents were both doctors, and the daughters were all in school. What ever happend to Abdullah in Amman? Is he happy their? And how about you Saif? Do you still wish to leave Iraq, and what country do you think you will go to…and what about not getting your diploma? My heart is with your struggles, may Allah bless all of you.

  19. olla Says:

    My god, one more question! Hey Saif, what is the name of the flamenco song you are playing with Zaid? I fell in love with that song, would you please respond with the name of that song, so touching.

  20. Saif Says:

    This is not a song,it is a piece for the great band The Gipsy Kings
    it is called Pharoan, you can search for it or you can contact me I can send you the master poece and the one we play. thank you

  21. olla Says:

    thank you so much for your quick response. Hufffff my heart goes out to you guys in Iraq. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.

  22. Zaid Says:

    Hey Olla and Saif …
    Watch that video clip of Gipsy Kings playin Pharaon …..and watch that talented man ( Tonino ) the soloist of the band in the U tube ……
    Have fun

  23. Zaid Says:


  24. olla Says:

    Thanks Ziad..I love the way you played as well! I wish I could chat with you guys or email you guys..I am 23 years old born and raised here in the usa, but my parents are syrian. Is there anyway for us to communicate without me posting my email for the world to see?

  25. Saif Says:

    Yeah you can, Send an e-mail to mike ( The creator of this site ) and ask him for our e-mails. Zaid’s and mine.

  26. Cee Says:

    I like your site….it broadens the views for others and hopefully it will educate others in the necessary and helpful ways.

  27. Keith Says:

    I stumbled across your videos on youtube.com and was touched and amazed at how much our hopes and dreams are the same as you guys in Iraq. I want your Country to be safe and successful. I want you to see your children and grandchildren run and play and grow. I hope that the Men and Women of the US Military and Coalition Countries can help in some way to stabilize and provide a platform for good men like yourself to move your Country to a better tomorrow. May God bless and protect you and your families…..

  28. Patricia Says:


    Love the Gipsy KingS! U surely make them justice, u play really cool! ;-)

    btw… if ur friend Abdullah wants to go somewhere else after Amman, tell him we would be very happy to take care of him in Mexico, hehe! Very very VERY cute guy… lol!

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  30. Ayesha Says:

    The guy who threw the water behind Abdullah (Ahmed I think) is hot!

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