Assorted News about the series

We have been getting some really nice feedback from viewers of the series. And I’m happy to see the…uhhh…active conversations in our comments. I’m putting together a post with some particularly interesting posts to the comments. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories and their opinions. And here are some updates:

  • Ausama from Hometown Baghdad wrote an article on the always great Alive in Baghdad.
  • With all of the great viewer feedback coming in, I decided to make an aptly titled “Viewer Feedback Page.” See it here.
  • Thanks to who has made closed-captioning versions of the videos available here.
  • Our video podcast is ready to go! You can subscribe to it by clicking this url- - or copying it into your favorite feed reader. Or you can search for us in iTunes.
  • Speaking of iTunes and video podcasts, we picked a winner in our Podcast logo contest. His name is Ahmed Naji and he manipulated the pictures we posted in a really interesting way. Thanks to everyone who submitted. Check out his contribution below and click it to subscribe to the podcast using iTunes.
    Podcast Logo

12 Responses to “Assorted News about the series”

  1. Zaid Says:

    Hey Mike ..
    Its really nice and I can say that making this logo and the levels of photos with continuity from bottom till its top with slow inside movemet are really wonderful .
    Best Regards to Ahmen G. Naji , he is really a great guy
    Cheers guys

  2. Andrew Says:

    Great Logo! yes! now i can watch these clips over and over on my ipod!

  3. Zaid Says:

    We are talking about Baghdad ( home town baghdad ) and actually the name of baghdad has the deepest relation to that beautiful river Tigris ( DIJLA ) , the Idea of building baghdad
    on 30 July 762 had been made on many reasons , one of the most important reasons was Being on Tigris …
    So thats why I would like to tell my opinion about that wonerful logo which is putting a photo for Tigris with those mixed nice photos would be wonderful,
    Thanks .

  4. Leonardo Bachanian Says:

    I am a journalist of a newspapper in Argentina and I want to speak with someone of you because I am going to do a note on the web of you. We want that the people here know how it is the daily life in the middle of the war. I would be grateful for them very much if we could speak a few minutes for telephone or if we can do the interview by email. Since you prefer. I leave my mails them and please send me yours to be able to begin a contact.

    Thank you very much

    Leonardo Bachanian

    00 54 11 4370 6513

  5. Alhan Keser Says:

    Hi I just wanted to let you know that The American University of Paris’ video production platform, Paname TV, has posted your video. (

  6. Farouk Al Timimi Says:

    Thank you very much for this great effort and for your love to Iraq.

    F. A.

  7. Ahmed Naji Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am glad that you liked the design for the podcast logo. It is just a small constribution compared to this outstanding efforst of Chat the Planet, Iraqi producers and filmmakers as well as the brave outspoken participants (Adel, Saif and Ausama).

    After working as a producer on this documentary for more than a year, I am honored to be one of the people who made this bridge between our countries, US and Iraq. I can see that this work will pay forward to be other coming profound conversations about peace in our lives.

    Mike, Saif, Zaid and everyone visiting this website.. thank you.

    Ahmed Naji

  8. annie Says:

    i love this site! thank you so much for your videos! really, i cannot tell you enough how incredible it is to see you and relate to you.

    please stay safe. thinking of you in seattle..

  9. Priyanka Says:

    thats a hell of a logo. great goin u guys! :)

  10. Scott S. Says:

    I heard about your site on National Public Radio yesterday. I was compelled to check it out. Incredible! Shared it with friends and family to shed some truth on whats really going on. Keep on truckin!

  11. Mike Biscoe Says:

    hey. thank you for your clips. it seems i see so little tape like this in the usa. its an important perspective that we have largely been unable to view here, i think. it is surreal watching how seemingly mundane activities, like going for a swim or taking a test at school, for example, can be life threatening decisions. good luck to you all and thank you again.

  12. Bedajii Says:

    I really apreciate that the makers of this film have undertaken this task. I dont think I have ever experienced a window into the country as clear and unobstructed as this.

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