Episode 4 of 45 - “Powerless”

The fourth episode of Hometown Baghdad is live on Salon. This episode is a bit different than the rest in that it features all three of the subjects. Here they are dealing with something that lives with them constantly, threatening to strike unexpectedly at any moment - the loss of power. I really like the way that Salon described it…”Life in the heat — and in a rock band — with no control over electricity.”

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  1. Zaid Says:

    SAIF I still remember that day when we were watching that match of Italy against Germany in the football world cup 2006 but it was interrupted by that gost power which looked like a Chritmas tree spot lights ( ON then OFF ) , but the best thing when the power went off was we could sing and hear our guitars voices clearly lol as our perspiration was working to its maximum level … damn …now am thinking about there is no way to make such group again evry one is in different country ,
    I miss My Home town (Baghdad)..

  2. Klas from Sweden Says:

    Very nice site! I hope you all get a better life, with electricity ;)

  3. Bea Says:

    These are amazing! This is the most important information that I’ve seen coming out of Baghdad in the last 4 years!

  4. Mike Says:

    amazing site, keep up the good work.

  5. J from Austin, TX Says:

    Cool site. Truly fascinating to see what life is like when not filtered/politicized by the stupid media. I hope that the daily life over there gets better sooner than later….and that you can get the A/C running on a more constant basis. Let your readers know if they can help in any way.

  6. Karenne Says:

    Makes me think how NYC’ers were completely paralyzed when the power went out for less than 24 hours in sweltering summer heat … one very unpleasant evening - hard to imagine a day to day reality.

  7. Farouk Says:

    I viewed your site with much admiration for your spirit under
    the terrible conditions in Iraq in general and in Baghdad in
    particular. The one thing that all of you must continue to do
    is constant search for knowledge. The more you know the
    better prepared you will be to deal with any situation. I do
    applaud you for trying to complete your education, because
    it is the key for a successful and happy life. I wish you all the
    very best and continued success in all your endeavors.
    Dr. Farouk El-Baz

  8. Paula Says:

    When all you see is violence and extremists and dead bodies, it is hard to remember all the good people, all the normal families, all the college students that just want to practice guitar in their free time. These films are so necessary. They’re so simple in a way, but more moving and personal than most things I’ve seen about life in Baghdad.

  9. Joe Says:

    This is what I would call a true reality series. Real people fighting to survive amid the chaos and destruction. Makes one realize we cannot abandon these good folks now. Nice job Chat! Where has the mainstream media been, and how did they miss this story–the real story—of Baghdad.

  10. Di Says:

    Congratulations … this is what we need to see out here in the world. You have done a remarkable thing.

    Thank you for having the courage to make these. I’ve posted about them on my blog and hopefully people will keep passing them out into the world.

  11. Andrew Says:

    “Powerless” describes baghdad perfectly

  12. Leonardo Bachanian Says:

    I am a journalist of a newspapper in Argentina and I want to speak with someone of you because I am going to do a note on the web of you. We want that the people here know how it is the daily life in the middle of the war. I would be grateful for them very much if we could speak a few minutes for telephone or if we can do the interview by email. Since you prefer. I leave my mails them and please send me yours to be able to begin a contact.

    Thank you very much

    Leonardo Bachanian

    00 54 11 4370 6513

  13. Zaid Says:

    Hey .. Karenne
    Yes you are right……….. when the power goes off , really looks like a Change in a life style of a healthy young man DIRECTLY to a ((PARALYZED)) OLD MAN ,
    there is nothing to do while we are filled with activities , never let the time goes without making something usefull , am talking about the culture which I have lived in , that means my family , Saif’s family and all my friends and relatives.
    I still remember those nights in Baghdad , I named them ((Dark nights from hell)), couldn’t sleep coz te bed was wet from sweat and the generator was broken thats why the best place is the garden (lucky men coz have garden) , and there you hear that god damn noise of the sounds of generators from your neighbours as well as the possibilty of getting a bullet falling from the sky as my neighbour 16 years old passed away for that reason . so just changing to a little bit better temperature but still couldnt sleep.
    Do you know what was our fun !! either calling my friend Saif and play guitar through the land phone OR playing alone in that dark with all noise .
    By the way Baghdad is considered as a VERY HOT city in summer , with all that you can see for example THE DENTIST (Saif) has become a dentist , it might be not easy to play guitar in hot weather but its HARD to concentrate and study in such weather .
    We have become dentists in really bad conditions , but as Saif said Live the LIFE , we (Iraqies) need to cheer up , need to see a child’s smile not crying from strange sounds to his/her new life or crying from hot weather burning his smooth beautiful skin.
    NEVER LOOK BACK ..WE ( ME , SAIF and all good people ) should work and go straight forward till the end .
    Best regards to all .

  14. grellety Says:


    I’m french, writer and philosopher. In France, like in other countries in the world, we heard each day about Iraq, attempts, citizens dead, but networks dont show pictures about them. In this situation, french citizens forget that this crimes and situation arent normal and just.

    On my blog, I have publish two notes, about this situation, with some pics who are very hard, but that we need to show and see. Its not for take a bad pleasure, but to open the eyes on this dramatic situation.




  15. Timothy Says:

    Important and brave work. I’m so glad to hear your story being covered on US National Public Radio and by Salon.com. I only hope that your message reaches those who really need to experience a little Baghdad reality. You brought tears to my eyes, and fire to my heart.

    Keep up the good work and keep playing that guitar.


  16. Priyanka Says:

    u guys we r there for u! i mean when i was watchin the cricket match against india and pakistan, the power went off! I WAS FREAKIN OUT! ya its like that in india. but u no not for the same reasons. well good luck with life. muah!

  17. Jared Says:

    Holy crap an Exploited shirt! Rock on dude, that’s so f’n bad ass to see someone in iraq wearing that shirt!!

  18. Saif malaysia Says:

    Hi guys,

    Im sure Saif will know me better, cause he was my friend At primary six and form 1 in baghdad college (secondary school), any ways Saif, do u rmbr the term “Ezai” of the late Fuad al muhandes, and of course the ever poupular “court” game (playing with tennis ball on walls with our hand and legs” which u were a pro in it, untill ur shoe was torn away, im sure u do :P, well we iraqis outside Iraq are sad on wats going on there as the country is war torn:(, i wish to go back to my country but we have no chance of living there now i guess, its ruled by the most ignorant, greedy people iraq has ever seen. we will wait n c…


  19. bedlam Says:

    yeah Adel, get naked and play. lol!
    metalheads are the same the world over.

  20. Annie Says:

    It’s a good things you guys put up who’s talking at the beginning.. otherwise I don’t think any of us would have known who was talking :P

    Huh.. gas to fuel the generator.. how can you guys afford that? O.o

    Weird timing at the end.. o.O

    If the power kept going out on me, I’d go crazy :x the internet is my window to the world.. and the only way I’d communicate with anyone (sad to say.. I’m 99.9% a loner real life. online, that’s a different story)

  21. Jakob Says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title n Baghdad. Thanks for informative article

  22. me Says:

    do you have any documentary, pic, any kind of footage from Yarmuk or around that area (Mansuir, Dawoudi, Dakhlea, Mamoun)? i’m just homesick and want something to remind me of home.

    much appreciated guys

  23. nai darwesh Says:

    the main thing that made get the hell out of iraq is the damn Electricity

  24. Aseel Says:

    that’s the reality of IQi ppl.. keep going & good luck

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