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After the dialogue on our blog about our choice of a background image for the podcast logo, we decided to give it another shot. But this time, we want you to redesign it. Since it’s for the iTunes podcast logo, it needs to be 300×300. And keep in mind, the logo will be tiny so make the font big enough to read. And since we really like the font that was used in the past logo, I’m including a PNG frame of the series open. Feel free to grab that and incorporate it. Send in your redesigns to me at and I’ll post them here. And by the beginning of next week, if we get one that we think is more appropriate for the series, we’ll use it.

As I get pictures in from our team in Baghdad, I’ll post them here so you can use those pics if you like.

PNG File

And you may want to read the legalese in our terms and conditions that says that if you give us anything, you’re giving us the right to use it.

Update: We have two pictures for designers to work with courtesy of our crew in Baghdad.

Photo taken by Ziad Turkey

Photo taken by Ziad Turkey

Update: We have received four more pictures of Baghdad. Thanks, Saif!

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  2. Zaid Says:

    Nice photos …

    The 1st one we call it (El Shanasheel) that were beeing used widely in beloved Baghdad b4 about 100 years and till now there are few …nice,

    Liberation Square is the second photo nice sculpture filled with movement ( the power of Iraqies ) …I guess It has been made my Mohamed Ghani Hikmat (not sure) …

    There are 2 photos for my beloved river see how calm is he ….

    The 4th photo is nice as well … ( The Unknown soldier) ……

    5th photo is the middle of Baghdad and you can see that crowded area with people coz thats a big site for selling and buying animals …Usually in friday morning you would see such crowd…..its name in Iraqi language is ( Soog el ghazil )….

    Thank you for choosin such photos.

  3. Zaid Says:

    Hey Mr. Ziyad Turkey how are you ??? It was really nice day that we spent with you ….
    By the way Mr. Ziyad those photos are wonderful ….thank you and thanks to Mr. Mike .
    Best Regards
    Zaid Bender

  4. George Libby Says:

    This is a very powerful series and an important viewpoint that neds more exposure to the American public. I am very glad that you have both Salon and YouTube coverage in adfdition to your web site and will do what I can to spread the address amoung my friends and associates.

    Thank for the risks you are taking getting these stories out about regular people in a terrible situation. May there be peace in your country soon.

  5. trama Says:

    Ich erklare meinen Freunden uber diese Seite. Interessieren!

  6. hardware Says:

    Stupore! Amo questo luogo!:)))))))

  7. imparare Says:

    Interesting comments.. :D

  8. sondrio Says:

    Stupore! Amo questo luogo!:)))))))

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