HB Launch Date Confirmed

We have confirmed that we’ll be releasing the first three webisodes of Hometown Baghdad on Monday, March 19th. That date is significant because it is the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the war in Iraq. A lot has changed for normal, everyday Iraqis in these past four years and hopefully our series will show the world what their lives are like today. However dramatic and moving these stories are, we intend this series to be apolitical. Perhaps it will spur some dialogue or make a few people think differently. And that may be good. But as filmmakers and producers, we simply want to introduce these people and tell their stories.

After the initial three webisodes premiere, we will debut a new webisode on Wednesday the 21st and then again on Friday the 23rd. After that, a new video will come out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday thereafter for the next several weeks.

4 Responses to “HB Launch Date Confirmed”

  1. Saif Says:

    OMG, Great news. I’ll be the first one to watch lol ..

  2. Zaid Says:

    Come un ……..where is it ? am looking for it evry where ….even in the bedroom , lol , Nice news coz I am sure me and Dr Saif will be happy with it.
    its the 19th march right now over here not in USA ,,,,,,,,So its matter of hours I guess.

  3. rand Says:

    i just found your website by chance. I think it’s a a great idea and that you’re doing a really good job: letting people see how it is to actually be living in baghdad today.
    One of the things that i will regret to the rest of my life is not visiting baghdad before the war. but in your hometownbaghdad i can feel a precious iraki soul!
    keep it up guys filming, rocking and just being despite all

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