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As part of our distribution for this series, we’re  sending out each webisode as a video podcast delivered to iTunes or your favorite RSS Reader.  In order to get placement in iTunes, you need a logo for the series.  So another Chat the Planet team member and I took an iconic shot of Baghdad and superimposed on it the same echo effect that is used in our series open.

Video Podcast Logo

I think it looks good.  But it’s not too late to change it.  Any other ideas are welcome.  Post a link to your version in the comments and we’ll take a look.

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  1. Amelia Says:

    I like the logo. It’s like the gateway to the story.

  2. Saif Says:

    Do u know me ??? lol …

  3. Saif Says:

    Nice logo, But do u know that the Iraqi government now removed this gate ??? because they said that it is from Saddam’s regime .

  4. fady Says:

    I just saw the logo you posted. It looks good, but there’s something about this memorial; it’s one of Saddam’s. The hands (or one of the hands) in the memorial is supposed to be Saddam’s. Do you need another photo for Baghdad? I can ask one of the crew members for you. I’m sure they will have something good.

  5. mike Says:

    Hey Fady (Fady is a producer of the show in Iraq). That’s an interesting point. And Saif mentioned something about it too. Send us a photo of Baghdad if you can. That would be great. Something that is obviously Baghdad would be best. We want people to see the picture and realize it’s Baghdad without knowing much about Iraq. We used that picture because we thought it was very iconic - not to give Saddam any praise or anything like that. It is just an image that all Americans have seen so we used it.

  6. Saif Says:

    Hi Mike, I heard about you alot, Nice to have a chance talking to you, I believe that not all the things Saddam’s did were bad, such as universities, memorials and etc. So he did good things too besides his bad deeds …That should be mentioned about him too to be neutral .. Where can I send photos ???

  7. Saif Says:

    By the way, Saddam was 35 years of the Iraq history, Nobody should deny that even if he was a bad guy. We should keep anything related to his period because I think it will be something precious in future. That’s why french people kept their history with their queen Marie Antoinette …

  8. mike Says:

    Hi Saif (Saif was a participant in the series)…Feel free to send me pictures at mike@hometownbaghdad.com. You can also post them somewhere else online (Flickr.com perhaps) and post a link in the comments. That way other readers can see the pictures too. And for the logo, we’d like something iconic as i explained in my earlier comment.

  9. Zaid( The Gambler ) Says:

    Even its been made by Saddam ( surely not by his hands ) but it gives us many meanings such as glory gaind by sword …. you can as well notice that movement of the hand how it is swisted giving the meaning ( till the end ) or ( the show must go on ) …finaly i guess they should put my sculpture playing guitar whith discription below ( he is singing country music ) ….
    I LOVE MY TOWN BAGHDAD its the greatest place for me ……and for you Saif am I right ????

  10. UgoTrade » Blog Archive » Hometown Baghdad Pocast Logo Redesign - Calling All Netizens! Says:

    [...] check out the interesting comments from Iraq on the HTB blog about the selection of a photo for the logo design. As HTB gets more [...]

  11. Saif Says:

    Yeah Zaid sure, By the way Zaid is one of my best friends and he will be in the show …

  12. Fady Says:

    This memorial was built in 1988 or 1989 after the end of the first gulf war (Iraqi-Iranian war), because Saddam wanted a memorial that represents victory; the arc of victory. It was designed by the Iraqi sculptor, Mohammed Ghani Hikmat, and both hands are Saddam’s where they hold the sword high as a symbol of victory, and underneath the swords there are scattered army helmets that represent the dead Iranians. In 1989 there was a huge military that passed through this arc and Saddam attended this parade on a side stage to salute them. Several military parades were held there. For me personally, it only represents wars and violence, but this is not my point here. I think this memorial doesn’t really represents Baghdad, and there are other icons that would do, like the Liberation Memorial that Mike already posted there, which lies in the city center, and it was designed by the Iraqi sculptor, Jawad Saleem.

  13. Saba Says:

    Hi..I’ve read some of the comments and i think ppl already brushed on that. I think the idea of the website is great. But since you are trying to steer away from politics ( if that is ever possible) its probably better to have a different photo on your logo. I got many photos in old iraqi streets but they are not taken by me and i would not know how the copy writes thing would work. My cousin was one of the engineers that design that memorial. The idea behind it is unfortunatly very bloody and war-oriented (hence the helmets of the soldiers under it). Which (if i understood correctly) is something you guys are trying to avoid..

    Looking forward to tomorrow (monday the 19th)

    Regards to all

  14. Zeyad Says:

    The current Iraqi government should learn that you can never erase history just by removing memorials. Just ask Saddam for that. There will also be a time when Iraqis will dump all the murals of clerics that now fill the country.

  15. Fady Says:

    Ziad Turkey just noted to me that this memorial was originally designed by Khaled Al-Rahal, who’s also a famous Iraqi sculptor, from an original idea and sketches of Saddam. But Al-Rahal passed away before the finish of the project so Mohammed Ghani finished it. Sorry about the confusion.

  16. Graham Borak Says:

    These are truly amazing!! absolutly ground breaking material i cannot wait untill the next ones come out

  17. Graham Borak Says:

    These are amazing!!! absolutly ground breaking material!! i cannot wait to see the rest

  18. Robert Hersmun Says:

    wow. thats all i can say i wish all my luck into this project and i really hope this goes well.

  19. Pat Butera Says:

    I am only 14 and i am already hooked on this show. I think this is truly amazing and cutting edge material. I fell that i can somwhat relate to the cast and i can imagine how hard it must be. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!

  20. Chris Says:

    I like the logo/cover, but I do not think the faded ‘hometown baghdad’ text is necessary. The main one on the top right is enough.

  21. simo Says:

    i really would like to make a new logo for your site if you want ! greetings from morocco ! allah issalamkom

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