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i’ve started a blog at to talk about issues relating to the production and post production of Hometown Baghdad. And i just posted this there but I think it’s relevant to a greater audience so here is the post reprinted in full:

With long form television content, it is very easy to make something look like a series to a first time viewer. Get a theme song, cut together a montage, hold for a second on each major character for a second as they flash a toothy grin and you’ve done it. But with a web series, especially shorts, this is much more difficult. With lonelygirl15, they tried to pass it off as a real video weblog so they purposefully didn’t do an open. We are ACTUALLY real but we want to be very clear about what we are from the get go. We have cut together a really short, simple opening that just shows an image of Baghdad and has the series name appear in a tasteful way. We’ve also decided not to throw up a card explaining what the series is. We’re confident that this is the best way - the series name and the subsequent episode names that appear should do enough to communicate that this is a series…not to mention the metadata that will appear next to the videos when they’re posted on various sites. Is there an example of a web series that has an opening that we can look at?

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  1. Zaid Says:

    Hey Mike ….I guess Saif knows something about such things ….

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