Hometown Baghdad nears launch

We at Chat the Planet are close to launching the web doc series Hometown Baghdad. Over the course of the next few months, we will be releasing around 40 episodes designed for internet consumption that will tell the stories of a couple of young Iraqis trying to get by in Baghdad. The episodes range from devastating to surprising to oddly humorous. It’s a bizarre mix. But it’s also closer to everyday life in Iraq than anything you’ve seen before.

So stand by for more info..

24 Responses to “Hometown Baghdad nears launch”

  1. Saif Says:

    Hi there, I have an idea, Why don’t u tell us a brief about the biography of those young Iraqis before launching the warhead (sorry the show lol ) ???

  2. Amelia Says:

    This is so awesome. It’s so interesting to read about dating and relationships in Iraq. All we ever see are headlines about the war.

  3. Saif Says:

    Do you know you’ll laugh alot if I tell you how were my dates in Baghdad … LOL … They were awesome and dangerous … Hahahahaha … I wish A.G.N. can talk about these stories …

  4. Dr. Husam Aineia Says:

    ohhhh i miss Baghdad and everythings in Baghdad. I wish if i can live there again and i wish if all that not happened
    my regards to u Dr. Saif

  5. Amelia Says:

    Dating in NYC can be dangerous and funny too - but I think a different kind of dangerous…

  6. Bea Says:

    I saw a TV show that showed Baghdad before the war and it looked nothing like I expected. It seems like an amazing city!

  7. Saif Says:

    Thank Dr. Husam, As you see this is a documentry TV show which talks about my life … Check it …

  8. Zaid Says:

    What did you say???!!! Dating??….hmmmm Dating a woman in Baghdad by an Iraqi guy was easy to be made …but now i guess its harder than making Shakira singing (hips dont lie) in Baghdad these days …..
    love and lovers in Iraq were evrywhere …couples were in parks , believe me if you just saw them you would feel happy inside…let love reveal .
    Cheers guys ….

  9. Saif Says:

    Zaid I think you mean the couples infront the prosthodontics in the college. You know guys that place was a lovers’ meeting place.About me I didn’t go there. LOL …

  10. Zaid Says:

    lollllllllllllllllllllllll…… Neither do I …. hmmmm College…..we love that college and loved the dentistry becuz it as well , Saif remember when we played (COUNTRY ROADS) by John Denver
    while we were having good times with our groups in that picnic to Babylon 2002 …Golden Days ..

  11. Saif Says:

    Yeah, And we also played CANN’T BUY ME LOVE ( Beetles ) OMG that was really nice trip. I remember that we were playing 3 guitars in a bus contains about 100 persons.

  12. Saif Says:

    Actually It wasn’t 100 persons but more than its capacity …

  13. Zaid Says:


  14. Jerry Says:

    These vignettes are really cool, (sur)really normal, really real. To see the impact of the war, not through the press releases of the military, the lenses of big media, the explosions of the insurgents, or the rhetoric of countless bloviators, but in the everyday lives of young Iraqis is long, long past due. Can’t wait to see more of these segments. Bravo to everyone involved!

  15. Kathy Says:

    Yeah, I guess it’s hard to demonize the enemy after you see them as people just like yourself. That’s why clips like these are never shown on network TV. You can’t hate and kill an enemy unless you depersonalize them first.
    How sad.
    War is not the only answer to our problems.
    Peace to everyone.

  16. Mark Says:

    I am and have always been anti-war, and the ongoing crime in Iraq is no exception to that. I am very grateful for your project, though, because in all the efforts to stop this ungodly and unholy war, it helps to remind me that beyond just being the victims of this atrocity, Iraqis are a brave and resilliant people who have families and hopes and dreams and (like everyone else) have the right to pursue their dreams and love their families in peace. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary daily lives with us.

  17. Dennis Says:

    Found Hometown Bagdad from a link off HotAir. Hope you guys do well with your blog. I also hope the electricity will become more stable, it must be intolerably hot there at times. Watch your backs guys and no, not all Americans are whiney liberals.

  18. saucy favorite Says:

    I hope life isn’t a big joke because I don’t get it — Unknown

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