Adel’s Profile

Adel is a 23 year old aspiring rock musician living in a very dangerous neighborhood in Baghdad.

Picture of Adel“I am a dreamer, a free spirit and I have a great imagination. I have a lot of potential, but I am still a work in progress. Sometimes I am careless and irresponsible and find myself in positions where I do not want to be. I am easily touched emotionally by what is happening around me and I can get depressed. I have had two girls break my heart, but now I am currently single and ready to meet more. My greatest love is music, especially rock and heavy metal. I have many ambitions and hopes for the future, but I also have many fears. I hope that I will get the chance to travel and explore the whole world and learn about other cultures.”

Do you play any sports?
I play basketball and I like bodybuilding. I also like to play pool.

Favorite movie stars?
Tom Hanks, Jennifer Aniston

How do you see your future?
I have one year left before I graduate and I am an ambitious guy. I can’t wait to pursue my career as an Engineer when I will start my own construction company. I just hope that things will get better in my country because the current situation makes it hard to start a career. So I guess there is a contradiction in looking forward to my future.

What is it like to date in Iraq?
After the war, there are no more theaters or clubs left to go to. And you can’t go to dinner because it’s too dangerous at night. So many people hang out in places near the river and at restaurants. Girls are more conservative and they won’t go on dates easily. Usually, the boy picks up the girl and they have lunch and talk.